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PD’s descendant is CONNIE

Wow. Just wow.

Stranded was one of the best reveals I’ve ever seen in a cartoon.

Too bad everyone misunderstood it.

Note first and foremost who we saw playing the role of Yellow diamond in Stevonnie’s dream. Priyanka, not any woman in Steven’s life, but Connie’s own mother. In retrospect, it kind of should have been obvious seeing as this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a maheshwaran woman with diamond-shaped pupils

It’s not even the first time today

And this has been going back as far as season 1A

Note that this isn’t a stylistic thing. Steven’s eyes are stars when he’s excited. Only the Maheshwarans have those lucy-in-the-sky eyes

That’s not the only diamond resemblance either

Nor is it a secret that Connie is a future world-leader

Steven: “Because dad, I can’t stay a kid forever, when Connie grows up and becomes president what is that gonna make me? First Boy?!”

Steven’s Birthday

You want to know just how un-subtle this is?

Pink Diamond is literally the lord (well, lady) of Rose Quartzes like Steven Universe!

I mean, come the fuck on, look at the facts! Look what this explains.

Q: “Why can Connie fuse with Steven despite being human?”
A: “Because she’s gem-hybrid”

Q: “Why can Connie hold a sword made for an 8-foot woman with super strength?”
A: “Because she’s a fucking gem-hybrid!”

Q: “How did Rose know she was going to die in childbirth?”
A: “Because Connie is a fucking gem-hybrid!”

Edit:  To clarify, I don’t think Connie is half-gem or Priyanka is Yellow Diamond. I think that they both are the distant descendants of Pink Diamond and a human. At some point there must have been a (possibly male) descendant who couldn’t pass on the gem through childbirth

Edit 2: Look at this art Steven Sugar (former storyboard artist, basis for Steven and Rebecca Sugar’s brother) drew not too long ago

A Single Pale Rose & The Tragedy of Pink Diamond

This Post will Contain Major Spoilers from A Single Pale Rose; If you have not watched the latest episodes of Steven Universe, please do so before reading!








If I could describe my feelings about the latest episode of Steven Universe in one word, it would be SHOOK because it was a massive turning point in the series that I think a lot of us were both not expecting it and hoping for it all at the same time. Now, I don’t consider myself to be a complex or serious theorist on the series in anyway, as many of my posts are really just for the sake of provoking a conversation and looking at episodes with a different or alternative context. Theories for me are for the sake of the fun of it and aren’t meant to be taken too seriously in anyway, but there are some things that I wanted to point out from the recent special that I wanted to share.

So lets start with the big one.

Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond.

Shoutout to all the theorists who subscribed to this theory so early on in the series. I’ve always been in the camp of White Diamond Conspiracy, but I am so humbly glad to be wrong about it. There are some things about this fact that I wanted to talk about because I’ve noticed a lot of fans have been saying a lot about Pink Diamond and her character, and I wanted to clear some things up.

First, I want to talk about Pink Diamond as a Diamond.

We only have context for Pink Diamond as a Diamond in two instances: Before the colonization of Earth, and after. We know, based on the flashback in Jungle Moon, that Pink Diamond was treated very differently than the other Diamonds. She was not given any colonies, any armies, or even any real responsibilities as a Diamond. She as ultimately only a Diamond in gem and status, but not in power and respect. Pink Diamond was childish and immature, acting on her impulses and her feelings rather than anything else, and with some fairly justifiable reason. She wanted to be respected, and she wanted to be treated like the other Gem Matriarchs, so she demanded to have a colony of her own, thinking that by having that, she could be respected as the Diamond she was. 

She wanted her own Army.
She wanted her own Planet.
And so, she was given the Earth.

Fast-Forward to Pink Diamond in A Single Pale Rose, and we see a very different portrayal of her. She no longer wants to fit into her mold as a Diamond. She no longer wishes to have the Earth as her colony. She realized the Earth was a special and unique places that taught her about life outside of the role she was created to play, and that became more important to her than her status as a Diamond and her desire to be treated as such. She no longer wanted to run her colony, knowing that it would destroy the planet that she grew so fond of, and kill the people she fell in love with. This portrayal of Pink Diamond is much like the Rose Quartz we hear Garnet talk about in Your Mother and Mine to the Off-Color gems, and is consistent with the Rose Quartz we’ve grown to know over the course of the series. A gem who grew to understand and know the planet she was colonizing in a way that the other Gems never had - a understanding that led her to give up her role and life as the Gem she was forever and to actively fight against the Diamond Authority to free the Earth from its tyranny. 

