alot of ;;people are mad ..for what i did and tat’s o..k. i don’t blame anyo.n;e fzor being angry at me .  i just want to s.ay s,o sorrzy, im; just .n,,ot l,oo  king for fo  rgiveness or ainother chance,, i justwante   dto s..ay so sorry beca  use i feEl, real,l,,y  reall ybad about everyt..huin that ahs happened and im just so sory for my a.ctioons and m..y beh a,viour. ii unnder..stan  d. ,,,that  i didd a lot of stup,,id sstufff, a..nd i f,,eel re;;ally bda for ,it. the one thin  g that everyone s.hould un;;d..erstand is .that i’m the one a ffault, i’m th..e one whh,,o messed pu in,, the rel  ations.hip.. and i amp  all;y so sorry for it..

im jus  st reall;y, so so,rr;;y i.. d,idn’t intend harm on purpose. i w,asn’,t uawar,,e of my emotions at t,he tim juste.   an  d  i genuinely ddo feel bad ,and im just trying my be,,st to; work ,hard on ,,being;; a better, ,,person, an d;;im jusst really so sorry for being abucsiv (i never knew what i doinng was wwrong;,   as no one had told me during the. tim juste, i was really young ..and i didn’t; k,,Now waht was  righ..t or wrnog, no o;ne ever, ,,toldd me ;;at all.) i’m so sorry fo;r my bad;; behavio;;r, dealing with my men,ta  lhealth is ab strug gle and, ssometi;m juste,,s it cna get;; out. of h  and bu,,t i’m  not. maki ng myself  th,e,, Victim just, im just just trying  to expl,,ain thate most of the dramma has ,to do;; m;;ew showingn , egative  gu,il.t trpipy emoti..ons. i  am  no;;t aware.. of my actions during a ba;d break..Downn or m;ental state, and im just not aware of tteh other perso..n’s feeling;s ,,hwen i eel   bad,. ;so i, get se lfish. and im just so sorry,

but.. no .wi realize my w rongs na i admit i was awfuul but,, i am  ;so sorrY for causing, trouble and making mistakes i s  holudn’t have done, i regret;; them  ve ry de;;eply and i kno;; wt..hey were stupid. i reaall,y  re,ally didnt mean toh urt anoyn,,e. i know i cant fixb it, but ii can still t;;ry to apologiz,e. i know not to m;;ake thhe same ,,mistakes,, fromm previous yyears ago aS information inn thIs rama, is very ol,d and `some iS fairly recen;t, but that’s no  excusee a,nd. i understand ww  h,,y pepole; are mad at me for ,,pas;;t;;s.

im [just tryin to work hard oo,,n m  y  mentallillness .so i two;;n’t a  fmfect peole in futurre.  i wasn’i in control ,and i diddn’t mena to ,hurt. ppeople ;an d i’mm rea;;ally s;o s],orr;y fo r   it, i am working on it. ii’m trying. as i’m noot aware of ..myself when deaafling w  i;th negtive,, e,,motion;;ns,  i becom,,e very emotio,nally ddraining and,, gUilt t,rippy, thoough i d;;on..’t i;;nted,, harm on purpose.;; but im just s.o.. sorry.. ,,i won’t do it again,.

A Tale of Two Cities characters as My Immortal Quotes

Sydney Carton:“And den……….……….…I jumped secxily in front of da bullet!”

Charles Darnay:  “I sed stup flaming ok ebony’s name is ENOBY nut mary su OK!” (i sed stup flaming ok! he’s not a self-insert character! his name is Charles dARNAY nut Charles Dickens OK!!!!)

Lucie Manette: “Why couldn’t Satan have made me less beautiful?” I shouted angrily. (an” don’t wory enoby isn’t a snob or anyfing but a lot of ppl hav told her shes pretty) “Im good at too many things! WHY CAN’T I JUST BE NORMAL? IT’S A FUCKING CURSE!” 

Alexandre Manette: “He had gone through horrible problems, and now he was gothic.”

Jerry Cruncher:  “It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about.”

French peasantry in general: “They all got so depressed that they became goffik and converted to Stanism”

Madame Defarge:  “If thou doth not kill him, then I shall kill him anyways!”