so like. since this has been happening a lot recently:

if you leave comments on my MHA ship posts with “this ship sucks because x,” “your ship will never be canon because x ship is gonna be canon,” “i don’t like this ship fuck you x is interested in x”

i’m just gonna delete your reply and i will block you. i have no patience for this kinda stuff. i don’t care what you have to say.

1. i don’t think any of my ships are gonna be canon. i don’t care. that’s not why i enjoy them. i’m also not inserting any sort of romantic implications into their canon interactions. canon is canon, an there’s only 1 ship (not including parents) that’s going to be canon. that won’t stop me from enjoying my ships.

2. let me enjoy my silly ship stuff. just because i make certain ship stuff doesn’t invalidate your ship stuff. i’m not doing anything to you to prevent you from enjoying your stuff. let me enjoy mine.

3. it’s completely harmless. if you don’t like it, just block the post or blacklist the ship name and move on. that’s all you have to do.

this has been a psa.

didn’t sleep at all last night. went to work and explained to my boss that I was not doing or feeling well so she said I could leave when I needed to. I mixed a few colors and finished prepping the fabric for the drop I’m working on, then I came tf home and tried to sleep. still didn’t get much and my stomach still feels like an entire butterfly habitat is living in there. I don’t know how to get rid of this anxiety, and I just feel like there’s SO MUCH coming at me right now. I’m usually okay at this stuff, I make lists and work through tasks one at a time. but lately it’s like my brain can’t focus on anything and when I try I just collapse in on myself

get to know me tag

i was tagged by @jungkookio thank you :)))

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 10 blogs you would like to know better.

1. Nicknames: shells, shelly
2. Gender: female
3. Star sign: libra
4. Height: 5′3″
5. Time: 11:53 am
6. Birthday: september 30th
7. Favorite bands: bts, exo, kard, blackpink
8. Favorite solo artists: i don’t listen to many but i like gregory and the hawk
9. Song stuck in my head: kokobop has been in my head since it came out
10. Last movie watched: i watch movies so rarely i dont remember the last one
11. Last show watched: does bon voyage count
12. When did i create my blog: i created this sideblog last july? ? ?
13. What do i post: bts, i mostly reblog stuff but i occasionally make gifs
14. Last thing googled: “girls generation sooyoung tumblr” (because im late and just found out she made one? lol)
15. Do you have other blogs: my main blog which is a pile of garbage and this random blog about bread that i made with my friends haha
16. Do you get asks: nooo :c
17. Why did u choose your url: jimin is my bias and i wanted to make a pun with his name and this came out 
18. Following: 219
19. Followers: hahahhahaha not many
20. Favorite colors: red and yellow
21. Average hours of sleep: during the summer? 7-8, we don’t speak of the school year
22. Lucky number: i don’t have a lucky number but i like 7
23. Instruments: used to play violin 
24. What am I wearing: high school homecoming shirt and shorts
25. How many blankets I sleep with: currently one because it’s warm
26. Dream job: idk maybe an architect but that’s not happening
27. Dream trip: new york
28. Favorite food: idk chinese food lol, i also love pasta
29. Nationality: american
30. Favorite song now: probably going crazy or the eve by exo

im gonna tag @intensikaied @dramasandchill @animeminent @glazedachu @philophobia999 @junghossok @bfjhs @fantasies-of-euphoria @jeonniez@parkjimlm if y’all wanna do it :)

anonymous asked:

Hi. Um, I saw your post about Dream Daddy and. SPOILERS Mary is hinted at being unkind because Joseph sleeps around. In Robert's and Damien's route you learn that while she does flirt, she never goes home with anyone and Joseph actually slept with Robert. Robert regrets it which you get in a scene before Joseph's third date if you date Robert twice before dating Joseph. Also, in the good endings, Joseph implies he want to hang out sometime. It's implied he's looking for another affair. 1/2

Dream Daddy anon. 2/2 I’m sorry for the dump, but I really like Mary and tend to dislike Joseph for being an awful person.

He really is, even without the cut cult stuff. I truly delighted in making him miserable as I could in my playthrough, even while I liked Mary and the kids. They thought I was great!

Anyway literally killed myself to make Joseph miserable at one point it was worth it

But yeah while I’m glad that Mary was ultimately justified, just that she and the flirty moms (one of which your daughter calls a “stone harpy” :|:|:|:|) were the only non-child female representation we got was awful. “Christmas cake” mentality is shit and I was surprised to see it in this of all games.