But why would Pink Diamond chose to do this as a Rose Quartz gem, and not as a Diamond? Wouldn’t it be more impactful to have a Diamond rebel against the Diamond Authority and not just an ordinary soldier?

Rose Quartz gems are a vein of Gem that Pink Diamond, from context given to us by Blue Diamond in Human Zoo and Blue Zircon in The Trial, made herself. We don’t know a lot about Rose Quartz gems outside of the fact that they are soldiers, much like any other gems like Jaspers and Amethysts. It doesn’t surprise me, then, that Pink Diamond would disguise herself as a Rose Quartz to travel freely outside of her palanquin to explore the Earth. Its very much so a story of The Princess in Disguise: a high-ranking, royal disguising themselves as a commoner to explore the world outside of their castle.

Perhaps Pink Diamond was able to connect with her fellow gems in a way that a Diamond could not as Rose Quartz. Garnet mentions in Your Mother and Mine that Rose Quartz found allies in gems like herself - defective, off-color gems that did not fit their molds to begin with. It is rather obvious that Pink Diamond was aware that she was flawed; That she was unique as a Diamond not for her flawlessness, but in her flawed nature. Perhaps Pink Diamond saw that she was not alone when she came to know the other gems whom she felt related to her in similar ways, gems that did not fit their roles or their statuses, much like she didn’t. In my opinion, I do not blame Pink Diamond for disguising herself as a common gem rather than remain herself; I’m sure she was able to see a different side of her colony as Rose Quartz, a side that would never reveal itself to her as a Diamond. Perhaps she no longer wanted Gems to feel obligated to follow a Diamond - she makes it clear that she wants to fight for the freedom of the planet Earth and the freedom of other Gems. She gave up her mantle as Pink Diamond in order to forge a new identity for herself and allow others to do the same. I think thats one of the reasons she created the Crystal Gems.

I know a lot of people are angry about the fact that Rose Quartz was a facade for Pink Diamond, or that Pink Diamond was pretending to be some kind of rebel leader when in reality she herself was a Diamond - but I personally do not think that this reveal changes anything about the Crystal Gems and their story. I think, if anything, it simply switches the pieces around. I’m a strong believer that Garnet’s telling of the Story of Rose Quartz is accurate, but what I think is different is the pieces involved and some fine details.

We know Pink Diamond demanded to have a Colony, so Homeworld gave her the Earth. She began her colonization, just as she was instructed and just as she was meant to, playing her Role as a Diamond, but as the colonization of the Earth continued, she came to learn and understand more and more about the planet and slowly began to fall in love with it. In Garnet’s words:

Curiosity turned to Appreciation.
Appreciation turned to Fondness.
Fondness, turned to Love.

Rose Quartz was a figure that stood for freedom; She represented liberation and the freedom to forge your own destiny and life outside of the role a Gem was made to play. Her transition from Pink Diamond to Rose Quartz is a perfect example of that philosophy manifested in the greatest way: Pink Diamond gave up her life as a Diamond to live as Rose Quartz and to be free of the role she was made for. That, is a core belief of the Crystal Gems - the Earth of their home and they are allowed to live and be who they wish to be on Earth. There are no obligations. There are no rules. There are no requirements. Gems can be who they want to be on Earth and experience life how they choose to experience it. Pink Diamond wanted to free the Earth from Diamond control and free the Gems on it to allow them to live how they chose. 

Pink Diamond wanted to protect the place that taught her that she did not have to play the role she was made for. She wanted to pass the message of liberation along to others to allow them to feel the same way she did. Her heart and her gem were in the right place. She had nothing but the best intentions, but even still…

…She was still Pink Diamond, and she was still very, very flawed.

