cant remember the last time i posted a comic, huh. This is basically a direct transcription from chapter 8 of Hearts Don’t Break Around Here by @dimplesandcurlsss or klancekorner on Ao3. I was originally planning on doing the scene near the end before keith says his speech but i passed this one on the way down and couldnt resist oOPS

using reference: enchanting, spectacular, feeling Good in this chilis tonight, 7 hours without workplace accident

trying to rub ur two brain cells together to craft the words to FIND reference: mayhaps i am some sort of dumbass? a Buffoon? an Absolute fool?

he’s perfectly fine btw, just silly and a little dim at times :P i love my little dork noodle so much

as someone with developmental disabilities who has been called the r-slur many times over the course of my life, imho, okay, and this is an opinion,

there is no way that dumb/stupid/idiot are ‘slurs’ i mean they can be ableist in context but they are not something you need to censor or ask others not to use (unless it is against someone WITH disabilities)… that’s just. pushing it 

modern au lams
  • john: in a text i received from you two weeks ago i noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase, it changed the meaning...
  • Did you intend this?
  • alex: uh wtf john?
  • john: it says: my dearest, john. with a comma after "dearest", you've writt-
  • alex: for fucks sake jack, we're married of course i meant it in a gay way!

I love that little tree app that makes u stay off social media so u can grow a plant but a better app would be one that shuts down all my social media and also my bank account and then calls me a dumb stupid idiot bitch until I show it my completed assignment

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- My internal monologue

And it’s killing me

Prompt: Your smile was a bit too wide, a bit too cheerful. Considering everything that had happened recently, Dan had every right to be concerned.

Pairing: Dan Howell x Reader

Warnings: hurt/comfort.

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He was concerned. And rightfully so. Normally people who went through what you just went through, weren’t so… so happy. So cheerful. So okay. 

Dan didn’t understand why you were. Why there was such a bright smile on your face as you chatted with Phil or him, there was no reason for it to be there. At first he’d like to think it was because of how supportive him and Phil had been, that that sweet and beautiful smile of yours was worth it and was much explained. But now… he wasn’t too sure.

Your smile was just a bit too wide. A bit too cheerful. 

So, Dan had decided he was tired of watching you try to cover up your sadness, or at least that’s what he thought you were doing. He didn’t want you faking your happiness for him or Phil. He wanted your smile to be genuine, no matter how long it took.

There was just something so beautiful about your smile, it took his breath away. 

So one evening, after dinner, Phil had said he would clean the dishes and you quickly excused yourself to your room. Did he mentioned that you lived with them? Anyways, he was a bit pensive about how quick you had scurried off. Almost as if just being in another’s presence was too difficult.

Nonetheless he had thanked Phil, and followed after you. As soon as he came to your door, he noticed it was shut and that there was rumbling in your room. He pressed his ear up against the door, feeling guilty but also determined, and his eyes widened when he heard the soft whimpers of your tears. He opened the door, concerned and upset, but noticed you hadn’t heard him and instead were sat on your bed. Back facing him with your head in your hands.

And Dan didn’t do anything. At least not right away. Instead he felt frozen in spot, just staring at your back in worry and sadness. He hated seeing you sad. It crushed him more than it probably crushed you.

The deepness of your sobs wretched at his heart, and the way you tried to make yourself quieter by biting in your arm sleeve made him feel sick to the stomach. Dan was so engrossed in his thoughts, he didn’t noticed you snap up and turn around, eyes red and puffy from crying, until you asked him; “how long have you been standing there?” 

And he replied with a simple; “longer than you’d like.” Before he finally unfroze and walked over to you. His steps were tense and forced but only because he was scared he’d only make you more upset.

He sat quietly beside you, back straight as you sniffled, rubbing your arm against your nose. You laughed sarcastically, “pathetic aren’t I?” 

Dan immediately turned to you, “no.” He said, before his eyes turned soft and he lamely placed his hand in between the two of you. He wasn’t use to this. Comforting people. He only really had to comfort Phil, and he was close enough with him to understand how he worked. He was close with you… but he’d always liked you differently. More. More because you were beautiful and Dan thought you deserved the world, and he sucked at giving you that.

“Is this about him?” He made sure not to mention any names.

You nodded, your hands falling your lamp before sighing. “I thought-” Your voice cracked, “I thought that maybe I could smile my way through and pretend… pretend it doesn’t hurt. But… oh God, Dan does it hurt.” You let out another sob.

Dan scooted closer, looking at your with pity. You hated that look. “I mean… what did i do? He said he loved me and then… Am I that worthless?”

“No!” Dan shouted, shocking the both of you. You stared at him, shocked and confused by his outburst. He seemed embarrassed by his outburst. And almost as if he wanted to change what he said before he sighed, and placed his hand in yours. You blushed from the contact, not use to being this close with anyone other than… him. “Y/N, you are not worthless. Or dumb. Or stupid. You’re none of that and rather the opposite, he’s the dumb, stupid, worthless idiot.” You couldn’t help but giggle a little at his words.

Dan smiled, happy he was able to make you laugh. You stared at him, thinking something. He stared back at you oddly, before you leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his lips. It was quick and short and it wasn’t long before you were facing him again, both with blushes on your cheeks. It seemed odd to place a kiss there, but you didn’t care. You needed to.

Dan seemed gaze as he smiled dreamily and stared at your eye; “I love you, and it’s killing me.”