Coring some walnut this afternoon. Hoping to finish the set as well. Also have another block ready. #wood #woodturner #woodturning #lathe #bowl #bowlmaker #bowlturner #bowlturning #moneyshot #stl #StLouisMakers (at The Walnut Log Studio And Supply)

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A little hot grid fun with @rolandoalfaro and @davidmullis at Street Driven #STL last month. #streetdriven #streetdriventour #350z #nissan #nismo #z33 #350zgram #burnout #hoonigan #tireslayer #killalltires #stldrift #kcdrift 🎥: @ryanofrival

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Pokemon Go log: Day 2

The experience of riding shotgun has been forever changed by Pokemon Go. I was riding with @hawthorneox today and spent all my time in the car balancing our phones in one hand and tapping on various pokespots/random pokemon we passed with the other.

Points of note for riding Shotgun Go:
 - some pokemon will appear delayed on one or the other, but sometimes won’t appear at all if the car is moving too fast
 - the speed of the car definitely affects your ability to interact with stuff around you
 - good reflexes can offset this, but the driver may/may not be put out if you catch a grimer on your phone but can’t snag it on theirs. Driver responses may vary.
 - suddenly yelling, “STOP,” at the driver because you saw a good pokemon is not recommended and can result in disagreements
 - if the driver’s phone locks, it’s easier to just know the code yourself to unlock it so you don’t distract them every few blocks.
 - driving through parks lets you have all the benefits of being in a park without having to leave your car

Also, we 100% engaged in #PokemonGoTourism and went downtown in search of pokemon. We wandered around and inside the historic old courthouse trying to catch a fucking rhyhorn but it never showed so whATEVER. IT’S FINE EVERYTIHNN IS FINE

Also this:

I’ve lived in StL for two years and haven’t visited the arch until today. So. Uh. Yeah!

STL Cops - Community

I usually post and reblog many things about the cops in our community.

There will always be reasons to post and I will always support many protests.

Yesterday, however, I saw something that I thought was a cool thing.

I decided to go to the largest park in the STL area, Forest Park.

It was packed. Many people were out at the Zoo, having picnics,  families at reunions, kids playing in multiple locations and many of us  decided to visit  the various museums within the park.  Last time I went to the History Museum. This time I decided to enjoy the many exhibits at the Art Museum. Families of all backgrounds were also there and it is always a good thing to see kids being excited about art.

When I came out of the Art Museum, I noticed a blue ice cream truck parked across the street that said the St. Louis Police Department. It was a very hot Sunday, even for August in STL,  so I ran across the street just like a kid. Matter of fact, there were just as many adults in line as kids. I thought maybe they were charging something like a $1 as a fundraiser for something, but they were giving out ice cream for free.

Now me being, me, I asked “what is this for, why and is this a regular thing” as only I would do.

It seemed to be organized by Black and White Female cops who were more than eager to have a conversation with me about them helping the visitors to the park keep cool. Honestly, this was the first time I had a conversation with a cop in years.

I know it was a small gesture.

I know that it will not make up for anything bad done by any cop here or anywhere and I definitely am not trying to say that. Not me. Not at all.

But, for ME, it was good to see the ST. Louis cops in a good light. Even if it was just those women. Even if it was just that day.