Pink Diamond, as we’ve seen her, is very aware that she is not like the other Diamonds in the Diamond Authority. She knows that the other Diamonds treat her differently - she wasn’t given any colonies to rule over like the others had, she had to demand for one. She wasn’t allowed to interfere or be involved in the process of colonization and she was simply expected to play the role of a Diamond in appearance, not in power. She knew she was flawed. She knew that she did not matter, or at least she felt that way. Thats why you hear her say as Rose Quartz:

“Blue and Yellow Don’t care. They never have. This is Pink Diamond’s Colony. We can end it all… Right here, right now.”

However, we all clearly know this is false. The Diamonds cared greatly for Pink Diamond, so much so that they fought back against the Crystal Gems and their uprising to the fullest extent of their power. The fact that she says this about Blue and Yellow Diamond is really, in my opinion, heartbreaking, especially when you think about how much Blue and Yellow Diamond are aching over what they believe to be Pink Diamond’s demise, millennia afterward. Even in the sequence where you see Pearl as Rose Quartz supposedly shattering Pink Diamond, you can clearly hear sounds of anguish and mourning and despair in the background. Pink Diamond made a spectacle of her own demise in front of her entire court, and I had been wondering why Pearl was crying so much when she did what she did. Perhaps its because after the fact, she saw how wrong the both of them were to do what they did. Pearl must have heard or seen the distress of the other Gems for what she had done and thought that what they were doing was a mistake. 

But this is what Pink Diamond wanted.
She wanted to free the Earth. She wanted to free other Gems. She wanted to be free of being a Diamond - She must have felt that there really weren’t any other options for them, or at least believed that this was all that could be done, at last at this point. It wasn’t like Pink Diamond didn’t try other ways to leave the Earth. We see her and the other Diamonds in Can’t Go Back, with Blue Diamond saying:

“But this is what you wanted. You begged us for a Colony of your own, and now all you want to do is get rid of it. First, there were too many organics, then their cities were too difficult to dismantle, and… and now these Crystal Gems? We’re tired of your excuses, Pink.”

It gives me this impression that Pink Diamond was already in love with the Earth at this point and had been for some time, and that she created the guise of Rose Quartz and the Crystals Gems as a way to hinder the colonization of the planet. Blue Zircon says during The Trial that at the time of Pink Diamond’s demise, Rose Quartz was a known threat for a few hundred years, meaning that Pink Diamond and Pearl had been sabotaging their own colony for at least a few centuries before resulting in their final plan together. Pink Diamond was trying to get rid of her colony for a long time, so she could leave the Earth be without having to take any drastic measures. She had given the other Diamonds several excuses to try and see if she could abandon the planet - Too many Organics to conquer, Cities that were too difficult to destroy, and then finally, a coup of rebel gem known as the Crystal Gems. She had been trying for a long time to leave the Earth, but because of her own previous actions, the Diamonds would not let her.

“You must understand. You… are a Diamond. Everyone on this planet is looking to you. You don’t even have to do anything! Just smile and wave. Show everyone you are unfazed by this little… uprising. Your gems will fall into line and these… Crystal Gems will be, no more. As long as you are there to rule, this colony will be completed.”

Its in this moment that I think Pink Diamond formulated the plan to fake her demise. Blue Diamond instilled this idea in her that a Colony needs a Diamond to rule over it, and Pink Diamond believed that if she was no longer around, the remaining Diamonds would finally abandon the planet for good. I think too, this is why this episode was called Can’t Go Back - not only for Lapis who felt she couldn’t go back to Earth, but also for Pink Diamond, who could now no longer go back to being Pink Diamond after she swore herself to being Rose Quartz.

She can’t go back to being a Diamond, and she no longer wants to.

I know a lot of people are saying that Pink Diamond was stupid for being so selfish, and that Rose Quartz is awful because of how she kept her past a secret, or how she treated Pearl, but I for one, honestly just feel bad for her. Its tragic, to me. Pink Diamond was so carelessly optimistic about her plans that she thought everything would be okay. She didn’t want to hurt anyone else except herself in the process, but because of her actions, she ended up hurting everyone, and I believe that to the day Steven was born, she never stopped feeling guilty about what she had done and the actions she had taken.

