Yeah you will need to narrow that down a bit..

At a preliminary hearing, Ramirez flashed a pentagram that was on the palm of his hand. When he was on trial and his lawyers warned him that he could get the death sentence it didn’t faze him. “I’ll be in hell, then,” he said, “with Satan.” He saw the newspaper articles talking about him as the devil and understood that he was a celebrity now. He adopted sunglasses to enhance his mystique. He apparently embraced the idea that he was a “monster." 

Even during his trial, when one juror was murdered, the incident made other jurors wonder if Ramirez had called forth demons to attack that person. They were fearful that he might pick them off. He’d often tried to intimidate them individually with his stares.

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Who gives a Fuck if I edit my pictures :) everyone does it. It’s sad that you are so insecure about yourself that you have to bash others. So how about you fuck off while you’re at it, bitch. And, why don’t you grow a fucking pair and come off anon next time.👋

“Killing is killing - whether done for duty, profit, or fun.

People in this day and age are brainwashed, and programmed like a computer, at being nothing more than puppets.

This country is founded in violence. Madness is something rare in individuals - but in groups, people, and ages - it is the rule.”

- Richard Ramirez (Night Stalker)

Actual Bounty Hunter The Stalker
  • You're walking in the void
  • There's no tenno around and your sentinel is dead
  • Out of the corner of your eye you spot him:
  • The Stalker.
  • He's following you, about 30 feet back
  • He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint
  • He's gaining on you
  • The Stalker.
  • You're looking for you liset but you're all turned around
  • He's almost upon you now
  • and you can see there's blood on his face
  • My God, there's blood everywhere!
  • Running for you life (from The Stalker)
  • He's brandishing Despair (It's The Stalker)
  • Lurking in the shadows
  • Bounty Hunter The Stalker
  • Living in the void (The Stalker)
  • Killing for revenge (The Stalker)
  • Leaving all the bodies
  • Actual Bounty Hunter The Stalker
  • Now it's dark and you seem to have lost him
  • but you're hopelessly lost yourself
  • Stranded with a hunter
  • you creep silently through the orokin ship
  • Aha! In the distance
  • A small elevator with a light on
  • Hope! You move stealthily toward it
  • but your leg! Ah! It's cut by a laser!
  • Cutting off your leg (Quiet, quiet)
  • Limping to the elevator (Quiet, quiet)
  • Now you're on the platform
  • Sitting inside:The Stalker
  • Sharpening his Hate (The Stalker)
  • But he doesn't hear you enter (The Stalker)
  • You're sneaking up behind him
  • Strangling bounty hunter The Stalker
  • Fighting for your life with The Stalker
  • Wrestling Despair from The Stalker
  • Stab him in his kidney
  • Safe at last from The Stalker
  • You limp into the Orokin Void
  • blood oozing from your stump leg
  • But you have won; you have beaten
  • The Stalker.
  • (But he didn't drop Hate and that's fucking bullshit and you know it)

I was hanging out watching catfish and the whole episode was basically about this online stalker and it brought back so many things for me that I’m just sat here really shaken up. I still don’t understand how someone can think it’s ok to take away another person’s ability to feel safe in the world.

Thinking about it… what if Yokoso wagaya e was a drama based on a stalker and Aiba-chan acted as the stalker like what the other Arashi members first though… that would be interesting! Creepy stalker Aiba-chan, now that would be awesome… not like it would be surprise if he’s the stalker in Yokoso wagaya e right now… it still can be anyone until the season ends… but I just want the whole drama get all twisted… or is my mind getting twisted with all these plot ideas?