sometimes I get prompts and I’m like, are you okay you need someone to talk to like it sounds like you’re going through a hard time?

and other times I get prompts I’m like are you okay do you need a religious person to talk to?

i SUPER dont talk about kin stuff here anymore. it’s always been difficult for me to communicate about and also tumblr kin drama is the dumbest shit ive ever seen and i want nothing to do with it.

ive been advised never to talk about it publically because of how immature kids on tumblr are about who you are and are not allowed to relate to and im not interested in keeping up with it nor getting involved in it

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Asura: how many tinies can you fit down there?

Asura could handle up to 16 tinies in his stomach. Really depends on how hungry and what sizes the tinies he prefers. He does feel a little bit stressed out from consuming so many humans at a short period of time.

Though he’ll let them out later when he feels a bit better.

Some incoherent thoughts on 2x17

I officially dig Lucifer in shades. I officially dig Chloe looking like a badass. I also dig the idea of them dressing up nice together and being the power couple that they are (they just don’t know it yet).

The jab at One Million Mums. I want to marry the devil (and the writers).

I’m mad at the ethics review guy because while he’s just doing his job, he’s enjoying it way too much.

I want to be mad at Maze for assuming that all things bad are Lucifer’s fault but she’s hurt so I can’t.

I’m definitely mad at Dad for giving Lucifer another reason to think he’s unloved. Well done. A+ parenting, 10/10 would recommend, NOT.

I am seriously, seriously mad at Amenadiel too. Not because he’s apparently the favourite (although I don’t follow God’s reasoning), but because he’s such an ass about it? Like, can he stop putting Lucifer down all the time? ‘Oh Luci, I studied languages, I’m better than you.’ ‘Oh Luci, Dad reaaally shouldn’t love you, so why are you the favourite?’, ‘Oh Luci, I’ve been a better angel than you, my life is so unfair’. Stop, just stop. 

In short, I’m mad, and I dig Lucifer in shades. I apologise


all I see are two-dimensional lines with pretty colouring in-between. ��1��

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so its always better to hide in a room… somewhere none of it can be seen…

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Being a fan is for having joy and fun.
Please enjoy your life first, enjoy other stuffs, too.
Besides us, I hope fans can enjoy their lives with their friends. I hope they don’t miss such small happiness in their lives.
—  Son Dongwoon