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For the record, aliens in my headworld range from generic space-furries to uninspired humanoids that can crossbreed with humans (though in the Clawish’s defense, the guy who created them aimed for that for Reasons, long story) to “what the actual heck.” It really depends on who made them or guided their development, since most of the sentient life in my headworld is there Because Angels.

I was gonna share this a long time ago, but chickened out. Now I’m just like whatever, but it is a bit outdated and incomplete. I’m still pretty happy with it though. And yes, these all have writeups with varying levels of length and complexity (many of them are intended to mostly be ‘background aliens’). @heartlessmushroom can vouch for that.

The Nomoc are not actually mine entirely, but I don’t think the guys who made Heiankyo Alien for GB in 1990 spent like 25+ years sloooowly building up a backstory and culture and relative ecology for them since childhood, so this weird overworked version of them live in my headworld. The fact that they’re not mine is even part of the meta-narrative surrounding them (Go basically brought some in with him when he moved there and they flourished from there).

idk tl:dr my headspace is messed up and i’m blubbering and unoriginal

*markiplier starts playing oneshot*

me *kneels and fold my hands* Dear father in heaven please dont let the millions of people seeing the videos hate on it by saying it’s an Undertale clone, because it’s a beautiful, clever game in it’s own right made by incredibly talented, clever, artistic people, and the original version that changed my fucking life came out in 2014

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That creature that Mark saw in his sleep paralysis episode when he was younger- Darkiplier. Story was so fucking weird tho. boy

DUDE that’d be horrifying, oh my god

Yeah, it was…Especially knowing that Mark drew the figure with eyes for no good reason. Those stories fascinate me to no end tho :l

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Omg i just finished Heartstrings and it was so good but i just had a question about the soulmates thing?? Natsu said soulmates could be romantic, platonic, etc. but could that change each lifetime? Like this time be romantic and next time be platonic? And are 2 souls ALWAYS going to be soulmates or does it depend on who kills who. So if Lucy killed Gajeel would they be soulmates next? Sorry this is probably way deeper thinking than it needs to be, but im just really curious. Tysm

They can change, which is exactly why Natsu asked Lucy that in the first place. Whereas they’d been romantic as Haru and Elie, there’s the possibility of that not being the case in this life, and Natsu wanted to take that into consideration here. You’re bound, sure, but that doesn’t mean your soul-bonded partner necessarily wants the same things you do. We’re all different and all individual after all, even if you’ve got the same soul. You can change your minds. You can grow and want different things.

In this universe, you won’t always be soul-BOUND, but those who have been bonded before may or may not turn up in future incarnations. Could be as a sibling, maybe a romantic partner, or even a spouse. However, because for this particular life there was no ‘killing,’ there will be no remembering. So that connection felt is more of a remnant, and since you don’t have birthmarks or scars, there’s no way to tell who you’ve been before.

A bond is formed between two individuals who would most benefit from remembering and––depending on the circumstances of their current life––atoning for what they’ve done to have been bound in the first place. You are bound to the person who would most help you to reflect on your past mistakes to help repair that part of your soul that has been hurt by past experiences.

So with Lucy and Gajeel, that wouldn’t happen just because she’d ‘killed’ him (of course this wouldn’t happen anyway because seriously…Lucy killing Gajeel? No. Not in the Heartstrung universe anyway XD). Bonds aren’t formed just because you’ve killed someone.

Bonds are formed with those who force you to learn and who would most benefit you. It can be painful, and sometimes it’s too much for some and they can’t deal with it. Fate can be a bitch, sure, but really? She’s only trying to help.

duizhangdeluxe replied to your post: I mean Suho is the father of eight man children…

SAME i think people on tumblr assume dominance = daddy kink for some weird reason but they def don’t have to be related, and i think suho ABSOLUTELY would love trading dominance play :’)

listen don’t even get me started because !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That leftist who went to Syria to literally take up arms against ISIS is an amazing story for many reasons but also because many publications had to talk about the twitter handle @PissPigGranddad with utter sincerity

