Fucked Up World

“It’s a fucked up world”- 
that may be true. 
But that’s no excuse
to be fucked up too. 

Each new day brings a chance 
to turn things around. 
If we want transformation
opportunities abound. 

Don’t stick your head in the sand, 
or say, “that doesn’t affect me," 
or "they deserve what they got-
there’s no injustice you see." 

Those lines are all old, 
and they’re tired and they’re lame. 
And if we keep on repeating them, 
nothing will change. 

And change is the thing 
that we need most to see. 
A new beginning can’t
happen without you and me. 

–Cynthia Hernandez 

anonymous asked:

All these people talking shit, celebrating dead police, it's just talk. Which is what you are too, just talk. Embracing and spreading hate. Ignorance. Racism. Violence. You're just like them, cut from the same cloth, equal and opposite pieces of shit. This country is burning and you're fanning the flames.

No people like you who refuse to talk about the problem are enablers. In the name of tolerance you refuse to even adress the issue. You stick your head in the sand and just pretend like everything’s going to magically fix itself. People are dying and you’re so busy playing apologist for the killers that you can’t even see that you’re making it worse.


‘So,’ you asked one day, trying to distract yourself from the hunger for blood which was like an annoying fly constantly with you, ‘can I turn into a bat?’

Mitchell chuckled, shaking his head slightly. ‘Of course not,’ he told you, a small smirk playing on his lips.

‘And you can’t fly either before you say anything,’ interjected George as you opened your mouth once more.

‘You can scare passers-by if you change your eyes and stick your fangs out?’ murmured Annie, handing you a cup of tea.

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Tbh people who stick their heads in the sand and say “Representation doesn’t matter, your kid doesn’t NEED someone who looks like them to identify with” kind of annoy me