Surprise  (4/?)

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff( tiny, tiny bit for now).

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader( No permanent pairing yet!)
* Bold is readers thoughts,  &  italics are memories. *

Surprise MasterList

Marvel MasterList

“ What were you thinking Tony?”

“ Is now really the time Steve?  Cant you scold me later?”

  Do they ever stop fucking arguing? Ugh.  Your eyes flutter open as they continue bickering.

“ Can you two shut the hell up .” your raspy voice startles the two , they both immediately appear at your side.

  " What happened?“ you groan as you look around and realize your in the med bay .

” Your blood pressure and stress levels were  extremely high , causing you to faint. “ Tony explains as he looks to your monitor to check your vitals.

” Everything looks good now though . “ he shrugs .

” I don’t want an enhancement Tony. Figure out a way to turn it back . “ your request catches both of the men off guard.

” Wh- what? Why? You  don’t even know what it is yet! You could shoot fire, or read minds! YOU COULD BE A SHAPE SHIF-“

” I don’t care ! You know what I want to be?  A lab Tech Tony. A regular lab tech . “ you snap

” If I even could find a way to reverse it, it run the risk of furthering the enhancement, or counter acting TAHITI. It’s too large of a risk Y/n. I’m sorry . “

You stay silent, processing what Tony tells you  .  So he knew there was a chance I wouldn’t want this. I cant believe he knew this entire time I was alive. Fucking Stark. 

 While you are lost in your thoughts Tony dismisses himself, leaving only you and Steve.

He sighs, watching as you hop off the bed ,taking out the IV and removing the vital receivers . He steps in front of you before you can reach the door.

” No. We are talking about this . You aren’t running.“  he says sternly. You roll your eyes, waiting for him to continue.

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” I- the things I said-“ he groans, rubbing at the back of his neck  as he continues ” What I said the other night came out wrong . I am grateful you saved me, but I’m not going to thank you for getting yourself killed. You are a part of this team, I was wrong to say you weren’t. You weren’t enhanced though Y/n; you didn’t have a serum, you aren’t a trained assassin . What did you expect the bullets to do ? Did you think you’d heal as quickly as I would? “ His tone wasn’t harsh , it was almost pleading.

” I didn’t think anything Steve, all I knew was that I needed to save you . I don’t know wh-“

” Was it because you love me?“ 

The room goes dead silent, his words still hanging in the air. You awkwardly laugh , Steve crosses his arms while leaning in the doorway.

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” You do remember saying that right ? “ he questions, he sees panic flash over your face.

” Steve- I- you- I was dieing. “ you run your hand down your face .

” I’m aware.“ he says playfully. You’re amazed at how his mood shifts .

"  Don’t look too much into It.” 

“ So you’re denying it?” he playful smile drops a bit.

“ What do you want me to say Steve! You were my bestfriend! Of course I loved you!”

“ You know that’s not what I mean Y/n.”

You don’t reply, so Steve keeps speaking,

“ Because I love you .”

 Your eyes go wide, your mouth opens then closes when you realize  you don’t know what to even say .  Did he just-  did he mean it like that?  You’ve waited for what seems like a lifetime to hear him say these words to you .Now that the moments here, your speechless.

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  Luck seems to be on your side at this moment, FRIDAY interrupts the  two of you .

“ Captain Rogers, there seems to be a physical conflict between Sergeant Barnes and Mr.Wilson, your presence is needed on the communal floor. ”

 Saved by the AI, thank you FRIDAY.

 You hear Steve curse under his breath ,

“ You should probably go before one of them ends up dead Steve. " 

” We aren’t finished with this conversation.“ he warns as he leaves.

 You wait a minute  before you bolt from the med room to the elevators.  You rapidly hit the button for Pietro and Wandas floor  . As soon as the doors open you sprint out,

” Pietro ! “ you yell , in  an instant he is infront of you .

” are you feeling better Draga?“ he asks as he pulls you into a hug.

