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ok, here’s the ultimate question (finally):
which of the pmd games is your favorite? just your absolute favorite?
red/blue rescue team, explorers of time/darkness/sky, gates to infinity, or super mystery dungeon?
based on everything; story, gameplay, npcs, personal reasons, etc, which is your favorite (you don’t have to explain why but can if you want)

Bethany Young, another member of the DiLaurentis-Drake family

So, I wanted to share this theory with you guys. I didn’t share it before because I thought we were going to get lots of answers by now, but that didn’t happen.

It seems that this whole story goes back to a time before Ali and the liars (considering we have CeCe, Mary Drake, the tension between the Hastings and the DiLaurentis, etc.). Considering that, I think that Bethany Young had (has) a bigger part in the story.  

Remember how we’ve heard a lot of times that “it all goes back to Radley”. And remember all the stories we got about the little twins? And that we learned that Ali had an aunt called Carol Ward?

I want to believe that we saw the twins’ story for a reason. So, what if Carol Ward had twins, two girls, and one day one of them killed the other one (that’s how Ali knew the story, maybe she heard it from Jessica at some point). One twin dies and the other one ends up at Radley and becomes Bethany Young. Remember how we learned that Jessica wanted Bethany to call her “aunt Jessie”, maybe that was because she was literally her aunt. By the way, recently @thatswhatAsaid shared pictures of the twins, maybe as a remainder?

Also, remember Bethany’s drawings? One of them showed a monster getting close to Mrs. D. Another one showed the same monster carrying away a child while another child runs after it. Maybe the monster represents death and Bethany drew a picture of the monster taking her twin away.

I guess she could even be A.D. if she goes by “Bethany Anne Drake”. I mention Anne because Marlene showed a picture about the finale mentioning a “Carol Anne” and if that wasn’t a random reference about Poltergeist, it could be an important clue.

If Bethany is involved in this story, maybe she worked with CeCe, or she could want revenge for all the years she stayed at Radley. I know she’s supposed to be dead, but that has already happened with a lot of characters in this show, and then they come back.

By the way, if she’s alive, I think she could be Sabrina. That would explain why she’s still part of the show. I mean, the writers didn’t need Sabrina to cause a love triangle between Emison and someone else (we knew that Paige was returning to Rosewood). Sabrina wouldn’t be such an unnecessary character if she played a bigger part in all of this. 

Inspired by the Life of Etsuko Nagayama

What it must have been like,

To live in a world where,


And genomes,

Were working against you—


Lateral ventricles,

Over powered the,

Cerebral cortex,

And blood flowed,

In the wrong direction.

To live in a world,

Where you no longer had,


Of reality—

But were,



Of what,

You had lost.

The ticks,

The whispers,

The voices,

The faces,

The dreams.

The words,

The comments,

The plotting,

The jeers.

The cutting,

Of telephone wires,

The setting fire,

To the cabinets,

The hysteria,

The paranoia,

The fear.

The stories.

Oh the stories!

The stories striving to be shared,

To find,

Willing ears,

To listen and,

Indulge them.

Ears that would,


Accept them,

As truths.

Oh the stories,

The ramblings,

The tongue-tied stampedes,

On logic,

On reason.

The stories,

That only she,

Could tell,

That she,

Had witnessed,

Stories that will never,

Live on,

In more than one,


A space,

Too small,

To separate,



From the other.

“That woman has got to go!”

Leola whispered to Gordwith,

“She always smells

Like soy sauce,


Slivered soybeans,






Out of my way,

And out of my life!”

“What do you expect,


To do?”

Gordwith asked,

Leaning against,

The side,

Of the woman’s,


“Put her in a box,

Send her to Washington,

Introduce her,

To a knife,

I don’t care!

As long as,

She’s gone!”

In fear of,

Leola and Gordwith,

For the rest,

Of her days,

The woman,

Would sit,


As they plotted,

Within hearing range,

Of her house.

She scribbled,

On papers,

Circled up names,

Put X’s through numbers,

And never dotted I’s.