Were her actions selfish and stupid? Yes, I do think so.
Was she justified in what she did? Not really.
Was her heart in the right place? Did she have good intentions? Absolutely.

After Homeworld left the planet and sent their final attack, I’m sure that was when Rose Quartz realized the gravity of her mistakes. I think that was when she realized that what she had done was wrong, and I think that she had been doing all she could afterward to try and make up for it. Its why she did everything she could to try and heal the corrupted gems, to try and make up for what she had done to them inadvertently by fighting for their freedom. They were her allies and she wanted to do what she could for them, but perhaps in the end, she really believed that the world would be better off without her.

And maybe thats why she was so happy to be able to have Steven; Maybe thats why she was so happy to be able experience something so unique and amazing a being a mother… Because even as Rose Quartz, she was still the same, horrible, Diamond underneath…, and maybe one day, someone better would come along to be able to fulfill the hopes she had that she realized she was never able to in the first place.

And that someone was Steven.
I believe in Steven.

There’s more to this than I originally thought.

Now let’s take what we’ve learned, and apply it to what we know.

We know that Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, and White Diamond have conquered a number of planets.

Originally posted by aesthediicks

But no, not Pink Diamond.

From what we’ve learned, she was the “youngest” of the group. She had no prior experience. Still, she demanded an army, and a planet. Even if she was the youngest and inexperienced, she was still a Diamond. She wanted to be able to her part as one.

So they gave her a planet.


Originally posted by mrdraklin

But I’ve seen this scenario play by so many times before. What happened is becoming more and more clear.

Pink Diamond came to conquer Earth, and instead came to love it.

But the other Diamonds, her “Older sisters”, of course would not allow her to keep the planet as it was. It was her job as a Diamond to terraform it. The job that she herself, said she deserved. But Pink Diamond wouldn’t do it.

So they came up with a compromise.

“How about we let you keep some of the inhabitants?”

Originally posted by doafhat

That’s why the Zoo exists. Pink Diamond couldn’t save the Earth, but she could at least save some of the things that called it home.

Pink Diamond may not have been the Earth’s savior, but I’m not sure if she was it’s conqueror either. Or at the very least, she didn’t want to be.

There’s still so many missing pieces, but we’ll just have to wait for them to come together.


Today I’m very productive lol

My question is: why White Diamond calls Steven/Pink Diamond “Starlight”?

Many people, at the reveal of White Diamond’s eyes stated that she is blind, because of her white iris.

Someone could say that she is WHITE Diamond, of course she has white iris. Ok, you are right u.u

But, what if this theory is true?

You know, when Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz rebelled, the Diamonds attacked the Earth with a power that corrupted all the gems on Earth eccept Rose, Pearl and Garnet, thanks of the shield of PD/RQ.

The same shield that Steven can evoke and we have seen it is reflective (S05xE03).

So, what if Rose/Pink with her shield reflected the attack of the Diamonds and blinded White Diamond?

The Diamonds attack has a shape of three stars (white, blue and yellow), turning it back with the reflection of the shield it would have been a shape of a single star.

A starlight.

so i was watching kindergarten kid and this guy came up

and i thought their gem looked very familiar and after a little thought i realised

she appears to have a gem just like a zircon but there’s a little M shaped bit missing on the corrupted gem which got me thinking.

i always thought that corruption was like some sort of disease that spread from gem to gem but wouldn’t that mean the crystal gems would already be infected? Looking at this it could be something entirely different. 

a corrupted gem could be a chipped gem, the gem isn’t fully itself anymore but it’s not broken enough to loose its form. this could also explain why there are so many corrupted gems running around instead of hiding and why they can’t be healed, they need to find their missing piece.

I also had a little look at this video and found some other corrupted gems missing some pieces. 

when i first watched jasper become corrupted (the only gem onscreen to be corrupted so far) i thought it was because she had fused with another corrupted gem but i watched the episode again and she’s flung into the air before falling and being crushed by the gem she’d just unfused with

and she lands right onto her gem

just moments later she starts showing signs of corruption. 

if it was a disease that spread this quickly and efficiently every gem that visited earth would be corrupted and Jasper would have begun her corruption whilst still in the air but she didn’t

she became corrupted after hitting the ground

Here’s how I think it happened

It should be obvious that Yellow Diamond was involved in Pink’s assassination, but what you might have forgotten is that Rose could not have done the dirty work. If Pink was in fact shattered with a sword then Rose’s sword would have been useless since

Bismuth: “I designed this sword for a fair fight. It can cut through a Gem’s physical form in an instant! Destroying the body, but never the Gem.”

