Women engineers get real about the worst sexism they’ve experienced at work

  • When Annie, a 29-year-old software engineer in Austin, Texas, fixed her male coworker’s code while he was on vacation, he got mad.
  • “He said to me in front of everyone that I was a cunt because I thought I could write better code than him,” Annie told Mic in a Twitter message.
  • Annie said she responded to her coworker during the team meeting, telling him that his comment was “out of line,” but none of the other men spoke up. She was the only woman on a team of nine at a mid-size startup.
  • “Shortly after, I asked to move to another team, which was approved, and he got promoted,” she added. Read more. (7/17/2017 11:13 AM)

An all-girls science club from San Fernando Senior High School near Los Angeles has designed a solar-powered tent meant to help homeless and displaced people around the world.

The tent — designed by a group of 12 high schoolers with the help of an organization called DIYgirls — uses solar power to charge electronic devices, provide light and sanitize itself via a system of antibacterial UV lights. And it folds into a backpack for easy travel.

The electronics cost about $40. The tent itself is made out of highly durable and water-resistant material. The idea for the tent came after some members of the team saw increased homelessness in their neighborhood.

“These girls saw a problem in their community,” Evelyn Gomez, an engineer and the executive director of DIYgirls, tells NPR’s Morning Edition. The group aims to get young girls from under-resourced areas interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math.

All-Girls Teen Engineering Team Creates A Solar-Powered Tent For Homeless People

Photo: Courtesy of DIYgirls


Meet the Girl Scouts that will earn badges for being cybersecurity experts

  • Samantha, a 15-year-old Girl Scouts ambassador in the greater Chicago and northwest Indiana region, said that one of her school friends had an issue with a classmate using her login to send out messages.
  • “The cybersecurity training will help girls avoid situations like this!” said Samantha.
  • It’s true: Girl Scouts will offer cybersecurity badges beginning in September 2018. The series will begin with 18 badges, covering topics from how to stay safe online, how to avoid online scams, cryptography, coding and computer skills needed to pursue a career in cybersecurity — to name a few. Read more. (7/24/17, 11:38 PM)

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Girl Scouts to offer badges in cyber security, hacking

  • One way to up gender diversity in STEM fields is to get girls interested early. The Girl Scouts of the USA hopes to do just that with the addition of new, cyber-specific badges starting in 2018.
  • “To be globally competitive, girls today need to know not just how to use computers but also how to program them,” Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, told ABC.
  • According to Gizmodo, there will be 18 badges in all, available at every scouting level for participants aged five to 18. 
  • The badges — rewards for accruing skills in cybersecurity, online identity protection and hacking, among other things — came at the request of Girl Scouts themselves. Read more. (6/21/17, 8:21 PM)

Your 33 on the ACT
Doesn’t mean you need a PhD
An A in math and science
Doesn’t make art an act of defiance
Because the SAT says 1570
You still don’t need to go to MIT

These are the reasons
Their shoulders sag with grievance
Because we bark at them
The only career for you is in STEM
How can we be so insensitive
To say that it’s a waste to be creative?

—  to anyone who’s been told that a certain career or passion is a waste of your intelligence