they told me to stay away from you,
the minute i heard your name.
but what they don’t know,
is you’ve already won the game.

i’ve loved you
from the day i met you.

i’ve craved your presence
from the day you graced mine.

i’ve wanted to know your soul,
from the day it came into my world.

—  1:16 am

The community garden at the Prairie Commons Branch is back open! Garden volunteers gathered at the branch last weekend to get the raised beds ready for the 2017 growing season. The Prairie Commons Branch was closed for renovations for most of 2016, so gardeners were eager to start planning. The community garden at Prairie Commons has 35 total beds, including four accessible beds and one community bed. See photos from past growing seasons.

St. Louis County Library has community gardens at three branches: Cliff Cave, Grant’s View and Prairie Commons.