But you know who does have a sword that could shatter PD?


If Pearl was Pink Diamond’s, and still was when the shattering happened, she would have been able to approach undetected because she was supposed to be there. That wouldn’t be Pearl’s only qualification: as a Pearl, and a defective one at that, Pearl had no rights. Yellow Diamond could have her shattered on the spot and it wouldn’t have been worse that breaking her sister’s hair brush. Futhermore, if Pearl told Pink Diamond, she Pink wouldn’t believe a Pearl over her sister

If Yellow Diamond ordered her to shapeshift into Rose Quartz and kill Pink Diamond, she would have no choice. Of course, the minute Pearl realized she was the only loose end she would have been forced to flee anyways.

Everyone: “Pearl can’t shapeshift!”

Can’t she? We’ve seen Pearl change her outfit on screen before, and according to Peridot their clothing is just a part of their bodies. We’ve seen Pearl change her outfit, but she always comes up with an excuse when it comes to changing her form. What if the reason is that she vowed never to use it again after using it to kill her diamond and frame Rose

Despite all the speculation about Rose being evil or at least a sociopath, do we have any doubt that Rose would forgive Pearl on the spot? She was coerced into framing Rose for something Rose probably planned on anyway!

Rose would take responsibility for the assassination and for that act of kindness Pearl would devote herself to Rose on the spot.

Everyone: “But then why didn’t Pearl and Garnet tell Steven?”

When have the gems ever been honest with Steven? Do you really think Pearl would admit to her own son that SHE murdered someone in cold blood and then let his bio mom take the rap? For all we know, not even Garnet knew the truth!

So where does this leave us? Is this all speculation? No, look at the facts again

  • Yellow poofed her own lawyer to silence the truth
  • Pink was killed by a sword that cannot have been Rose’s
  • Someone Pink trusted must have killed her
  • Her Pearl did not warn her in advance
  • Pearl uses a sword despite her gem weapon being a spear
  • Pearl can shapeshift but makes up excuses not to
  • Pearl was the ideal assassin, because she was supposed to be there and easily coerced

Can there be any doubt that Pearl is our culprit?

I rest my case your honor

SU SPOILERS//White Diamond = Wizard of Oz theory

Watching White Diamond’s debut in ‘Legs from here to homeworld’ seemed a bit off to me. 

First I wanna point out The Crystal Gems & Diamond’s arrival to Homeworld.

This scene kinda reminded me of this scene from wizard of oz:

Secondly, White Pearl’s arrival looked alot like glinda’s bubble from WoO:

And then of course White Diamond’s first appearance looks a kinda bit too hologram-y even for a gem.

kinda like …

the wizard of Oz.

Now we all know that the wizard of oz isn’t some floating head but is actually a man behind a curtain. That made me think what if White Diamond isn’t what she seems to be. Maybe she isn’t as tall or as beaming as what we have seen. I believe maybe she too was created as the size of Pink Diamond. She too is small but in order to lead an alien imperial monarchy she needed to look intimidating and all knowing. So she created a hologram of a larger version of herself that she uses to communicate with other gems and diamonds. If my theory about her hiding behind a curtain somewhere would make sense that she hasn’t left homeworld in eons. How could she? Then the other diamonds and gems would see her true form (a smaller weaker gem compared to YD/BD) and possibly not give her the respect that she requests. And I doubt she would move her artificial hologram around to travel.

Some additional comparisons i noticed:

Lion looks worried. Almost cowardly too…

* also bismuth’s lion metaphor that she told steven *

How would steven and his friends go home?

wait not red heels….


there’s no place like home there’s no place like home there’s no place like homeworld

— please add on if you have any additional ideas —

Okay so I know everyone’s all like “Pink Diamond is a small defective!”

but there’s a problem with that

All her stuff from when she was actually colonizing planets was huge.