” Steve- I - what - UGH .“  you groan as your shove your face into his chest.

” You’re going to have to form a proper sentence for me to understand Y/n.“ he chuckles.

” She doesn’t want to be enhanced, Steve told her he loves her , and she doesn’t know what to do and plans on avoiding him for the rest of time.“ Wanda announces from behind you .

” What she said. “ you say as you lean back.

” You didn’t tell him how you felt ? “ Pietro questions.

” He completely blind sided me! I didn’t think hed say that ! I stood there staring at him  like he was a frreakin alien!“ 

 The twins laugh at your frustration ,

” Its not funny! what am I suppose to do !“

” Tell him you love him ! “ Wanda excitedly suggests

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” I - no .  I’m not doing that  . “

” What ? why? You know he feels the same! “ Pietro tells you .

” I just got him back, I just got everyone back ! and now apparently I’m enhanced?  I just - I don’t know what kind of enhancement I have, or even when itll appear. What if its dangerous? What if I hurt him ?  I don’t think I need a relationship right now on top of re adjusting to everything. Ya know?  “

 They agree with you after you explain yourself. Pietro suggest watching a movie to take your mind off things .  Wanda declines, saying she has training with Natasha . Once she leaves, you and Pietro settle on the couch to scroll through Netflix. You both settle on starting Parks & Rec from the beginning . Halfway into the second episode you find yourself leaning against Pietro , both of you getting sleepier by the second.

 When you wake up, you snuggled up to Pietro on the couch . Soft snores are slipping from him . You smile as you try to hold in a laugh when you notice the drool pooling in the corner of his mouth .

 ” PIETRO!“  you shout

He jumps up from the couch , which results in you landing on the floor with a grunt.

” What! Whats wrong!?“

You start hysterically giggling at his disheveled state.  He sends you a bitchface when he realizes what you did .

” You are in trouble now Printessa.“ he threatens as he stalks towards you . You try to stand but hes on top of you in a flash . His fingers are tickling your sides making you shriek .

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” Pietro Stooooppp! Please! “  you beg . He pauses his attack,

” Apologize. “

” I’m sorry you drool in your sleep. “ you sass.  You cry out when his fingers begin brutally tickling you again . 

Someone clears their throat, stopping Pietro’s fingers at the sound.

” I see you’re busy , I didn’t meant to interrupt.“ Steve says , anger lacing through his voice. Oh Shit.  You know how this must look, especially to someone who just admitted their feelings to you .

You knock Pietro off you so you can go after Steve. Right as you approach the elevators the doors begin closing . You see Steves face, his eyebrows are scrunched, a mixture of hurt and anger displayed over his features.  He watches you as the doors close, not moving to stop them .

Son of a bitch.

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May I get a reaction of Infinite becoming your partner in dancing and acting for one of the award shows, but they had an eye on you for a while? Thank you so much!!

Hey there~ I’m happy to do that for you and hope that it turns out okay, sorry if it’s not what you wanted!



*the members tease him about liking you* “C’mon guys let me live!” “You’ll live until you’re face to face with Y/N then you’re a goner.” he groans in frustration “Stooooppp!”

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An excited puppy that has you smiling and laughing almost immediately, probably telling you stories about the members that shouldn’t be mentioned “…and then he had to run around without any pants on for two whole hours!” He keeps telling you things because he finds he can’t help but want to see you smile.

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*tries to impress you with his flirting skills* “Hey, come here often?” He’ll probably laugh at his own jokes, but he’s just so cute that you can’t help but laugh along with him.

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He’s taking his role as your partner very seriously and tries his best, making it seem like a block of ice. When he realizes how you feel he’ll try to break the ice with a big smile and wave in your direction “You’re doing so well, I’m glad we got paired together!”

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Another excited puppy who is happy as soon as you enter the practice room “Hi I’m Sungyeol and I’m a big fan and wow you’re really here right now and I never thought I would have this chance to talk to you and-” You interrupt him with a giggle saying ‘Cute~’ and he dies a little on the inside.

