170225 Kyuhyun Solo con in Taiwan-Gyuwhy(규와이) Forever


Moon Hee Jun: There was a freestyle dance battle among all high schools in Songpa district. I was the final winner. Lee Soo Man personally saw me with his own eyes. Normally, they would send you a mail two weeks after the audition, but Lee Soo Man came up to me and whispered, ‘Come starting tomorrow.’

Heechul: If Moon Hee Jun didn’t exist, there would be no SM.

Kim Tae Woo: H.O.T was more like ’Moon Hee Jun and the kids.’

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Good Boy- G Dragon & Taeyang
Adore U- Seventeen
Lotto- Vernon, Exo, take ur pick
Ah Yeah- Seventeen (hahaha…)
Call me baby- Exo
That xx- G Dragon
Ice Cream Cake- Red Velvet
Check In- Seventeen
Rock- Seventeen
U- Super Junior
Smile Flower- Seventeen
Transformer- Exo

…So basically just svt, exo and big bang lol
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“Boys Over Flowers” musical with Sungmin, cast introduction film making.

La comédie musicale “Boys Over Flowers” avec Sungmin, fabrication du film d’introduction des acteurs.


SMTOWN x LINES: Leader Line