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Clark Kent x OC Reader

Summary: Reader was with Clark before the happening of Doomsday. The reader works at a hospital and one day she has to take care of a young boy who had a trauma from an explosion. Later when the reader leaves, she’s attacked but is able to get away. Then she gets a surprise visit from someone.

Warnings: Reader is attacked. Young child is injured (he survives).

Word Count: 2,258

Pain and lost, that’s all I could feel. All I could do was look at the disturbed plot, where my one and only love was buried in. He wasn’t meant to be gone but I guess fate had another decision.

He was meant to be home for dinner but after more than a couple of hours and still not showing up that’s when I panicked. Of course I knew of his other job, how couldn’t I? Those glasses may had given him a different look but I know when I see the man I love. I never confronted him about it, not until he wanted to tell me himself. And when he did, all I said was that I know. That was a night to remember, the purest of laughter and love in that moment was and is something you could not forget.

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Supergirl And the Halloween of gay

Clark is dressed as a mummy, James is superman and Winn is a cyborg. Maggie is a secret agent and Alex is a cop

Maggie: what do you think is taking little Danvers so long?

Alex: she will be here soon

Winn: she will not miss her own party

Kara walks in, wearing full Wonder Woman suit with lasso

Clark: Kara is that the actual Wonder Woman suit?

Kara: *blushing and hiding the hickie on her neck* no psshh nope definitely not, that would mean that there is a naked Wonder Woman somewhere and I certainly have not seen a naked Wonder Woman

Alex: nope nope I do not want to know

Clark: I told her not to seduce you

Kara: *puts hand on hip and touches lasso of truth* she was not the one doing the seducing


Alex: no nope do not encourage this

Winn: do I get to meet her

Clark: she slept with you

Kara: we most certainly did no form of sleeping,



Kara: damn lasso of truth she told me not to bring it

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