I really want to be active here again!

Posting some of my HS (not all of course) cosplays from my Instagram, I’m really proud of them all! ;v; I’ll think about part 2 because it’s not all that I have done.

@steamshade - Dualscar, Rose, Feferi ♥ ♥ ♥

The picture I did in the stream as finished as I think I’m going to make it. Drawn for @homestuckartists Acestor day. :3
Signless/Kankri just emerged from his cocoon with his new limbs and his mom is getting him all cleaned up.
This is a pretty messy drawing and could probably use being cleaned up more but that’s okay, I still like it and looking at it makes me happy. :3 I hope it makes you all happy too!
Enjoy. :3

me and my friend were talkin about this idea of signless being a young parent and not knowing what to do when raising karkat, but is working on it. hes a bit emotional and impatient at first but he really wants to raise him and be a good dad :U