How long is Save the Light?

So, we did a good amount of promo and interviews for Save the Light a few months back, and a very common question was, of course: “how long does it take to beat?” 

Fair question, especially since we’ve always been open that Attack the Light was a pretty compact and modest little RPG (though always intended to be that way!) 

Our answer on STL’s length was an estimate at the time: we expected it to take maybe ~8-10 hours to clear, and a little more if going for 100%. We basically set that as our goal, and told ourselves: hey, if we can hit this, we’ve done alright!

Well, looking back, our estimate ended up being… a bit off. This game really surprised us with just how big it became as development progressed, and I’m happy to report that you can expect to more than double our old estimate – even triple it (or more) if you’re planning to complete the game to 100%! (and we hope you do!)

Our team has dedicated ourselves tirelessly and completely this past year and a half to STL, and we cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on it. 

More soon!!

Why we say “black lives matter-”

An officer murdered a black man in cold blood and planted a gun on him. And still got off scott free.

This has been the same fucking story on repeat since our country’s founding.

So why have these three words, this chant “black lives matter” gained momentum?

Because our society treats black lives as if they don’t matter. Black lives are treated as if they are worthless and expendable.

And that is why it is so crucial to state, chant and scream “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

But more than that, we have a duty- and white people especially have this duty as we are the greatest beneficiaries of the oppression of black folk- to become ungovernable, to resist, to riot until we create a society in which black lives matter. Because no lives matter until they all do.