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Every IGOT7 I know that isn't JB biased (including me) is a lowkey JB hoe haha Like how can you not be attracted to him!?

I mean… how can you not at least be A LITTLE lowkey JB biased… c’mon. Let’s be real…

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You try ignoring that smile

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But he should be illegal…

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Gah his eyes….

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How passionate he is when he’s on stage

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His existence in general…

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Everyone wants a piece of Jaebum tbh


I forgot my point of the answer…. stupid bias list wrecker… ily ♥

The Signs As Stupid Shit My Sister Said About SVT.

~if you get offended easily maybe this post isn’t for you~


do note: 50% of this was said when she was jet leg after coming home on a 14 hour flight from Korea.


Aries: “WHY IS JESUS GLOWING!” (when watching a video from 17TV where Joshua had a laptop on his lap and when the lights went out he had a haze around him and was the only one seen)

Taurus: “Chicken Coups” (nuff said.)

Gemini: “cause he’s a FUN GUY” (referring to Hansol’s mushroom hair during the Mansae era // ‘fungi’)

Cancer: “bonhomme de neige” (to Hansol lookin’ really pale)

Leo: “Sonic.” (my sister’s nickname for Seungcheol since she claims he looks like a hedgehog)

Virgo: “Is it even called white washing? It’s more liek takin’ the yoke outta the egg.” (when looking at white washed photo of Hansol // absolutely a joke!)

Libra: “Jiyonce” (about Woozi being fabulous in the Mansae mv)

Scorpio: “calm down there french toast.” (to Hansol having literally no chill)

Sagittarius: “Seungcheol’s the kind of guy that would laugh so hard we would have to ‘scoup’ him off the floor.”

Capricorn: “DON’T TOUCH BOO BOO!” (ranting about Seungkwan’s scandal & and him just being a precious cinnamon roll)

Aquarius: “Poops.” (when she attempted to call Seungcheol a lil’ pumpkin it came out as a mix // Coups + pumpkin)

Pisces: “Shouldn’t we call him Fernon?” (about the picture in the Boys Be photo book where Hansol is behind a little tree thing) !! credit to my friend for saying this… not my sis.!!

*** yes I posted this on my main acc “divabychoice” already. But that was before I made this acc. So I’m posting it here too~ ;p

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Just wondering, what was your world state like for Hawke? OOC :3

i actually played marian hawke the first time around (and had no regrets because DID YOU LOOK AT HER SHE IS SUCH A BABE…) as a rogue! played her purple bc i adore purple hawke to bits and pieces, helped the mages, and romanced fenris.

my second playthrough/the one i’m playing rn, i’m playing garrett as a mage, and. LITERALLY, AS I WAS PLAYING, I TOLD MYSELF THAT I WAS GONNA ROMANCE SOMEONE NOT FENRIS but then he came out with his cute ears and cute eyes and cute broody demeanor with that awkward smile because he just never had a reason to do so for years and, well… :’)…

one day i will stop being such garbage for this cute angry elf but today is clearly not that day


I got a dress pattern drafted in between datacron runs today! Super-simple long bias-cut shift. Tomorrow (since we’re past stupid-mistakes-o-clock) I’m going to cut it out of a sandwashed, overdyed silk that’s been sitting in my stash for a shitzillion years.

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why do you torment cyclonus like that? What has he ever done to you?

Windchill scoffed, and rolled his eyes.

“I don’t treat him any differently than I do anyone else. It only seems different because he is overly sensitive and takes it personally. I also feel that he resents anyone who doesn’t grovel and beg to lick his boot-heels, but that’s probably an inaccurate bias on my part. He thinks that I’m stupid and inferior to him, so I do as much to reinforce that idea in his pointy head as possible. That way, should I have to kill him, he will be grossly unprepared. It’s a quicker death, one ought to be grateful for such mercies anymore.

“Same as anyone else, as I said. None of you are special, sorry.”


Is anyone else really proud of GFriend? Their music might not be my type but I sure as hell can’t ignore the attention they’ve been getting. These girls found success in an industry where popularity is determined by something as trivial as an entertainment agency. Groups like Sistar, BTS, EXiD, and now GFriend have found a way to circumvent the system and break the stupid company bias to make their talents and creative voices shine.
I’ll admit that when I first saw them I didn’t think they would get popular. Glass bead didnt seem special and I assumed that they wouldnt last the rather saturated kpop market. I was proved wrong and am glad as the successes and failures of rookie groups were becoming too predictable. I hope they will continue to grow and evolve their sound into something unique, beautiful, and iconic. Who knows, maybe one day the new kpop fans will be bowing down to GFriend instead of Girls’ Generation.

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Do you remember the exact moment you fell for each of your biases? If yes, what were they? ^^

He goes by the name of Kim Junsu and on stage he’s known as Xia(h). He’s in a band called JYJ from TVXQ and he’s a singer, dancer, song writer, piano player and a musical actor.

I also have two more men that sneaked into my bias list and they are Kris & Kyungsoo, also known as :

Wu Yi Fan

He’s known to have several names and he’s also the tallest bias that I have on my list. He has all sorts of positions, right now he’s an actor and a singer, and he was literally the only bias I hated before I even liked him stupid reasons, don’t ask xD. After showtime, the cool and cold guy lost that image and was literally just a dork, a loveable dork.

Next is

D.O. Kyungsoo ,Kyungie, he’s one of the lead vocalists in EXO and he’s also an actor as well.

I hit the word limit, please CHECK OUT the rest of this post HERE

thanks, anon!! :D

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I just wanted to say, everyone's who's saying shit to you about Tae and BTS is stupid. Obviously if you chose a bias you BTS. Ignore them, you're gr8. Btw I love your blog so so so so much💜💜💜

LOL AW THANK YOU!!!! and i mean, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions!!! it’s just weird to me that people like INSIST that i only like taehyung and not bangtan… like i think i know i feel the best LOL but it’s okay, because i know that i like them and that’s all that matters!! thanks for being so sweet <3

Vudus block b story

Waaaaa i fell asleep before i could write this yesterday T.T (economics is killing me)

Anywhoodle~~ my innocent leetle self (pssshhh yeah ok) was casually listening to ring ding dong.. as you do… when i saw a thumbnail for a video with this strange looking dude in it. Figured “hell how bad can it be” little did i know

I thought ringgy dingy was catchy.. shit hours of singing Nillili mambo and dancing around later i was to far gone. P.o and his way to deep for anyones good voice had me. I didnt actually like Jaehyo at first *GASP!* it was the stupid hat he wore in that vid. My first bias was Kyung cuz damn he looked fine as hell..

Jaehyo came around for Nalina… mmmmm nalina..

Ok im done xD

~ Admin Vudu

i’m going to watch txf ep because i’m seeing people talk about it on my dash and i just have to.. i haven’t seen more than like 4 episodes of the first season and i feel like a terrible fan but i can’t fit everything into my life!!!! @ bia who feels guilty: you’re doing ok

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just three words ;; accepting 


Do you really want me to ask that. My responses are so predictable—


His lips were infused with bias; honestly, he could write a novel of stupid poetic words to describe just how breathtaking Warin is.