Ten Things That Are 500% True About Dean Winchester and Classic Rock Radio Stations
  1. He can tell what part of the country he’s in by which bands get the most play.  Sam thought he was making it up until Dean actually showed him an article on FiveThirtyEight about it.  Sam didn’t even know Dean knew what FiveThirtyEight was.  (“Apparently it’s a tool for proving you wrong, Sammy.”)
  2. He will judge a station harshly for censoring Steve Miller Band’s “Jet Airliner.”  (”Funky kicks?  What the hell is that?”)
  3. He wonders sometimes if radio stations realize that they’re incriminating themselves when they play Rush’s “Spirit of Radio,” or if they’re idiots like people who play The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” at political rallies.  (”Or people who think R.E.M.’s ‘The One I Love’ is romantic.”  “What?”  “Nothing.”)
  4. He has almost zero patience for most morning radio “talent” because they never.  shut.  up.  (”If I wanted to listen to some douche talk shit all day I’d call Crowley.”)
  5. He understands why the original Springsteen version of “Blinded By The Light” never gets any airplay – it’s terrible – but he wonders what kind of deal Manfred Mann made to get the cover version played all the goddamn time.  Like, the dude is still alive, so it can’t be standard crossroads fare, but something is going on there.  Maybe he should ask Cas.
  6. He will also judge any DJ who mispronounces Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer Mak’er.” (”It’s supposed to be a joke, Sam!”  “I know.  You’ve told me, like, five hundred times.”)
  7. He has a soft spot for the trivia and/or “name that tune” type call-in contests.  He almost never gets to play them – he’s always just passing through – but one of the best meals he’s ever eaten was paid for with a win from a station in Nebraska.  (”That’d be ‘Wild Horses’ by The Rolling Stones…”)
  8. He wishes fervently that stations would play almost any Warren Zevon song that is not “Werewolves of London.”  It’s catchy.  We get it.  For fuck’s sake, at least throw us a “Lawyers, Guns, and Money,” or even “Excitable Boy” now and again.  (”Hey, you want Chinese?  I think I saw a place a couple miles back…”)
  9. He remembers when “We Will Rock You” didn’t automatically segue into “We Are The Champions" and misses it.  Yeah, they go together, but they’re also meaningful on their own. And yeah, he knows that a single came out the year before he was born with the two of them together, but come on.  (”Fucking digital libraries, man…”)
  10. He wonders if all these ads for tractor companies are actually selling any tractors, because that’s fucking wild.  Chainsaws he can see, sure, but large farm equipment?  He’s got no points of reference for that.  He wishes Bobby was still around.  Bobby’d probably know.  

Bonus Thing: There’s a “modern rock” (or whatever) station up in Montana called The Moose, and it’s awful.  Every time they catch a case up there, he gives Sam shit about it.  (”Hey Sammy, I think somebody found your iPod.”  “You realize that’d be more insulting if I didn’t like Pearl Jam, right?”)

The Wishing Well

There is a wishing well on campus, at the edge of the woods, just visible from your dorm room window.  It doesn’t matter which dorm you live in, or whether your window faces the woods.  The wising well is at the edge of the woods, just visible from your dorm room window.

Occasionally, you see someone walk purposefully towards it, and toss a coin in.  A boy, likely an underclassman, walking with a limp, trembling as he drops his coin into the water.  A girl, tall with green hair, hesitating for only a moment before tossing hers from a good foot away.  A person, you think, or maybe something Other, keeping low and to the shadows, but you see the flash of a coin, and you know a wish has been made.

There are always Changes, after someone makes a wish.  Usually they are subtle.  After the third wish, you know that they were not, but you do not know what they were.  You know the well is a gamble.  You do not know the stakes.

But you do know better than to make a Deal.  You do know that you have a Wish.  You do know that you cannot do nothing.

Someone looks out their dorm room window.  They see a human, of your height, and your shape, walking purposefully towards the well.  You close your eyes, and toss your coin.  And the well generously grants your Wish.

You should have realized: there is a reason we have the saying “Be careful what you wish for.”


I’m always thinking of you. There’s no reason for when or why, but I am. I could be doing work or at the grocery store or with our friends and you will pop into my head like it’s nothing. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes I smile and sometimes I want to cry. You’re always there even when I don’t want you to be.

1. You make me laugh. You always know exactly what to say when I’m tired or angry or sad. you’ll sit there and hold my hands and tell me stupid jokes and stories until I laugh so hard my sides hurt. You’ll tickle me until I’m shrieking and pick me up and spin me until I’m too dizzy to stand. You can make me laugh, and that’s almost as good as being able to make me do anything.

2. You respect me. You let me have my space when I’m angry and come back to it when we’re both ready. You’re patient when I have my period mood swings and bring me the things I want, knowing it’ll pass. You know that no means no, and pushing my temper means inevitable screaming. You put up with me through everything, and for that I owe you a lifetime.

3. You get me. You know what I like, what I hate, what makes me tick, what makes me glow, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry. You know what I need in certain situations, and get me the best presents. You know my preferences; dogs over cats, chocolate over vanilla, pizza over burgers. I could rant to you about something stupid for hours, and you still wouldn’t mind. You understand me like a best friend, and that is all I could ever ask for.

4. Every time I thought you would leave, you stayed.

—  reasons why I love you