I went to this amazing carnival with my friends last night and it was deathly freezing and I saw couples keeping each other warm and stuff and woops I accidentally thought about the pack going to a carnival and of course Sterek happens. I’m not good in writing so I decided to draw instead. The Pack Goes To The Carnival AU

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Gosh calm your fucking tits jfc, Sterek shippers! What gave you so much Sterek feels? Its just a little touch!

Here we go again! Its been awhile. What makes me have all these Sterek feels? Did you watch the latest episode yet? The fact that Derek just accidentally killed Boyd! He was sad! Devastated! I bet he’d be so guilty and he’d blaming himself for what happened! Blaming himself for everything, forever! So-called-Derek’s-lover Jennifer just sat there in horror while Stiles, STILES STILINSKI rushed towards Derek! He knew Derek was devastated! You can see how hurt Stiles looked after he saw what happened and as reluctant as he was, he threw all the “I don’t trust Derek" “Derek scares me" shit and decided to lend Derek his comfort by holding his shoulder. Coz you know, human contact could take the pain away and stuff. Stiles somehow understands how Derek felt and there’s nothing much he could do so he just held Derek’s shoulder showing that he cares! *exhaled deeply* Bye anon have a nice day!