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He’s quiet and keeps a straight face for as long as he possibly can, trying to keep his image but when you meet eyes he melts and cannot hold back his smile any more. “This is really fun don’t you think?”

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*appeals to you with his cute and sweet maknae charms* “I brought us snacks and some vitamin water to have while we rehearse, you can choose whichever is your favorite and I’ll have the other.”

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Band Mate’s Sister (C.H.)

A/N: This was requested a looooong time ago so I’m sorry that I only got to write it now. It’s also pretty lengthy compared to my usual writing and I was asked to post it all in one part rather than two. Also, there are time jumps within the writing. Enjoy! :)

Request: @outtofmyleaguee With all boys! You’re Michaels sister and he’s finally letting you hang out with him and the guys altogether, but then calum falls in love with you! And he ends up telling you how he feels in the cutest way and it’s your first kiss ever and he’s so sweet about it and UGHHHH😍 Michael is gross out at first but then he’s ok with it heheheheh
(I apologize that I didn’t hit all aspects of your request but I covered the gist of it!)

Masterlist || Ask


“Just don’t embarrass me, okay?” Michael told me as we stood outside of the flat that Ashton and Calum shared.
I smiled up at him. “No promises.”
He groaned. “Be thankful that I’m even letting you hangout with us.”
I rolled my eyes at him. “Please, you should be thankful that I even want to hangout with you losers.”
He shoved me with his shoulder. “You can just go home then.”
I shook my head. “No way! I haven’t even properly met your band mates since you joined the band which, may I remind you, was years ago.”
He waved his hand at me. “Details.”
“Just open the damn door, Mikey.”
He gave me a look. “Rude.”
I shrugged. “I am your sister,” I pointed out.
He nodded. “True.”
“Well, are you gonna open the door?” I asked again.
A look of realization crossed his face. “Right…” He opened the door and walked in. I followed right after him.

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someone: littlecloud x cinderpelt 4 life!!!!!! uwu ;;;; me, an intellectual: littlecloud is gay and so is cinderpelt

right lmao and erin hunter confirmed that littlecloud saw her like a sister because she saved his life, like if anything they’re ust really good friends like stooooppp

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15 + 24 with Tae please? 💓🙆🏻

15. “Are you wearing my shirt?” + 24. “I’m not doing your homework”

Yeobo, I’m home!” 

You peeked one eye open from your spot on the couch, slightly irritable and ready to fight whoever had the audacity to wake you from hibernation. Adjusting your position so you were back under the covers, hoping that if you ignored him he would just go away. But that was never really the case with Kim Taehyung. 

You had known Taehyung since you were in diapers, your mothers being best friends, and forcing a friendship on the two of you before you were even able to speak. To say you were close was an understatement. There was never a moment in your life where Taehyung wasn’t there, the two of you were practically glued at the hip, every major mile stone was a shared memory between the two of you. 

Yah! I wonder where Y/N could be?” He said loudly as he took a seat on your stomach, causing you to exhale with a loud ‘oomph.’ “I know my best friend would never dream of ignoring me, her beloved Kim Taehyung.” 

I’ll… kill… you.” You gasped out, struggling for air under his heavy weight. Taehyung jumped in ‘surprise’ at the sound of your voice and turned in his seat on your abdomen. 

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t even see you there Y/N! Are you okay?” He fake gasped. 

“Get… off.. me.. you little.. shit.” You hissed as he finally lifted his weight off your stomach, allowing you to gasp for air. As soon as you were relieved of his weight you stomped your way down the steps and pointed an accusing finger at the woman in question, “YOU.” 

“Hey, you’re awake.” Your mother (if you could even call her that after her betrayal) smiled at you. 

“Mom,” You whined, bouncing up and down like a child, “What did I say about opening the door for him? If you keep feeding him, he’ll only keep coming back.” 