You see this? Here it is again from a less flattering angle plus two diamonds:

That doesn’t look like it was made for someone roughly the same height as Stevonnie.

But why? Well, here’s what I’ve been thinking: Look how Pink acted in the weird dream flashback, mashing buttons, throwing tantrums, etc…

And Yellow didn’t say if pink ever has a colony of her own–she said when.

So, here’s my alternate proposal:

Pink Diamond, and likely Diamond-kind as a whole, is the exception to the rule that Gems always start as adults.

Pearls Origins

Wanted has left us with many questions, and during The Trial we have an interesting exchange:

Originally posted by plainolddope

This occurs after Blue Zircon talks about how strange it is that Pink Diamonds pearl did not alert her to the rebels. This raises the age old question:

Who did Pearl belong to?

First off we know it was a diamond from this scene:

If you listen closely, faintly the diamond theme plays, we also hear from Peridot she is a ‘fancy’ pearl. Plot wise it makes sense too, having her be some Pearl from a random aristocratic gem is kinda boring. We already know Blue and Yellow diamond are not missing pearls so that rules them out, we are left with two mysterious gems we don’t know about, Pink and White Diamond.

Pink Diamond

The first hint of evidence we are given is a diamond on Pearls spacesuit.

A Pink Diamond is very evident on her chest, plus she has pink hair, and has been to the Human Zoo.

Another piece of evidence is from Bubbled, After Steven learns about the demise of Pink Diamond Garnet shares this quote:

“She had to. The Earth belonged to Pink Diamond. Destroying her was the only way to save the planet, For Amethyst to be herself, for Pearl to be free, for me to be together. For you to exist.“

It seems like she is directly referencing Pearl being owned by Pink Diamond, and shattering her was the only way Pearl could leave her. 

This would also explain Yellow and Blue’s reactions, Pearl/Pink Pearl wasn’t in service to Pink Diamond because she was a part of the Rebellion. Of course she wouldn’t be there to warn her, she even may have had a major role in her own Diamonds shattering.

White Diamond

We see Yellow and Blue Pearl match their diamond, same gem placement, same general colors, Yellow Pearl is more snarky, more uptight, her hair is styled upwards exactly like Yellow Diamonds and her shoulder puffs are like Yellow Diamonds shoulder pads. Blue Pearl is quiet, almost somber, her hair falls in front of her face like Blue Diamonds veil and her hair is longer like her Diamonds. She also has a long skirt like Blue Diamonds dress.

We see from Pearls reformation at one point she looked like this:

She obviously has a forehead gem, white skin, light color scheme, and her clothing has shoulder pads. The only contradiction is her hair is more wavy and poofy, like Pinks. But in later reformations she has very spiky hair.

White Diamond has shoulder pads while Pink Diamond does not, Pearls gem placement also matches White Diamond’s gem.

The personalities of the Pearls also match their diamonds fairly well as I touched on before. Yellow Pearl is stern, snarky and down to business much like Yellow Diamond. Blue Pearl is quiet and reserved, much like Blue. The diamonds defiantly follow the four temperaments theory. Blue Diamond is Melachonic, prone to depression, deeply affected by grief, thoughtful and organized. Yellow is Choleric, ambitious, aggressive, good at problem solving, uncomfortable around emotion. Generally their followers match their personality. We don’t know Pink Diamond but we see for the most part her gems are Sanguine, outgoing, fun-loving and impulsive. From this we can deduce White and her followers are Phlegmatic, calm, rational, organized. Pearl loves organization, she murdered a bear because it was in the wrong place in Mirror Gem.

In The Answer we see gems generally match their main color scheme, Sapphire is Blue, Ruby is red, and Pearl? She’s white.

Another major point I’d like to make is how real life pearls get their colors. Often pearls don’t have a color one will desire so they will go through a number of treatments. One of these is pinking. In general America prefers pink pearls, so they go through a process called pinking which artificially extracts the pink color. Perhaps being around Rose brought out her pink colors. (I’ve seen someone else talk about this but I can’t find it for the life of me I’ve been searching for 3 hours.)

