Shoulder to Cry On || Link & Keely

Keely was in the process of changing clothes when Link had finally texted her back. The short conversation she’d had broke her down into a puddle of shakes and tears. He had been all she wanted to see the past few days. Of course she was worried about Avery, but with Phoebe and Abigail and everyone around him, it seemed that he didn’t need her there. So she’d just wanted to see Link because he was the only one who knew the truth, the only one she didn’t have to deny the rumors around. 

Pushing herself off the ground where she’d let herself fall, went to wipe her face off. The make up that had once been pristine and perfect was now smeared and smudged down her cheeks and face. These days it took an extreme amount of make up to get her to look normal, how she used to. She looked tired and worn without it. 

After her face was clean, she moved slowly towards her bed and let her head fall soft on the pillow. Link seemed to be taking an eternity to get here, although she knew it was just because she was anxious for him to arrive. Her hands shook and her mind wouldn’t stop. She thought she heard her phone going off. Assuming it was her father, she ignored it. 

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A small selection of photos from the day, we’ll be posting more as the week goes on along with links to any write-ups and blog posts about the event you Boomers submit to us!

In the meantime, our intrepid Editor-in-Chief, Michael Corker, has posted his off-the-cuff thoughts on his favourite moments from the day here.

An STC Triple Birthday!

On this day in years past, something magical, something amazing, something astonishing happened… Yes, that’s right, Boomers, it’s Nigel Kitching’s birthday! STC Historians and Archivists have been working on a definitive history of the man from the Kitch Haus who brought us such classic characters as Captain Plunder, The Marxio Bros, Emperor Ko-Dorr and Madge & Arthur. We’re proud to share their findings today:

Born in the before time (before Sonic The Comic, that is, we didn’t bother paying attention to anything preceding that), Nigel “King” Kitching was an unassuming child from the Land of Eng. One day, he was faced with a vision: a vision of a talking, blue hedgehog. And, thus, from that day forward, Young Nigel decided he would go about becoming the ultimate Sonic scribe.

Of course, he hit a snag immediately as Sonic hadn’t been invented yet, so he had to wait for that. When the day finally arrived, however, Nigel wrought drama and tension upon STC’s pages like never before, with his debut story featuring Robotnik as some sort of Mecha Paul Daniels. Nigel would go on to create many famous STC stories including Sonic the Terminator, Death Eggtimer Countdown and The One Where Johnny Lightfoot Got Blatted By Chaos. Good stuff.

Nigel also won a place in our hearts for writing a Sega Superstars story with a certain set of characters who weren’t quite as well known or beloved as Sonic, but who remained near and dear to many a Boomer’s heart, thanks to his work. Yes, that’s right: Streets of Rage!

And, so, on this glorious day, we salute you, Nigel Kitching (prop. Nigel’s Kitchens) for your many and various contributions to comics. Without you (and Lew, if you’re reading!), the STC-O team would have never been inspired to take up the mantle of hedgehog related storytelling. Happy birthday and—OI, GERROFF! I—hey, noooooo—dsfSWAGKAGAGkewglknweFK,kllllllllllllll

*Sorry about that, Boomers, just had to pry the new boy off the Official STC-O Social Media Keyboard. Hm. I could read or delete what he wrote but that would just waste valuable seconds better spent looking at cat pictures on the internet. Happy birthday, Nigel Kitching! From all of us at STC Towers, have a most amazing day!


ICYMI: One More Special Guest for STCC!

26th August 2014

In case you missed it over the weekend:

Think we were finished with guest announcements? Think again! Sonic the Comic Con is extremely proud to announce the attendance of our 7th and final special guest: RICHARD ELSON!

Richard’s art style is one of the most recognised with Sonic the Comic, having illustrated from issue #7 all the way through to the comic’s conclusion.

Richard is arguably the longest serving STC'er, having also illustrated the Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbook before the comic’s launch! His career extends out into both the Marvel and 2000AD universes, as well as many other franchises such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Toxic Crusaders to name a few. We are privileged to have our STCC roster completed with Richard!

Sonic the Comic Con Kickstarter is complete!
16th August 2014 Amazing! 126 backers and £3,674 raised! The generosity of the backers for this project has blown us away, and having exceeded an overall funding total above 250%, we really will be able to create a fantastic event! We’ve already confirmed 6 fantastic special guests: Ferran Rodriguez, Nigel Dobbyn, Jon Haward, Kev Hopgood, Nigel Kitching and Carl Flint! All attendees and those who have opted for the LIGHTFOOT perk will receive the special edition Sonic the Comic issue which is being especially created for the event! We can also now also fund some great decorations for the venue, and we hope to be able to have some great prizes up for grabs too!

We look forward to bringing you updates in the coming months with sneak peaks of the comic, fantastic competitions we will be running throughout the day, and details on how to be featured in the special edition comic itself! We will also have details on our “STC Saturday Social” as well - so if you are planning on coming to York a day early, start your STC celebrations early too!

We cannot thank you Boomers enough for your support, and we can’t wait to see you all in October!