She drank,

Water and milk,

Ate bread,

All day long.

She knew,

As the voices,


That if,

She kept it all up,

Leola and Gordwith,

Would soon be gone.

But no matter,

How many,

Slices of bread,

How many,


Of paper,

With scribbles,

She collected,

No matter,

How much,


She downed,

Leola and Gordwith,

Were always waiting.

Always devising,

Their next,



The pills.

The tablets.

The liquid filled syringe.

The desire to stride,

But only,

The ability,

To shuffle.

The numbness,

The drag,

The emotionless days.

The boredom,

Of living,

The priced that she paid.

For Gordwith and Leola,

They had ceased,

Their chatter,

Their plots never thickened.

They were gone,

For the moment,

And it ruined,

Her life.




Sterilized smells.

Strapped to a bed,

Not a clue,

What to do.

Years and years,

And years,

Gone by.

Gordwith and Leola,

Still plotting,

And trying

To take away

Her life—

Yet never

Really attempting.


On a bed

Forever asleep,



Of the dreams.

Finally free

Of the faces,

The voices,

And large

Lateral ventricles

Getting in the way

Of logic

And sense.

At last,

She was free

From Gordwith

And Leola—

For she had

Brought her own death,

Before they could beat

Her to it. 

i think one of the best things ive seen said about MTMTE is that its emotions and characters are real and relatable and well-written, while the stories still could not have been told without it being the Transformers universe. like. that’s pretty much the best way a sci-fi/fantasy story can be written. the characters being moving and real, but the story having a reason to be in the universe that it is. MTMTE has real emotions, but also is definitely a story about robots that turn into cars. and that’s why it works as well as it does.

and i think that’s a good thing to strive for when writing things. when writing, say, a Pokémon story, ask yourself if you’re writing a story that could only be told in a Pokémon world. because if you aren’t, well. are you really making the best use of the universe? if you write a story with alien characters with abilities unlike humans, but they only ever have pedestrian human experiences, why would you use them to begin with?

idk. i feel like i’m not capturing what i’m trying to say well enough here. but i feel like praise for MTMTE hits upon an important thing in sci-fi: write a story with real characters, but also in such a way that it matters that it’s different from the world we live in

Ok I’m going to go off for a second because I am bothered by some damn foolishness.

Let me try and get this straight, y’all being vague out here over not wanting to be fans of Chris anymore due to his ‘choices’. You need to be more specific because I need to know what category of trash to put you in. 

Is it the coke rumors? Cause those have been going on for a decade and you late as fuck. Also, newsflash, you can do drugs sometimes and still be a good person.

Or is it the most common reason right now? Jenny. 

Are you mad he’s dating somebody that isn’t you and it fucks with you jerking off to him and writing about him? He don’t owe your ass shit.

That Jenny allegedly cheated on her husband with Chris? Even though we know nothing about her marriage or when they started dating. Fun fact: people fall out of love with one person and in love with another. Either way, she did what was right for herself by getting a divorce. Also you all damn well know you would cheat on your significant other for Chris. I know I’ve seen ya say it.

Why are you so mad he went to her show? That’s what couples do for each other. Being supportive of your girlfriend is bad? They can only date as long as you never ever see them in public? That makes no sense. Him and Jessica had a very similar public relationship (going to premieres and events, being in movies together etc.) and he was super serious about Jessica. Maybe he hasn’t done it since cause he hasn’t been serious with a lady friend since then and it’s not up to us how/where someone decides to appear with their significant other. They’re celebrities. Public life is apart of their lives. They shouldn’t pretend they aren’t together because you think it’s disingenuous. He didn’t change, he just might be happy.

