I haven’t watched Save The Last Dance in a while, so I forgot this, but I just caught the last 20 minutes on cable, and the very last shot before it blacks to just the credits isn’t Sara dancing with Derek, her boyfriend. It’s Sara dancing with Chenille, her best friend. And I’m watchin it like, *hand over mouth* Aaaaw, that is so cuuute! The sisterly love. 💞 

‘’Deep Breath’’ - A lovely drawing I did for an event called Spread The Love Day, organized by the group the-Greatest-Thing on DeviantArt. The purpose of this event is to show that a piece of work can show erotic acts without being pornographic or tasteless.

I chose my all-time favourite pairing of ocs, Allan and Amely. I love them.

Applications are now open for Sing That Like Dovesong, a week-long workshop for writers of color! 

During Sing That Like Dovesong, we will distinguish the intersection of our vibrant, ever-changing lived pasts and the stale history that only exists in stories and books. We will explore the way in which other identities - queerness, gender, dis/ability, etc - weave into our lives as people of color. 

We will sift and dig and pick our gold - curate a narrative of our lives that acknowledges oppression but does not sink into it. We will discuss culture, tradition, language, the legacy of our ancestors, and the collective memory that spans generations.

First debuted in our 2015 Summer workshop, Guest Seminars are hour-long classes through Google Hangouts with writers whose work we adore. We’re thrilled to have Angel Nafis & Fatimah Asghar speak with us during STLD on their writing processes and give their thoughts on writing and existing as women of color.

The program is for dedicated, passionate writers looking to take their work to the next level. Winter Tangerine Flash Workshops do not focus on classes and “teaching” writing, but rather immersing the participants in evocative poetry and prose, and in turn, sparking pieces of writing. The workshop will be held from March 13th through March 20th. There is no age limit or requirement, and no experience is necessary. Applications are open through February 20th!

Apply now!