To celebrate this awesome milestone and thank all of FYGHM’s followers, we’re giving away some sweet Grasshopper games, art, and merchandise!


  • Since this is a thank you to followers, you must be following fuckyeahgrasshopper to enter! (and if you’re a GhM fan you should be following anyway, hehe ;9)
  • You get two entries: one reblog and one like. You can reblog more, if you want, but it won’t boost your chances of winning!
  • There will be three winners, picked randomly:
  1. FIRST PRIZE: Choice of 3 games, all 3 prints, and 2 pieces of merch (and the plastic GhM bag!)
  2. SECOND PRIZE: Choice of 3 games, 1 print, and 1 piece of merch!
  3. THIRD PRIZE: 1 game and 1 print! (Sorry, you get what the other two didn’t pick!)
  • Keep your inbox open!! While winners will be announced on FYGHM once the giveaway is over, I’ll have to ask you for your contact info through your inbox. (We won’t send assassins to your house, promise.) If the chosen winner doesn’t respond within a few days, I’ll draw another. 
  • This giveaway begins today (12/16) and ends on 1/30 at 12 AM, PST–so you’ve got over a month to enter! 


  • No More Heroes (Wii)
  • Shadows of the Damned (360)
  • Contact (DS)
  • Flower Sun and Rain (DS)
  • TWO copies of Sine Mora (Steam)
  • Killer7 (PS2 - may or may not have a case sorry :c)
  • FIVE art prints by co-mod Adam (one of each, and an extra Dan and Garcia)
  • Issue #3 of the Killer7 comic book
  • Nick Carlyle keychain
  • AND the Lollipop Chainsaw art book! 

And that’s about it! Thank you for following, and good luck to you all! c: