pupeyepiggy  asked:

hello! I just wanted to ask how you do that 3d effect in your drawings . I already looked at a turorial, but I didn't really understand it. So if you find the time.. maybe you could explain it to me?

Well I don’t know what tutorials you looked at so i don’t want to link you to any so I guess I’ll make one myself ! 

I have only ever used paint tool sai so if you are using a different program you will have to ask someone else

1) First make sure you are done with your drawing so you can combine the line art, colouring and whatever else into one layer

2) Go into your layer tab and click copy 3 times 

3) once you have 4 layers of your drawing, for the first 3 put blank layers on top of them and select clipping group for each blank layer  

4) select your bottom layer and go into your filter tab, select hue and saturation and turn down luminescence alllllllllllllll the way so that it is completely black       ( make sure to hit okay ) 

5) In your white blank layers, take your bucket tool and put pure red, blue and green into each one. after that set each of them to shade in mode

6) once you’re done that merge the coloured layers to what they are clipped to

7) then in mode again set red blue and green layers to screen and your drawing should return to its original colour 

8) then you can move the top 3 layers however you like! you can move them slightly 

or you can make it seem like you’re tripping balls 

Well I hoped this helped! i’ve never made a tutorial so this might be shit 


HEY. I started Voltron…. three days ago ? More or less. I reached episode 4 and I can already say that I love Allura. She’s kind and strong and so pretty. I was truly bad for her when she know for her father. I know what it feels to understand you’ll never meet your father again. 

I’ll try to draw more Voltron in the coming days cause characters are really fun. And charadesign too. Maybe Shiro or Pidge next time ? I don’t know yet.