Realistic Origami Dinosaurs Look Just Like Museum Models

Adam Tran’s exquisite origami models of prehistoric creatures look just like realistic models from museum exhibits. The artist uses textured paper and intricate folds to create leathery figures of dinosaurs, insects and entire skeletons frozen in poses of convincing motion. He achieves shapes that seem impossible given the material. With his touch, pieces of paper transform into jagged teeth, spiny bones and sharp claws.


Kicking Off the Weekend with a Fiery Sunset over Lucerne Valley, California!

"I could take a picture of every beautiful desert sunset, but then my computer would be oversaturated with seemingly oversaturated pictures. However, from time to time, the desert will throw a sunset at you that will absolutely knock you off your feet. This was one of the sunsets."

Photo and caption by Dan Maus, studentconservationassociation intern working for the BLM California Desert District