White Diamond also seems rather secluded, not once being mentioned, it would make sense if Pearl didn’t know the other Pearls, she wouldn’t be around them since White Diamond wasn’t around them. Or perhaps the reason she said ‘Not all Pearls know each other Steven’ is she did not want to mention her previous diamond because of the discomfort it brings her.

White diamonds in real life also show more colors than a blue, yellow or pink diamond, they are prism like and show many colors, like Pearl who has blue, yellow and pink hints in her design.


There is a lot of contradicting evidence for who was Pearls original owner. The pink diamond on her suit, the parallels between blue and yellow pearls, and their diamonds, compared to pearl and White diamond. The process of pinking and how that could be what happened, but the apparent absence of Pink Pearl judging from Yellow and Blue pearls reactions. At the end of the day we don’t have enough evidence, and right now all this evidence is completely up to fan interpretation.  

Hey, remember that book Connie was holding in the first opening, that turned out to be a version of A Wrinkle in Time and how people started drawing parallels with the book (the three immortal alien beings living on Earth in the form of women, people guessing that Greg was going to get abducted by Homeworld way before the events of Steven’s Dream…). Now that we’re contemplating the idea of White Diamond being an actual star… Weren’t the aliens in the book also stars who became physical beings after going Super Nova? What if that has something to do with the nature of the Diamonds, maybe the pet name Starlight is more literall than we think? What if gems are literally made of the light of stars, their diamonds? There are even a couple of possible foreshadowings for that: Sadie’s song (And Steven being the one who sings it), Marty calling Steven Starchild… I’m even starting to wonder if Rose made the Crystal Gem’s symbol inspired by that…

Steven's not Cookie Cat, Lars is

Lars being killed, then resurrected and turned into the same magical being that lion is has been hinted at since the very first episode of Steven Universe. It’s been in front of our eyes this whole time.

Lets first look at the Lyrics for cookie cat and analyze it:

Oh, he’s a frozen treat with an all new taste

Cause he came to this planet from outer space

Lars attitude completely changed once he was on the ship, and on homeworld. From admitting his cowardly ways, to standing up for himself, protecting his friends, and showing his appreciation for everything he didn’t appreciate before. “Frozen treat with an all new taste” symbolizing his cold attitude before, with who he is now.

“A refugee of an interstellar world

But now he’s at your local grocery store”

A refugee is defined as a person who has been forced to leave their home. Lars was taken from his home, unlike Steven who surrendered himself.

Cookie Cat

He’s a pet for your tummy

Cookie Cat

He’s super duper yummy

Cookie Cat

He left his family behind

Cookie Caaat!

“He left his family behind”, yes both Steven and Lars did leave their families behind. But Lars didn’t willingly leave his family behind like Steven did. Steven left his family behind to protect them. Steven probably feels a great satisfaction knowing that he’s not the cause for his family’s danger anymore. Lars probably feels more torn, and upset by leaving his family behind. A family he didn’t appreciate before. Also Lars seems to feel guilt for leaving Sadie behind when he could have protected her. So I feel this applies more to Lars then steven.

Now lets look at the first ever scene in the series:

the scene starts off with Steven yelling no! And his dramatic reaction to the loss of his beloved Cookie Cat ice cream.

then proceeds to Steven being in denial claiming that it “has to be a dream”. So why so dramatic over ice cream? Because it’s not about ice cream. The scene symbolizes lars’s death in the recent episode off colors.

Steven calls out for Lars.

holds him, and continues to mourn for the loss of his Cookie Cat. So why hold Lars? Someone who obviously is busy stocking, and clearly rejects his affections. It’s because Steven holding him tightly hints at the recent events that just unfolded in the previous released episode.

Then the next frame Lars addresses that cookie cats have been replaced with Lion lickers. I believe this hints at Lars (Cookie Cat) changing into the same magical being that lion is (being represented as Lion Lickers)

I’d like to point out in the next frame that Lars describes cookie cats as “wimpy” which is particularly odd that he chose that adjective to describe cookie cats. He could have said stupid, lame, gross, etc. any typical insult. He chose “wimpy” how does Lars see himself? Lars does not view himself in very positive ways. He does see himself as a coward, scared, everything that a wimp is.

