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Prompt: Effie wearing for the first time Haymitch's shirt after sex and he appreciates it a lot! 

Hiiii <3 Prompt : Haymitch realizes how Adorable Effie looks with no make up, in his sweats and t-shirt

here it is! [X]

The Shirt

It was an odd feeling to wake up slowly and not on the brink of panic because of a nightmare. It didn’t happen often enough for him to take it for granted.

He felt around the narrow bed, already knowing he would find it empty. District Thirteen’s bunk beds didn’t allow a lot of room when you were sleeping with someone. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep the previous night but it happened more and more nowadays. He often couldn’t find the will to leave her bed after they were done trying to drown their anxiety in each other.

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Panorama over the active crater rim, Mt. Bromo, Indonesia


Boat view of Stromboli, the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”, constantly active volcano off the coast of Italy/Sicily