Here’s a list of actual things I’ve seen people say about Jenny:

  • ‘She such a terrible influence’. I didn’t realize being an outspoken feminist was a bad influence. Chris is actually publicly the most ‘woke’ he’s ever been. I call that a win.
  • ‘She’s a gross stoner and has a crude sense of humor’ You naive as fuck to think Chris doesn’t smoke weed. Get your life together. Crude sense of humor? She talks about sex and bodily functions something everyone has. If that’s not your cup of tea that’s one thing but you all were out here cackling and thinking it was hot when Chris said on TV ‘I love fucking girls in the butt’ You can’t have it both ways.
  • ‘She’s ugly and I don’t get why he would be with her’ You’re disgusting. She’s a beautiful woman with a slamming body. Comments made about her nose especially are antisemitic and you can all burn. I can’t.

I’ve stanned for Jenny just as long as I have Chris. I ain’t playin.

So if you’re one of these people, come into my inbox, let me know what kind of garbage you are.

im just gonna throw this out there but im pretty sure that the relationship between roy mustang and riza hawkeye was the very pinnacle of het relationships in fiction like i dont make the rules but yeah

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show me the manga bae you have. show us the bae. give us the bae.

OKAY OKAY. Here’s a lil’ fullbody preview but tumblr resizes things so it’ll lose quality w/e.

credit to connorkawaii for the multicolored jacket idea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Strange Magic week monday’s theme “Fairy Tales”. I obviously went with the tale Little Mermaid, but in the end I couldn’t think of any story. Instead I just drew how I imagined Marianne and Bog would look like as merfolk. Bog’s design is based on a lobster and Marianne’s on square anthias fish.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’m quick enough to draw a picture of every theme. =__=

with you

summary: home is where the heart is. shallura.
also read on: ao3
for: @alluran, with a thank you for your kind encouragement to me
part of “the princess and the paladin” series. link to master list here.

She tells him of Altea.

She tells him of home—how when she was young she would wake before the king and the queen and all the knights of the castle and climb the many flights up the tallest tower to lie on the roof. She would just barely make it in time to catch sight of the purple-striped clouds over the horizon, the light of the first sunrise and second moonset spilling over blue-topped mountains covered in evergold trees.

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when eleanor and louis were together, eleanor took his sisters on holidays, bought them presents, shared clothes with them, stood up for them on social media and often commented on their pictures. clearly she has remained on good terms with the family since they broke up as they still like her pictures every now and then. maybe she unfollowed lottie after the break up because she didn’t want to see all the otra tour pictures lottie was posting! whats wrong with that? just because shes refollowed a girl that shes been friends with for years doesn’t mean she’s trying to “leach” off the family’s fame. she is completely able to be successful without louis :) 

Like. People have done a lot worse than lie, publicly urinate, and vandalize property but no one talks about them for this long. This media crucifixion is so out of proportion

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Why do you think Kubo endend Bleach with IH/RR while in front of the story had more sense and logic IchiRuki and Ishihime?

WELP this turned into kind of a rant but

I’ve seen all the rumors and theories, and I can’t say for sure any which way, but looking back through interviews and the last arc of the series, it does feel like they hold ground of some sort, but I just don’t know if I believe Kubo would retcon so much of the story because of those reasons. It’s unprofessional and frankly, immature, and I just don’t know if I agree he’d do such things willfully and with such malicious intent.

I’ve made it fairly clear I don’t agree with what’s canon, and that I know from my own literary skills and understanding of the series that IchiRuki (and IshiHime, though not as heavily shown) was being set up to be the endgame couple, if there were any couples at all. I don’t understand why he’d go for such an abrupt cut off of the climax of the series, when Kubo’s always written the ends of fight scenes so romantically and wrapped them up with the characters showing that they’ve gained something new from this battle. But we don’t get that. Even with the time constraints, Kubo could have ended the series with some sense of finality, some sense of real closure, and he did not. The timeskip was a lazy tactic to avoid giving explanations and just get to the end. Almost everyone is out of character (Chad and Uryuu especially, whose entire storylines focused on doing the exact opposite of what they’re doing in the end). The fact that Ichigo and Rukia interact more than the actual couples, and the fact that the last chapter has been edited so easily, tells me this was a half-hearted attempt to just end it and be done. 

