Horrorshow goes 3-0 at When Worlds Collide 4!
[July 22nd, 2017]

Twice a year, Strong Style Wrestling, Pro Wrestling King, and Revolution Championship Wrestling combine forces to present a supershow known as When Worlds Collide, and the most recent delivered in a huge way! With such special guests as The Hurricane, Gillberg, Tom Lawlor, Chuck Taylor, and more, the event was stacked to begin with, but the victories and historic happenings within Horrorshow made WWC4 unforgettable.

To kick the event off, “The Iron Demon” Shane Mercer defended the Strong Style Wrestling Heavyweight Championship against the former champion and key member of Horrorshow, “The Monsta” Kongo Kong. This match, while already impressive pitting the unstoppable force against the immovable object, took place inside of a 15-foot steel cage. As the two behemoths brawled from pillar to post, fans in attendance assumed the match was over when Kong tossed Shane Mercer ¾ths across the ring with a massive chokeslam. Instead, just as Kong had made his way to the cage door, Kong’s manager Jason Saint slammed the door on Kong’s head, allowing Mercer to crawl through the frame and to the outside to secure the victory. Fans were in shock at the turn, and even more so as Saint presented Mercer with the championship and announced that he was the newest member of Horrorshow!

Later in the evening, the Revolution Strong Women’s Champion Amazing Maria was set to defend the championship against Rockstar Pro favorite Rudy Jordan, but due to having facial reconstructive surgery, was replaced by Samantha Heights. Saint informed Jordan that if she was successful in conquering Heights, she’d be granted a shot at Maria’s championship on August 11th at Circle City Chaos, but it was for nothing as Samantha gained the victory when Saint and new Horrorshow vixen Charlie Kruel distracted the referee. Maria entered the ring behind the ref’s back and delivered a huge headbutt with her protective facial mask, knocking out Jordan long enough for Heights to gain the 1-2-3.

To cap the night off, the PWK Online Champion Adam Bueller happily went into 4-way battle to defend his title against Ames, Steven Drochner, and former Impact Wrestling star Aiden O’Shea. While the three smaller wrestlers would have to form alliances against O’Shea, it was Saint’s interference that led to O’Shea’s downfall, tripping the giant as he went for a big boot. As Aiden chased Saint from ringside, Bueller dropped his Portal To Hell double stomp into the chest of Ames for the victory, leading Horrorshow into a 3-0 record for the night!