I can’t help but want a ‘second chance’ for the Player. And the reason behind this is, well, the Player represents the parts of me that I hate…the monster I see in the mirror every day…and now that I’m seeing a therapist for personal reasons…I want that to reflect on this blog too…so, who’s willing to give the player a show of kindness?

[ she might be the new elsa and stuff like that, and i don’t think it ever happened, but know just one thing… she might be skilled with ice spell, have a lower body temperature than an average one and not suffer cold, but believe me mitsuru has the warmest hug you would ever ask for. 

it’s that… no one ever tried one. so you can’t know. but it’s true. it’s canon ]


*catapults my canoe into the midst of the navy fleet of Sheith war ships* 

Is this like… not a thing or… 

This is my friend, Pepper. I’ve had him since I was four and he was just an egg. He’s 20 now, and he’s not doing so well. 

Some of you know him from this blog, some of you may have just seen some of his posts around Tumblr, and for some of you this may be the first time you’re seeing him. For over a year Pepper has gained followers and made friends through the bird community here on Tumblr. He’s been with me through so much and now I want to there for him. I’m hoping that you guys will help me with that. 

This morning I woke up to find Pepper had vomited all over himself. I washed him up and he is currently in a hospital cage. He’s continued to periodically vomit, and he is very fluffed up and sleepy. He is sick. I am not sure what’s wrong yet. I made an appointment for him with an avian vet, but they won’t be able to see him until tomorrow. 

These things always seem to happen at the worst time. I’m in a bit of a bind financially at the moment. I was told it would be $65 for the vet to see Pepper plus additional fees for any tests they have to run and medications. 

I can cover some of this, but I will have to dig into my rent money. I do not yet know how much this will cost, but vet bills for small animals like birds can really pile up. I’m asking for $250 to help cover what will likely be a high bill tomorrow. All of this will go towards my birds. If there is extra money, I will put it away specifically in case an emergency like this happens again. I hate to ask my followers and Tumblr for this, and I want to make it the last time. 

I do not possess the words to describe to you what this little cockatiel means to me. I barely have any memories of before he came into my life. Please, if you can donate, please do here. The site I am using (FundAnything) allows you to donate by PayPal or credit card. I will send thank you cards to anyone who donates. If you donate and would like one, please send me your address in an ask here on Tumblr. 

Even if you cannot donate, a signal boost would mean the world to me. 

Please help my friend. 

Ronan probably always noticed how Adam’s ears would burn bright pink whenever he was embarrassed; but never thought it’d be because of him.

Contrary to popular beliefs about Oikawa’s self-centered personality, he’s not the type to really take care of himself. He’s got naturally pretty hair and pretty skin and pretty face - he says he’s blessed by the Oikawa genes, everyone believes it to be true. 

But, again, he’s not the type to take time out for himself. He’ll cut his fingernails really short to handle the ball better and subconsciously bites what’s left out of anxiety. His hands are normally dry and rough, sometimes scraped if he landed wrongly on the ground from going after a ball; it’s a sad sight when you look at the bony structures of his wrists and his slender fingers that would, without a doubt, make his hands look beautiful if it weren’t for his lack of care towards them. 

The thing is that he doesn’t care what happens to his hands or his knees or his legs or his ankles - he’s focused on one goal and that’s to improve himself. He thinks he just needs his pretty face to get by so that his other imperfections are overlooked - and he manages to get by too, except with one person.

That one person that carries moisturizers and lotions in his bag, along with polysporin and bandages and tylenol and protein bars (and maybe milk bread, if he’s got the time to get some). He watches Oikawa flirt with danger, serve after serve, set after set, spike after spike. All until he feels it right in his bones that Oikawa’s about to hit his limit and he drags him out of the court, anxious but relieved. 

And in the silence of the locker room, Oikawa sits there in a blissful peace, letting Iwaizumi take his hands in his own and attempting to moisturize them, rubbing polysporin on the scrapes and cuts, whispering little warnings about overworking and not taking care of his body enough with furrowed brows. Oikawa lets his fingers wander around Iwaizumi’s jaw until his lips are kissing Oikawa’s hands - one by one, each finger, his palms, his knuckles. 

“Do they feel better?”

“Mhm, much better.”

Oikawa doesn’t really take care of himself, but he’s glad there’s someone out there that’s willing to take up the challenge. One day, he thinks, he’ll learn to love himself just as much as Iwaizumi loves him. 

asdfghjk a lot of stuff in this is so wonky hhhh ;v;;  i have no idea how backgrounds work ha AH HAahaa..


Congratulations to Jackaboy for reaching 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!
hOREH SH ET das a lotta people, his channel is growing so fast, i m cr y
I’m so proud :’D I remember watching your videos when you still had 6 million subs X’D Keep doing what you’re doing Jack, we love ya!! <3 <3


If I were to use one screenshot to describe Quick Play, this would be it


“Those digits are meaningless. They’re utterly meaningless. You don’t really think a couple of lines of computer code are gonna crash the world around our ears? I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed in you, ordinary Sherlock.”
“But the rhythm-”
“Partita number one. Thank you, Johann Sebastian Bach.”
“But then how did-”
“Then how did I break into the Bank, to the Tower, to the Prison? Daylight robbery. All it takes is some willing participants. I knew y
ou’d fall for it. That’s your weakness- you always want everything to be clever.”


captain america is not here to lead the country. i’m here to serve it. if i’m a captain, then i’m a soldier. not of any military branch, but of the people. years ago, in simpler times, this suit and shield were created as a symbol to help make america the land it’s supposed to be. | insp.


And if the night is burning
    I will cover my eyes
       For if the dark returns
           Then my brothers will die