(Double-Stuffed) Tuesday Twitter Round-Up: 16 February - 28 February

Other Miscellany

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  • Did you know many libraries have teamed up with AARP to help you do your taxes FOR FREE? Call your library and see if they have resources for low-income tax payers.
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Welcome back to FuckYeahUglyCars’ 2014 Roundup! (4/4)

We come now to the last installment of our 2014 roundup. It’s what you’ve all been waiting for: the most popular posts of 2014. You all deemed these ten cars the best of the year, so you get to enjoy them again here. 

1. Volkswagen Cabrio - 626 Notes

2. Fiat Multipla 750 - 545 Notes 

3. Shelby Cobra- 450 Notes 

4. Volkswagen Golf - 394 Notes

5. Porsche 911T - 363 Notes 

6. Lancia Stratos HF Stradale - 356 Notes

7. Tucker 48 - 329 Notes 

8. Subaru Impreza WRX STi - 312 Notes 

9. Toyota Celica - 304 Notes 

10. Heinkel Kabine - 255 Notes 

Thanks a lot for all your support this year! I hope you’ve enjoyed looking back at the highlights and I look forward to bringing you more great stuff in 2015.