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clark kent is a character who has canonically suffered from depression, experienced severe emotional, mental, and physical trauma, and felt isolated for most of his life

if you don’t like a superman who feels negative emotions/depression/sadness you just don’t like superman



You play Eshe, a wanderer in a ruined world, trapped in ever-changing caverns teeming with eldritch horrors. Harness the power of corrupted relics to defeat gigantic bosses at the cost of your humanity.


Here is the big announcement I was talking about: the reveal of our new game! We’ve been working on this for nearly a year now, and we’re not even done adding new things yet. The whole team is SUPER excited to finally be able to talk about our new baby (ME FIRST)! :’D 

For more information, check our the article on IGN, and the article on the PlayStation Blog!

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For the first time in her life, Emma Swan finds herself in love with her now confirmed True Love. They have a house to themselves and they can finally start thinking about their future together.

For the first time in her life, Emma Swan feels loved - by her boyfriend, by her parents (the ones she’s been searching for her whole life), by her son and by her friends. All the holes and voids in her heart are slowly starting to be filled - and then she learns that regardless of what she does, she’s going to die. Soon. There’s no escaping it. And suddenly her entire world, the one she always dreamed of having, just collapses.

So what does she do? She tries to preserve it the most she can, she desperately tries to keep everything as it is. That way she can enjoy the genuine and natural current “ideal” status of her relationships with the ones she loves. Why? Because she knows that the minute she tells them about her doomed fate, the relationships she has always wanted to have will change : everyone will be heartbroken, they will treat her differently and possibly put themselves at risk to save her from her fate. And Emma just won’t have that. So she’ll do whatever it takes to keep things as they are, even if that means keeping everything for herself and lying to them. Anything but causing them any more pain and destroying the near bliss she’s always dreamed of having.

Even though she’s completely wrong by lying to Killian about it, it is human and it makes sense.

i feel like michael would get really excited whenever he would tell you he loved you, like if you were in public he would probably tell you aT LEAST 15 times with such a happy smile on his face with his little cheeks and his eyes lighting up whenever he’d tell you—-or just over text, lowercase wouldnt be enough so he would send you ‘I LOVE YOU’ in all caps, whether it be goodnight texts or just randomly throughout the day he’d just send a quick BABE I LOVE YOU because of how fucking clingy he’d be but in the adorable way where he always wants to make sure you’re loved because you make him such a happy bean and aw my heart is melting

Let me tell you about Watermelon Tourmaline!

So, eventually, I’m going to create a mini-series (as in a series of mini books) called Cripple 101, which is all about this college professor who is sort of what you would get if you mixed House, Grunkle Stan, and Ryder, only with a much bigger heart. (That’s not to say he’s a good guy; he does some pretty crappy things throughout the series.) Basically, he’s the type of guy who will go to the ends of the earth to help you if he likes you and will make your life a living hell if he doesn’t. At the risk of getting fired, he convinces the college to let him start a class for people with disabilities. (He uses a cane to walk and has a few other disabilities I know, I know, just hear me out.)

I literally have no clue what I’m going to call this guy. None whatsoever. I’ve tried multiple names but none of them seem right. It’s extremely frustrating.

But while I have absolutely no knowledge on his name, I do have knowledge (extensive knowledge) on one of the subplots:

Watermelon Tourmaline.

Watermelon is going to be…that college student. You know that college student. I know that college student. I’m friends with that college student (several of them). Hell, at times, I am that college student.

The one who wears the name SJW with pride. Who is always advocating for something. Who is always changing their identities and defending them while also defending the ones that they aren’t a part of. 

That college student.

I suppose you could call her a Manic Pixie Dream Girl but quite frankly, I don’t care if you do, because that trope is sexist in and of itself.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. 

So Watermelon comes up to MC and begins giving him the spiel, you know? How she’s not disabled but that he should stop using the word ‘crippled’ because it’s considered a demeaning slur. 

And he just stares at her like, “Oh my god, I’m going to hate you.”

In fact, he probably says that.

And when he asks her what her name is, she says: “Watermelon Tourmaline.”

And he’s just like, “That’s not a name.”