I think that he could have ended the series in such a way for many reasons, and I don’t know what I want to believe, but I do know that this large a portion of the fandom just can’t be wrong. 

I’ve only ever been wrong about one ship, and that was one the author admitted to changing the entire story to end with a ship that suited their personal bias more. I know how to piece things together, I know what’s being put in front of me, and I know when I’m not wrong, I know when I’m being lied to, and the fact this ending is so painfully transparent just makes me all the more confident. IchiRuki was meant to be something, something more than friends. Before the War arc, he’d set them up perfectly to grow into a romance. But for whatever reason, during the war arc, it’s almost as if he tried to take it all back by stuffing I/H an R/R together constantly and keeping IshiHime and IchiRuki apart right up til the end, keeping them from having any sort of IC interaction until the final chapter when they’re married to other people. 

I don’t want to pick one single reason as to why I think Kubo ended his series this way, because it could be one thing, or a few, and I don’t want to pass judgment on his character when I only know him through his writing and his artistry. But what I do know, is a romantic writer like him, someone who places every nuance, every hint, every symbol with great care, wouldn’t stack a couple up so neatly just to knock it all down for no reason. There was something, something that changed, something that caused him to take it all back, something that made him decide to pretend as if IchiRuki wasn’t even a thing when in all actuality it is the main focus of the series. I only hope that we get some kind of explanation, some way to understand his process as he ended the series, some sense of closure from this ending that just doesn’t feel real.

honestly though, hotch has had no story for the past like… few seasons??? 

Personal interpretation, but imo, Hotch’s arc with the reaper and haley and jack would have reached it’s full potential and been said and done with, after Hotch moved on with somebody else and was happy, hence the stuff Haley asked him to do/be when on the phone with him before she died. His healing and happiness would have ended the arc, it would have shown that he had created an effective work/life balance (what broke him and haley up to start with) and it would show that Foyet had not broken him, because Hotch could be happy and move on with somebody else.

A wrench was thrown in the works when Bellamy Young got her job on Scandal, not anybody’s fault, and tbh considering the fact that having her be there but not be there like Reid’s mom is would have completely stagnated the plot the exact same way as it has having written her out, i’m not overtly fussed by them writing her out, we’d have just gotten a total cop out the other way and i’m not a fan. 

But the fact stands that after writing her out, they haven’t come up with anything for Hotch at all. They have rehashed and rehashed the Haley thing, and yes, that’s always going to be in his life, but it sure as hell isn’t going to be the only thing in his life. With the absence of a figure like Strauss, minor conflict about his position as leader is even taken away. Strauss always kept them in line, you can say any justifiable comments about the presence of her own motives, but the only time she stepped out of her bounds was when she asked Emily for dirt. All other things she did were appropriate actions, because Hotch and the team’s actions are not ones they’d get away with and she was their boss. 

Nowadays they yell at the senate, yell at serious committees and whatever intelligence agency that was in 200, and play it off like they’d get away with it when it reality, best case scenario they’d all be reassigned, or worse case some kind of government body would try to limit BAU funding or try to wreck them totally. 

Basically, we’ve had nothing good from hotch since, oh, season seven? Maybe 8 if we’re feeling generous. The 2 minutes of angst at the end of Mr Scratch do not count, that’s not a plot, that’s a shock value twist, especially if Hotch can get away from any issues about it by A) apparently being really generous on his report of the incident and B) low key threatening that dude who called him on it (over a season later with 0 references to it inbetween), then it’s not a story, its’s a reference. 

Maybe they were going to give him something else this season, we don’t know, but Thomas Gibson’s best contributions to CM as of late have been his directing, which always end up being some of the few episodes of this show with actual artful cinematography, and to be honest, that’s actually what i’m going to miss most at this point. Hotch hasn’t been a major irreplaceable figure in this show for seasons now, anybody in a suit could rattle off the commands he does because nothing is personal with him anymore. They gave up writing him material. 

so really the #nohotchnowatch hashtag confounds me because really and honestly hotch hasn’t been a serious part of this show for literal years.