my washi tapes collection! oh how I love washi so much I wish they sold it where I live 😍☹️ cuz all these ones are from target in the states (also Ik I forgot to put in the other 2 washi tapes in the first pic oops)


27.8.16 85 hours +55 minutes/100 hours

And suddenly, I realise that I have a bunch of work pushed towards the end of my holiday. Note that I’m NOT USUALLY LIKE THISヾ(×× ) ツ. Oh well… I’ll have to push through to 100 hours of Korean to complete the challenge, and also find out ways to continue my studies and energise my determination as the school year begins…

Hello! I made this blog 2-3 days ago and there has been my short introduction. However, I think I need to write it more concretely and that’s why I upload my new self-introduction.


  • Yoon / 17 / South Korea
  • Birthday is June 13th, 1999
  • She / Her
  • Homeschooled student
  • Now preparing Korean SAT called 수능
  • My English is bad and I’ve tried to speak it fluently


  • To stay motivated
  • To manage my important time
  • To write my study planner everyday
  • To get a good grade in my SAT
  • To meet good friends in this community
  • To study abroad
  • To make my dream come true


  • Korean 
  • Math
  • English 
  • Korean history
  • Law & Politics
  • Society & Culture


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I’m happy to meet you in this community. Thank you for reading this introduction and hope you have a nice day! :)


I didn’t achive the grades I needed to get into my first choice university. I was absolutely heartbroken because I’d worked as hard as I possibly could, gave it my all, and it still wasn’t enough. I had spent the last two years dreaming about achieving the best grades I could and going off to study clinical psychology at Exeter on the best course in the country. I pretty much put everything (including relationships and my health) on hold to study so I could get into my first choice. But unfortunately now that’s not going to happen.

I’ve taken some time to think about it and maybe that’s okay. Of course I’m still devastated but considering how hard I had to push myself at A level just to try to get onto that course perhaps it would have been too much for me anyway. So for now I accept that the chance to study at my first choice is gone, but the chance to study and eventually practice as a clinical psychologist is not.

So if anyone is studying at Anglia Ruskin in September let me know x


September plan with me + highly requested tutorial on my DIY notebooks featured in my “what’s in my backpack video”! Hope you guys enjoy and please like/subscribe. Have a great day lovelies xx (Also CC is available) 

College Truths

1. No one has time to re-write notes so that they would be pretty! Take photos of what you’ve got!

2. Say no to binders. There’s no space for them. They’re too heavy to carry.

3. Make a bullet journal if you like to procrastinate! Ain’t no body got time for pretty titles, colors, page ideas, etc.
If it’s not a simple concept, it will not work.

4. Studying at coffee shops is hella distracting… I want to watch people and listen to the playlists!

5. You really can’t practice most advised studying techniques! Especially pomidoro… By the time you get into work, you need to take a break again. What?