Your mom rolled her eyes at you before turning back to the cookies she was baking, “Y/N, cut it out. Taehyung said he’s here to help you with your homework.” 

Him, help me?” You snorted, “He’s just here to mooch off of us like the lifeless little parasite he is-” 

“I missed you too Y/N.” Taehyung sighed as he strolled into your kitchen, pinching your butt while your Mom’s back was to the two of you. 

“MOM!” You whined, “Did you see that? He just molested me, in my own kitchen! Is nothing sacred, anymore?!” 

“I would never.” Taehyung gasped, “Honestly, I just came here to help you out with your school work because I know how much you’re struggling in pre cal but I can see when I’m not wanted!” 

“Oh quit the act you big fat baby, my mom’s known you since you were two you think she’ll believe your ugly lying-” 

“Yah!” The two of you jumped, startled at the sound of your Mom’s shout, “You two are always like this. I’m tired of your bickering. Y/N, Taehyung, go to your room now and don’t come out til both of your homework’s finished and then you can come down and set the table for dinner. Taehyung don’t even think about starting a fight up there or I’ll call your mother.” 

“Yes ma’am.” Tae grumbled. 

“Now go, you two are irritating me.” she huffed before turning back to the counter. 

Stooooooppppppp!” You whined as Tae gripped your thigh for the millionth time, using it as his pillow as you sat criss cross on the floor of your bedroom. “I’m trying to do homework.” 

“Do mine too.” He whined, planning on irrirtating you until you gave in. 

“Yah!” You yelled, slapping the back of his head, “Do it yourself.” 

Taehyung jumped, startled by the sudden assault on his scalp, causing his gangly limbs to bump into your nightstand, and knock the glass of orange juice right onto your chest. 

Tae!” You shouted, pulling the cold fabric away from your chest automatically. You narrowed your eyes at him and he bit his lip guiltily before gulping. 

“Yah! You’re the one who hit me!” 

“Shut up stupid, this is all your fault.” You grumbled, as you grabbed a tee out of your dresser drawer and made your way to your bathroom to change. You sighed when you finally got out of your sticky shirt and into one of your favorite old tees you had inherited so long ago you couldn’t even remember where it was from, but it was worn out perfectly

You slammed the bathroom door shut and sent a menacingly glare in Taehyung’s direction before taking your seat on the carpet, and starting back on your math homework. However, your plans of ignoring him for the rest of the evening were foiled when you felt the collar of your shirt being tugged back and Taehyung’s breath on your neck. 

“What are you doing?!” You jumped, turning around to shove him. 

“Is that my shirt?!” He glared, “I’ve been looking for that!” 

“No it’s not! Let go!” You whined as you tried to tug the fabric from his hands.

“Oh really?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow, “So when did you start wearing a mens medium?” 

“I like my shirts baggy!” You lied. 

“This is my shirt.” He shot back, “Give it.” 

“Tae, no.” You said, glaring, “Stooooppp! This is my favorite shirt! Please!” 

“Then admit it’s mine and you can have it!” He said, still tugging on the hem, jerking you towards him. 

“Never!” You hissed, pulling back from his insistant pulling. 

“Say it!” 

“No! Let go!” 

The room was quiet except for the sound of tearing fabric and your gasp in shock as you stared at Taehyung, half the material of your shirt, or rather his shirt lay in his hands. The other half barely even clung together to hide your pink polka dot bra. Taehyung couldn’t help but look down, his line of sight following the soft globes of flesh on display for him. He didn’t know what he was expecting, but he definitely wasn’t expecting his best friend of going on twenty years to be built like that. He licked his lips as he stared at the hard peaks of your nipples, budding from the sudden shock of cold air. He was so focused on you, he barely grazed one of your perfect breast with his hand before he was knocked out of a daze by your high pitched scream. 

“What the hell did you do that for?!” You shouted, before running into your bathroom, face flushed. 

You pressed your back to the bathroom door, panting lightly, and wishing more than anything that Taehyung would for once just leave. 

