Cloud no stop. What are you doing? Don’t just walk away from the bae like that! Look at how confused you left him. He is staring at you!

Also I would like to point out how fast Leon’s face softens when he looks over at Cloud.

{Also Cloud in kh2 is fucking handsome. I think this is his manliest. Even in Advent Children he isn’t as manly, still a feminine face. I think it’s the fact they gave him a nice jaw in kh2. Aslo holy shit dem pecks Cloud!}

Stop Byun Baekhyun 2k16

Whenever I watch Exo perform Monster, Baekhyun just goes and fucking attacks me and murders me every time with his damn good looks, his perfect black hair, his piercing stare, and his fricken’ gorgeous voice.


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Like damn, Baek. 

Stop killing me, babe. 

Byun Baekhyun, just LET ME LIVE ffs!