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Fun Fact: limbal ring

Anatomy def: A dark-colored ring around the iris of the eye created by optical properties at the juncture between cornea and sclera.

Outlander def: Dark rings at the rims of Fergus’ (Claudel not being a verra manly name) irises as he beholds his beloved Laird.

Learn about limbal rings in Anatomy Lesson #31, “An Aye for an Eye - The Eye, Part 3.”

Read what Diana wrote about Fergus’ eyes in Dragonfly in Amber:

“Fergus?” I said, eyeing the boy, and trying to ignore the goings-on below. The lad was possibly nine or ten, but small for his age, and fine-boned as a ferret. Clad in clean, worn clothes several sizes too big for him, he was also as French as they come, with the pale, sallow skin and big, dark eyes of a Parisian street child.

See Fergus’ beautiful dark blue limbal rings in Starz episode 213, Dragonfly in Amber, as “milord” orders him to deliver the newly minted deed of Sasine to Lallybroch. I will not fail you, milord!”  The end is nigh, sob!

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Outlander Anatomist

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AMERICAN GODS Casts Orlando Jones and Demore Barnes | Nerdist
Alright, Bryan Fuller, this is quite enough. Are you trying to murder us with pure joy and anticipation? Because we're losing our ever-loving minds over American Gods already—no need to stick us with the pointy end of goodness so aggressively! But that's exactly what the Hannibal auteur's done with the most recent casting news for his Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book: he's bringing out the fandom big guns by casting Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow) and Demore Barnes (12 Monkeys, Hannibal). Joining Fuller and co-creator Michael Green's new series, Jones and Barnes are no strangers to Fuller's vibrantly crafted worlds of whimsy, having worked on Pushing Daisies and Hannibal, respectively. According to the announcement, Jones will embody Mr. Nancy, the human form of the West African god Anansi, known for his trickery, deception, and storytelling skills (and he usually looks like a spider!). He also just so happens to be the father of the Anansi Boys, a spin-off/sequel novel of Gaiman's
'Lost' Alum Joins 'American Gods' as Jesus — Exclusive
The big guy is coming to Starz. The network’s epic new 2017 series American Gods already has its ensemble bursting with deities, but another...