Taehyung sat back on the other side of the door staring down in shock at his hand, still unable to fathom that he had actually touched one of your tits. They were so soft, so perfect in his hand, and taken away from him before he even got to properly fondle them. He looked back up at the door and debated on barging into the bathroom to pick a fight with you for denying him those perfect breasts all these years. 

“Y/N! Taehyung! Come down and set the table!”

 Taehyung looked back at the door one last time before he stood up and adjusted his semi in his pants, “Coming!” 

What the hell was he supposed to do now? 



-admin s. 

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Stooooppp harry making his little to do list 💀💀💀

7AM: wake up :-)
8AM: breakfast finished
9AM: run time. 
10AM: play with myself
1PM: lunch
2PM: call mum, gem, rob, dad
3PM: moisturize 
4PM: yoga
5PM: bathroom 
6PM: dinner w/ tessa, check food to make sure it isnt undercooked. 
7PM: rom-com, something with anne hathaway
8PM: doooooooooodles
11PM: sleep

What makes me really sad is that I think that Lucifer would have actually killed himself for Michael on that battlefield (or cemetary whatever) back in season 5. A slight chance of it if Dean didn’t interrupt their scene.

They would have circled around each other, then try to fight with archangel tricks, but keep on talking through the whole scene until eventually at some point, they’d randomly get to memories of Heaven when they were reunited and happy. They would stop everything they’re doing, realising that this is wrong.

“What are we even doing right now, Michael? What in the world have we gotten ourselves into?” Lucifer would say, “Would you look at us?”

Michael would’ve dropped his dagger, but Lucifer wouldn’t. He wouldn’t be able to because something would’ve told him that he can make his brother shine in victory. And Michael would have looked at him pleadingly and reach out with one hand, ask him to do the same.

“You’re right, brother,” he would finally say, “Please, drop your weapon. It’s over—”

“No, not yet.” Lucifer would object, and turn the blade in his hand, offering it for Michael to take, “You are right; I am a monster. For doing what is wrong. And we shall end this.” Michael would look down at the blade, and back to his brother, bewildered and deeply hurt.

“I am not going to.”

“Please, Michael. This is what you wanted.”

“No! this is what Father wanted.”

They’d approach, step for step, word for word until Lucifer is able to grab Michael’s hand and force him to take the dagger, and he’d be smiling with pain visible in his eyes,

“It is indeed what Father pleased, and you are a good son, Michael. So please, make him proud of you for me.” he’d say, “Our motivational quote was; A good soldier’s gotta do what a good soldier’s gotta do, remember?”

Michael would hold onto Lucifer’s wrist, the one hand that holds the blade that’s directly pointed at the younger one heart. He’d be silent for a while, not look up at the eyes that stare at him with encouragement.

“I do remember,” he’d whisper, “How Gabriel used to chant ‘Heroes fight for what is right’, how we’d combine our grace to create, how we…loved each other—”

A shaky breath would leave Michael’s mouth when he feels Lucifer pierce the blade through his own heart, making him gasp for a short amount of air.


“You still remember,” Lucifer would whisper gratefully, “Everything.”

Michael’s hand would tighten around Lucifer’s wrist, he wouldn’t let go. He’d be forced to watch his younger brother die in front of him, blood trickling over his hands. The color would drain out of Lucifer’s eyes whilst he looks at Michael as and he slowly dies into his arms. Michael would shout his name, scream, cry, over and over—hold him back, slowly kneel down with his brother in his arms. The one he raised. The one he loved. He’d bury his face into Lucifer’s hair, and stay there. He wouldn’t leave.

“Of course I remember,” he’d murmur with a sheepish smile that he wouldn’t hold longer than two seconds as tears would be free’d, “How could I possibly forget?”


