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Prompt: could you write something where Haymitch meets Lyssa sometime during the games but doesn’t really take notice ‘cause he only got eyes for Effie or something like that?

To Chase The Memory Away

Haymitch pressed the rim of the glass against his jaw, thoughtfully making it roll against his lips instead of drinking from it.

He was distracted and he slouched even more on the couch he had commandeered for himself; his ankle was wedged on his opposite knee in a nonchalant pose his escort would probably have objected to. Nobody was paying him any attention and he liked it better that way. It was the classy sort of parties: the ones with waiters walking around with trays full of food or champagne, a string orchestra in the corner, people waltzing with almost perfect synchronicity in the middle of the ballroom and comfortable couches and armchairs scattered around the edge of the dance floor.

“Wouldn’t mind a piece of that ass.” Chaff commented next to him.

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