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The history of "netflix and chill ;)"

Since the dawn of man fuckbois all over the globe have been attempting to uncover new ways of tricking girls into thinking they are good guys. In the prehistoric era, cavefuckbois would hunt animals for their women to show their affections when they were hunting the booty all along. Medieval fuckbois would write tragic plays and invite their prospective lovers so that when they are feeling vulnerable after the death of their favorite character, they can comfort them and get closer to what they want. Pioneer fuckbois would propose to churn butter together only to surprise girls by churning their butter instead. Now with digital technology taking over, modern fuckbois have to be more cunning and creative. They disguise their desire for the booty by inviting their prey to partake in a seemingly harmless activity that they have come to love. “Netflix and chill ;).” The added emoticon emphasizes the casual nature of the activity. Sadly, girls all too often fall for their clever games and are surprised when the television never gets turned on. Until this ceases to be the case, fuckbois will continue to be.


I have been scouring the depths of the vast amounts of kpop vines…I think I hit bottom  ◔̯◔

I know that most of you men are a bit slow.. But on ALL my profiles, it states that I am a FinDomme looking for PayPigs. I’m NOT looking for a “Sugar Daddy” I HAVE an Alpha, so no you don’t have a chance. I’m NOT a Sub.
I’m a Domme. Financial Domination is my specialty. I do cater to other fetishes but NONE in which I am the Sub and NONE without payment.
When I see a word I’m not familiar with, I LOOK IT UP. When you come to me with requests that are not Findom related, you look like more of a moron than you are. All that tells me is that you couldn’t be fucked to read the description at the top of my page, or even read a few posts down.

To reiterate. I am a Domme, I do not provide services for free. I will never perform as a “Sub” in a session. I do not do Skype calls or live video chat, unless it’s ignore sessions.

I can feel the beginning of what should be my daily panic attack from lack of meds BUT since im back on them its super numbed and not going very far. take that you stupid ass dumb fucking idiot

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Killugon, jealous

((of course~ modern au))

Jealousy is an ugly emotion, Killua thinks sourly. It feels like some kind of animal is locked inside his chest and its favorite pastime activity is to somehow try to crawl up his throat whenever he spots Palm skipping over to Gon’s side.

Its stupid. Its dumb and idiotic and only a fool would fall for their best friend. Its the most basic cliche in the textbook and Killua always thought he was above all that. 

Apparently, he was wrong.

Killua lowers his eyes to his sneakers as Palm leans into Gon’s shoulder, both of them laughing too hard to stand up straight. Killua grips his elbows tightly and his nails leave red streaks on his pale skin.

Turning away and gritting his teeth hard enough to hurt, Killua strides back down the opposite end of the hallway. Jealousy is stupid. But so is Killua.

Send me a ship/character(s) and a one word prompt and I will write a 5 sentence fic about it ^-^

If your friend is feeling like crap and useless, how about not saying, “Oh my God, more of that angsty self-hate. That’s so stupid! Honestly, it’s so idiotic,” And telling them now foolish and annoying that is? 

Believe it or not, that’s not helping!

Please fire me. I was told by my boss that the instructional paper I had to write was too instructive and informative and therefore couldn’t be used. I had to rewrite it leaving out all the pertinent information.