Semester 1 Project 2011/2012, UCD Architecture


PINTLE n, A pin or a bolt on which another part pivots

A pivot for both current and potential park uses, the pavilion holds onto the centre of Mountjoy Square, pinwheeling facilities for the local community within and around it. It piroettes as people pass, as they proceed towards, and as they progress around inside.


Top 10 | 2013 | Theatre

Its been a great year for Irish Theatre and a real pleasure to work on so many great shows around Dublin, both as an Actor and on the publicity/documenting sense. Thanks to all the venues and companies for their help and support.

Here are some of my favourite production photos from a busy year. 


Bring on 2012.

April 3rd. Academy.

Bring THAT on.


A look back at some of my work from 2013