“Yes, it is.”

“It really isn’t.”

So at first, it looks like this girl is going to be an annoying parody and that I’m going to be a jerk who tries to mock these types of college students, right?

Well, stick with me, because those of you who know me know me well enough to know that I have big plans for this.

Fast-forward to a few days later when MC is sitting with Jack in the dining hall. Who’s Jack? Well, I’ll tell you tomorrow but let’s just say that the relationship between this nameless character and Jack is one of my favorite ones in the series so far. (Note: I only thought of this series two days ago.) And MC notices that the pea soup is just frozen peas dumped into lukewarm soup broth. Jack sort of dismisses it and implies that he’s already gotten used to the food, something that shocks the MC. And the more the MC asks around, the more he realizes that everyone is just eating this disgusting food and accepting the fact that if they get sick, they get sick. A few things happen in said dining hall but MC quickly becomes distracted by a voice.

It’s Watermelon, who is talking to the manager of the dining hall, complaining about the shoddy food. MC’s jaw drops and he looks on, first shocked, then impressed, then proud. And he walks over and helps her defend her case.

It looks like there’s a mutual sense of respect until they leave the dining hall (which is still serving the horrid food) and he asks her what her name is.

She sighs and mutters, “Sabrina Knox.”

The two get into an argument over identities and she storms off.

And he watches her leave and something dawns on him.

Cut to him teaching his first class where all of the students are highly engrossed, but he can’t help feeling like someone is missing. And as he’s walking across campus, he finds Sabrina/Watermelon at a table, trying to get people to sign a petition to increase the food quality. Only nobody’s stopping and everyone’s just sort of snorting and rolling their eyes. And she’s about to pack up when MC sharply says, “Don’t.”

And he limps over and is like, “Don’t stop fighting, all right? Look, I don’t care if you’re the only voice out there. It’s better than having no voice at all. The soup is crap. It’s about time someone pointed it out.”

And he signs the petition and adds, “See you in class, Watermelon.”

He walks away and Jack wheels up to him, wondering why he’s letting her join the class after all.

“Because,” says MC, “she’s one of us.”



“You mean because she’s crazy?”

MC chuckles and says, “No, she’s depressed.”

Jack just stares at him and is like, “She’s what?”

And MC goes into this long rant akin to, “She’s latching onto something, anything, that gives her a purpose, that gives her a reason to wake up in the morning. She needs something to fight for, she needs to know that something needs her to fight for it, she needs to know that she can make a difference, that she can change something or someone for the better, even if she can’t change herself. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

And Jack’s just staring at MC, who cheerfully says, “Plus, she wears glasses, so that’s good enough for me.”

And after that, he genuinely grows to care for Watermelon, referring to her by her strange but meaningful name, always helping her (if not exasperatedly) when she wants to fight for something, and being there on the days when she doesn’t think that anything is worth fighting for.

Bonus: One of those days occurs and she comes to the conclusion that fighting for better food is a lost cause. A few days later, a bunch of people get sick right in the dining hall. MC and Watermelon show up and the former just grins and looks down at this student because he knows that it’s her time to shine. So he offers her a hand and helps her up onto a table, watching in pride as she rallies students up and shouts that they deserve better than this.

And this is just one of his students.

This entire series starts with a guy who creates a class partially to keep his job and partially to spite the administration but quickly realizes, “Aw crap, I love every single one of these kids. I did not sign up for this.”

Just wait til you hear about Jack.

Clary’s new weapon.

(Based on a conversation with @nightfallgoddess​ and some bts pictures/videos).

Clary and Izzy are training one day and Clary can’t help but look at Izzy’s bracelet and also remember Alec’s bow, so she asks her to teach her how to use something no one else in the institute uses.

Somehow it comes to Izzy instantly. Throwing knives. Why? Clary is very lean and also proven to be fast. Also, she’s not as strong as Alec and Izzy to handle physical combat yet. Isabelle knows how to use them, but are obviously not her favorite. So with Alec’s help, they get dummies and bull’s-eyes for Clary to practice and both of them teach her every day. First on still objects, next on moving ones (throwing things in the air or with moving bull’s-eyes).

