Been able to get out and do stuff lately, feeling a bit better than I have been. So yay, going to have a drink and dance or art tonight me thinks. Also, need someone to come rub my feet, k? Thanks.😅👍🏼 have a great night all!! #stupidface #awkward

I’m sorry you guys have to look at my stupid face again today, but I am in love with these lip colors. Especially this one, it’s called Fame (what a stupid name). But oohemgee. 😍


i guess red lipstick is supposed to make u feel like you could kill a man but this shade is too bright and mostly i just felt like a clown so i took it off but here ✌️

//Happy munday my loyal followers of this demonic demon hooker blog!Bless you all!Just not too hard…if I do that then Sebs will flip shit again.

an old one, i don’t feel like making a new pic….I look as if world war 3 took place on my face so yeah