Shoulder to Cry On || Link & Keely

Keely was in the process of changing clothes when Link had finally texted her back. The short conversation she’d had broke her down into a puddle of shakes and tears. He had been all she wanted to see the past few days. Of course she was worried about Avery, but with Phoebe and Abigail and everyone around him, it seemed that he didn’t need her there. So she’d just wanted to see Link because he was the only one who knew the truth, the only one she didn’t have to deny the rumors around. 

Pushing herself off the ground where she’d let herself fall, went to wipe her face off. The make up that had once been pristine and perfect was now smeared and smudged down her cheeks and face. These days it took an extreme amount of make up to get her to look normal, how she used to. She looked tired and worn without it. 

After her face was clean, she moved slowly towards her bed and let her head fall soft on the pillow. Link seemed to be taking an eternity to get here, although she knew it was just because she was anxious for him to arrive. Her hands shook and her mind wouldn’t stop. She thought she heard her phone going off. Assuming it was her father, she ignored it. 

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