Clary learns quite quickly, and soon enough she has the Lightwood siblings’ approval, so they get her a leg holster and some knives for their next mission. Trying to throw knives at demons it’s not easy at first, but adapting is something Clary is getting quite good at, so it doesn’t take long before Clary is slaying demons with her new weapon.

One day they go out to look for information on Jace and they are in this downworlder bar or someplace like that, and Clary and Izzy are interrogating this vampire about Jace’s whereabouts or if he saw something unusual. The vampire is not quite cooperative and it takes them long to get some information out of him. The information isn’t quite relevant, but it’s something.

“That’s all I’ve got, little girl,” he says, and it sounds like he’s spitting at them. “So why don’t you and your friend get out? This is no place for the nephilim.”

Clary and Izzy just glare at him and turn around. Alec is waiting for them outside just in case something happens, and he is probably nervous with impatience at this point.

Just when they’re about to get out, Clary stops and turns around again, facing the vampire that is on the other side of room, smirking. Izzy doesn’t know what she’s doing, but doesn’t say anything, waiting patiently for her with the door opened.

Fast as lightning, Clary takes out one of her knives and throws it at the vampire, missing his face by inches on purpose. The vampire, completely stunned, looks at the knife, now nailed to the wall beside his face.

“My name is not little girl.” Clary then leaves the bar, silence filling the air after that. Izzy takes a second at the door, but there’s a clear smile on her face.

“I taught her so well,” she whispers and follows, closing the door with a thud.

Okay so anon, this was so adorable, I ended up writing something (and shhh, you’re not the least bit a bother)! I hope you enjoy this alternate version of the chapter!

Warning: spoilers for chapter 503!

It was the first thing she knew coming to.

Not the cold ground biting into her back.

Not the thick, sticky, caking wetness streaking down her face.


The first thing Lucy knew coming to was excruciating pain.

She was no stranger to bodily harm or torture, but this was nothing like she’d ever felt before.

At the back of her mind, she registered just how weird it was to come to, but not open her eyes.

Not that she could ever again.

It hit her like a bus. The realisation that she could never comment on Gary’s state of undress or marvel at Erza’s closet extensions again. That she couldn’t help Wendy with her hair, or Happy with decorating fish for Carla.

No more gazing at sunsets from her window sill, or watching the rainbow Sakura bloom. No more witnessing the countryside go by on trains or spying on Gajeel and Levy flirting.

No more of her usual novels. Her writing…

And never again would she get actually see those bright onyx eyes, so full of mischief.

Still, Lucy smiled.

It hurt, it was scary, it was tremendously painful, and this form of open-eyed darkness was something she wasn’t remotely used to - and yet, she was happy.

Proud, even.

She had not screamed.

She had not cried.

Dimaria may have stolen her sight, but Lucy still had her pride, and she had not let herself down. She had lived up to her promise to not give the Spriggan any satisfaction in torturing her.

It was only then that Lucy noted that all she could hear was…nothing.

It was silent.

Far too silent, especially considering how loud Dimaria had been while enjoying putting Lucy through hell, all the way until she passed out from the pain.

And there was also…

“Natsu!” Lucy screamed, bolting upright. “Natsu? Natsu! Where are you?”

Lucy immediately clutched her head, bracing against the wave of dizziness that assaulted her.

‘Just how much blood did I lose?’ she wondered briefly.

Noticing how her fear from being unable to see was beginning to taking over, Lucy began forcing herself to breath deeply. And it was in the midst of calming herself down that she realised that her cuffs were off and she could now access her magic pool.

Her keys weren’t around, but there was still a lot she could do.

Channelling her strength, she focused on searching for other magic signatures, looking for the teeming reservoir-on-legs that was Natsu.

Her marvelling of her enhanced abilities - compensating for her loss in sight, she assumed - was interrupted by the very obvious fact that Natsu was nowhere near.

And that she still was.

“W-why are you still here?” she asked, turning towards where Dimaria’s magic signature was coming from. “A-and where’s Nat-”

“M-monster…” a voice croaked. It was frail, weak, and downright terrified. But it was still the same, now unforgettable voice that Lucy had heard earlier, though nothing like the mocking one she had been subjected to.