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Wild! Eric Has hit someone or something (Idk who or what) While le Wild! Dylan Keep doing Naruto Run, and runs past Brooks. Le Wild! Eric has ran with its best friend Wild! Dylan!! Now Brooks is a confused being not knowing wtf he just witnessed. And le Wild! Eric throws MEME-SCRAP BOOK AT HIM. (I'M SO SORRY I CAN'T StoOooPpp. I'm literally LauGHing AT THIS)

Oh my god this is great.
Send more pls.

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hello! Can I request a fluffy P.O scenario when he can't stop thinking/talking about you while he's on tour and Block B makes fun of him for it? Thank youu~

Look! Look! Isn’t she cute in this one?!”, Jihoon said to his friends.

Yeah, yeah, she’s cute in that one. And she was cute in all the other 20 pictures you showed us”, Zico said dismissively.

Now stop it so we can get some sleep, we have to wake up early tomorrow”.


You just finished showering and grabbed your phone right away, hoping Jihoon texted you. He did. You smiled widely as you opened the text. It was a picture of him taken from a low angle so you could see right up his nose. To make it worse he stretched his mouth down, accentuating his nostrils. You bursted out laughing, covering your mouth.

You: omg can you ever send me a normal picture?! lol
Jihoon: what? that is normal!

Then another picture came in. It was him making a kissy face. His eyes were shut tightly and he was puckering his lips out exaggeratedly. You decided to send one back pouting.

Jihoon: haha, gwiyeowo.
Jihoon: why is my girlfriend so cute? ^^

You couldn’t help but smile as you layed on the bed. You suddenly felt a little embarrassed and turned over, burying your face into the pillows.


Look at him, look at him smiling to himself and taking pictures”, Taeil teased, nodding towards Jihoon sitting in the corner.

It’s better than him talking our ears off about her like all the other days though”, Jaehyo reasoned.

Oppa! I love you so much!”, Kyung said to Zico in a high pitched nasally voice, swaying side to side.

Oh? Prove it then!”, Zico replied in an unaturally deep voice, mocking Jihoon, smirking at Kyung.

Oppaaaa~ you’re having dirty thoughts arent you?!”, Kyung pouted, still talking in the same high pitched voice, hitting Zico lightly on the chest.

Hyuunnggg! Stop, she doesn’t sound or talk like that!”, Jihoon whined.

The pair then broke out in laughter, along with the other members. U-kwon and B-Bomb joined in by pretending to take selcas, imitating the poses Jihoon was doing earlier.

Stooooppp~”, Jihoon continued pouting.

Stoooppp~”, the members said in unison, doubling over in laughter.

You guys are just jealous!

While he was trying to get the guys to stop laughing at him and making fun of him, his phone went off. He looked at the name, it was ______. He immediately picked up.

What took you so long to call?”, he pouted cutely, stomping his foot a bit.

From the corner of his eye he saw the members imitating him stomping his foot. He made a face at them and turned around.

Ha, look at this kid”, Zico said chuckling.

Must be nice to have a girlfriend huh Jihoon?”, Kyung half shouted, teasing him.

Yeah, you should try getting one hyung!”, Jihoon quipped.

Jihoon looked back as he heard the members roar with laughter. They were all hitting and poking at a speechless Kyung.

Wahh, this kid has really grown”, Kyung finally said in disbelief with a slight shake of his head as he watched Jihoon walk off chuckling.

Girl!Stiles Fanfics......

I don’t mind them. Like it’s cool if you want to write Stiles that way. It’s your life after all xD I just can’t STAND how many Girl!Stiles fanfic writers make her(him) a complete slut. It’s so out of character. Like changing his gender is one thing but at least keep him in character. In like almost all female stiles fics they put that he’s(she’s) thinking of Lydia, Jackson, and Derek when she’s is trying to get off or like she has had sex with all of them periodically. UGHHHH I HATE IT. Stiles isn’t a freaking slut xD That’s why I have trouble getting into a lot of Teen Wolf fanfiction. A lot of writers make the characters have completely different personalities. Some Sterek fanfiction are the only ones I can usually stand. Keep them in character people….PLEASE! :) That is all I ask.