rykerf150 asked:

Ok thanks for the information. So do u have one urself? Have u had any problems? And do u think I should go with the sti limited?

Don’t worry about it rykerf150, it’s all good. Unfortunately, I do not have my own STi. I only have an Impreza wagon but it is rock solid -knock on wood- and gets this university student too and from point A to point B. From what I have heard my fellow Subaru enthusiasts at my local Impreza Club as well as NASIOC is the chances of the following problems:

  1. Head/Value Gasket Seal leaks and deterioration (had that problem on my wagon.. was not fun to deal with…)
  2. Clutch rattling
  3. Steering rattle and OEM rack bushings need replacement rather frequently    
  4. Fuel gauge not being very accurate 
  5. Short shifter upgrade from stock (Depending on which model/year you are planning to get)
  6. clunky rear struts on some ‘05 STi’s and many '04’s
  7. Random plastic noises (use a bit of deadening material and usually the problem is gone)

A good reference tool can be found here: Common STi Problems

With all that has been said here, don’t be discouraged and like always, YMMV (Your MIleage May Vary). The best option, especially if you are buying used, is to get it inspected along with a leak compression test done by a reputable shop - preferably one that deals with Subaru’s on a regular basis - a bit spoiled with a couple recommended spots at my disposable in my city.  

As for getting the STi Limited, it’s all about your budget and needs. From an aesthetics point of view, I love the Limited’s 9 split-spoke BBS Wheels. Performance-wise they are practically the same. The standard fog-lamps are great if you like midnight adventures or if you live in an area that uses them on a regular basis. 

Hope this helps out your decision and as always, happy cruising

2016 Subaru Series. Hyperblue BRZ and WRX STI revealed

Kaynak :

2016 Subaru Series. Hyperblue BRZ and WRX STI revealed

Subaru has announced the launch of the limited edition 2016 Series. Hyper GT and WRX STI models. Limited models are monitored at 20151 Series.Blue GT and both models are painted blue with Hyper matching interior trim. Series.Hyper.Blue WRX STI comes with standard black Alcantara seats,…

Subaru Drops New Smurf-Blue Limited BRZ And WRX STI Editions In The US

Subaru Drops New Smurf-Blue Limited BRZ And WRX STI Editions In The US

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Subaru will offer a new, limited edition of its BRZ Coupe and WRX STI appropriately named Series HyperBlue.

The new limited editions are painted in the exclusive Hyper Blue shade with matching interior trim. This exclusivity translates into 700 WRX STIs and 500 BRZs which are destined for the US market only.

According to Subaru, this new and limited WRX STI will featureb…

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早い者勝ち!? スバルBRZ tSを300台限定で発売開始!

6月30日から発売を開始したスバルBRZ tSは、STI(スバルテクニカインターナショナル)が手がけた300台限定で、受注期間も2015年10月12日までとなっています。



●SUBARU BRZ tS専用装備<足まわり>

・225/40ZR18 (92Y)タイヤ (ミシュランパイロットスーパースポーツ)

・STI製18インチ×7 1/2Jアルミホイール(ブラック塗装)

・STI製brembo 17インチ対向4ポットフロントベンチレーテッドディスクブレーキ (ドリルドディスク、STIロゴ入り)

・STI製brembo 17インチ対向2ポットリヤベンチレーテッドディスクブレーキ (ドリルドディスク、STIロゴ入り)









●SUBARU BRZ tS専用装備<エクステリア>








●SUBARU BRZ tS専用装備<インテリア>



・カーボン調インパネパネル&オーナメント(tS LIMITED EDITION 300)









・ニーパッド(ブラックステッチ) (運転席・助手席)

・ドアトリム アームレスト:アルカンターラ(ブラック)、レッドステッチ+レッドアクセント、ショルダーパッド:ブラックステッチ





画像付き元記事はこちら:早い者勝ち!? スバルBRZ tSを300台限定で発売開始!(


* スバルWRX S4/STIが一部改良、最新の安全装備「アドバンスドセイフティパッケージ」を設定
* トヨタとマツダの提携強化は次期トヨタ86開発にも波及?
* スバル「エクシーガ・クロスオーバー7」上質な乗り味は、アウトバック以上!?
* ゆとり世代が「スバル・クロスオーバー7」に試乗!! リア充を目指すも……
* スバル・レヴォーグ(標準グレード)の乗り心地が改善!

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My New Baby!


1998 Subaru WRX STI Version 4 V-Limited Type RA

I was going to wait until I picked the car up and had pictures of my own to show, but I’m too pumped and had to make a thread. Approximate landing date is August 2nd.