“What do you mean?” asked Lucy, the growing trepidation in her telling her she may not want the answer.

“That power…one that could rival a Goddess…it could only be END..”

“What does tha-”


Lucy was taken aback when she heard the familiar voice.


Lucy heard the old lady hiss when she turned to her, and she realised she probably looked worse than she felt.

Or she was probably just not feeling what she was supposed to, thanks to all the adrenaline.

“Can you do anything about her wounds?” The old lady’s voice rang loud, causing Lucy to wince.

“She’ll never see again if I do,” another voice rasped.

“Brandish? You’re okay!” Lucy felt herself smile, genuinely relieved that she was, unable to see the sheer amount of guilt that flashed across Brandish’s face.

“Oh Lucy..” Another voice.

Lucy had to strain to remember, but she figured it was Evergreen and smiled towards her. “I’m okay, you guys, don’t worry.”

“No, you are not. It’s a miracle you’re not yet in shock.” Porlyusica said curtly, and Lucy could so easily imagine her scowl.

She felt the old lady wrap and arm around her and lay her down, before hearing a very distinct rattling of objects near her head.

“You! Green one! Do what you can with her wounds and I’ll handle the rest. And soon, before she bleeds out!”

Lucy understood the urgency - the pain was returning once more, now with a vengeance - but she couldn’t handle the knot of dread forming in her chest. “We need to find Natsu!” she managed, through her pain.

She felt Porlyusica stiffen next to her, and Lucy felt her heart drop to her stomach.

The old lady sighed deeply before beginning in a measured, all business-tone, “I misdiagnosed. That what we healed was not a mere tumour…”

“Wha-?” Lucy’s gasped softly at the news.

“…it was far worse. It was near demonic in it’s essence.”

Lucy’s mouth dropped in a silent scream, her palms slapping over them as she quivered with barely restrained emotion, easily putting two and two together.

‘Dimaria words… Oh, Natsu!’

Porlyusica wasn’t sure if it were due to the news or her pain, though something inside told her it was the former. But regretful as it was, she had to fulfill her duty as Healer to the guild.

“He is not what we’ve always thought him to be.”

Lucy said not a word after that declaration, silently allowing her wounds to be treated.

Porlyusica observed silently as she began taking care of the injury - how the blonde didn’t say a word more, not when Brandish apologised for everything, not when Evergreen held Lucy’s hand while she was being treated, having secured Dimaria with the magic cancelling cuffs. The only time she showed any emotion through the entire procedure was when the brunette handed her her keys.

Several long, tense minutes later, and Lucy’s eyes were carefully bandaged, Porlyusica silently lamenting how the cloth would never open to happy, healthy eyes.

She had failed the child. If she had realised sooner, reached her a little sooner then maybe…

“I cannot thank you enough Porlyusica,” said Lucy, cutting off the old lady at that thought.

And surprising her further by smiling.

“You shouldn’t be sitting up,” she said instead, in practised monotone.

“I guess, but I can’t stay down. Natsu needs me.”

“Child,” the healer said in soft reprimand. “Did you not - ”

“I heard you,” Lucy clarified, using a puzzled Evergreen’s aid to raise herself to her feet, head facing Porlyusica. “And I trust in your skills enough to believe you’re definitely right about something. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I can trust Natsu. He could be a human, demon or dragon. But no matter what, Natsu is Natsu.”

Porlyusica’s eyes widened at her determined declaration. She didn’t even have to see Lucy’s to note the resolve in them.

She watched as Brandish moved to stand by Lucy as well, wordlessly promising to stay by her side.

Porlyusica took a moment to appreciate what she was witnessing. It wasn’t often that the humans could surprise her so.

“Then I’ll come too,” she said, following Lucy out of the building after she nodded her consent.

Porlyusica couldn’t help but internally scoff a bit at the girl’s naïve foolishness. She knew what she saw.

‘Though, you would probably call it her being strong, won’t you Makarov?’ she thought.

And secretly, she agreed.