Lars continues to say “why don’t you make some with your “magic belly button”. Which I also find odd to some extent. Being that we needed to address Steven, and his gem origin at some point in the episode, but why would Lars address it in that way? Why is Lars the first to address Steven’s gem, and gem abilities? Not someone else? Someone with better understanding of gems? I might be reading a little bit into this, but I think this is foreshadowing Steven healing Lars much like Lars is claiming that Steven heals Cookie Cat, and bring cookie cat back with his “magic belly button”. Much like Steven does with Lars. Reviving Lars after he died with his magical healing powers.

Next Steven describes cookie cat as having a crunchy exterior, which sounds like who? Lars pretends to be tough, and have a rough exterior to impress people like the cool kids. Which also goes into his style. His tough-looking graphic tees, his edgy haircut, even his gauges. I believe he does all of this to make him look tough. So that he can “fit in” and look cool to the cool kids.

Then Steven describes cookie cat have a creamy inside. Much like Lars who plays it off like he’s this cool tough guy, but inside he’s this soft, pampered kid with a loving family, who loves to bake. Who has genuine feelings that he tries to hide for people. Who cares, and has more bottled up emotions than anyone could have figured.

Then Steven brings it back to mourning of his cookie cat. Claiming that cookie cat was “too good for this world”. Why so much emphasis on the loss of cookie cat? Why so dramatic? Why make it seem so literal for the death of cookie cat? It’s because cookie cat is really just Lars.

Also id like to point out cookie cats mixed colored eyes. Something about that reminds me of Lars’s scar over his eye.

Don’t forget, everyone.

Jasper has already been confirmed to return since the discovery of the Off-Colors. So we know that she’s coming back.

But let’s also not forget what this will lead to. Let’s take a look at everything we know.

As we know, Jasper was made to serve Pink Diamond. It is the sole purpose of which she, and her sisters were born. And every action she took was for her. In almost every sense, she was their mother.

A mother that Jasper had been led to believe was murdered by her sister.

But thanks to Zircon, and the things that we, the fandom have been able to piece together, we know that Rose isn’t the one who did it.

Much like most of us, Zircon knew there were pieces that didn’t fit together. If Rose, as a wanted rebel, had just ran up to Pink Diamond, why didn’t her quartz soldiers stop her? Why didn’t her sapphires warn her? Why didn’t her Pearl scream?

What, they all just missed her? No chance in hell.

Also something we know: Pink Diamond met her death by a sword.

But Rose’s sword is incapable of doing that.

Not only this, but Rose was so against shattering, that she put Bismuth down, and kept her hidden away.

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She betrayed one of her friends. That’s how far she was willing to go to avoid killing.

But we’re to believe she’d turn around and kill someone?

This narrows it down. The only person who could’ve killed Pink Diamond was someone who could’ve gone right past all of her gems without any problem.

Someone with higher authority.

Diamond level authority.

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That’s why Yellow Diamond intervened. Even if she’s not responsible, she knows who is, and clearly wants to keep it hidden. What’s more, she’s kept this from Jasper.

She did not only lie to Jasper, but she made Jasper a reflection of herself. When she separated Jasper from the other quartz gems, she cut off any chance Jasper ever had to move on.

She had to suffer alone, without her Diamond.

Without her sisters to comfort her.

Without anyone.

The only thing on her mind was revenge.

And when Jasper returns and discovers the truth, revenge will still be on her mind.

But it won’t be against Rose.

It’ll be against a diamond.

So just wait a little longer, my friends. Cause when she comes back, it’s gonna get good.

god, listening to white diamond talk hurts because i KNOW that language

—“you certainly gave everyone a scare! they’re just thrilled to see you safe and sound”

aka: you wasted our time. we’re just worried for your safety and you’re being difficult

—“this latest little game of yours”

aka: your anger is childish and you always waste our time being difficult

—“did you get everything out of your system?”

aka: are you done being a brat? are you done being difficult?

and that welcome home: this is where you belong. this is what you deserve. you strayed. you were ungrateful. that won’t happen again.

a cornerstone of emotional abuse is making the victim feel like their emotions are childish, like they’re being difficult— they’re selfish, they’re a burden on their abuser and they deserve their punishment.