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Not Alone


I'm so proud of Team Starkid

The final Apocalptour show has me thining about how far Starkid has come. They have come such a long way since 2009 and A Very Potter Musical. Now they have five shows, two national tours, and fans all over the world. On top of that, each individual member is shining in many other ways, such as Darren Criss on Glee, AJ Holmes in Young Frankenstein, and Joey Richter on Jessie. This group of individuals are each so talented and created such an amazing group. Starkid makes musical theater popular again and inspires people to perform and showcase there talents on the stage. The girls of Starkid teach us how to glow* as women and inspire us to do great things. Mostly, the Starkids are role models. Young people we can look up to and inspire us.

I wish the most success in the world to this amazing group, and hope that they have more exiting things to come in the future. I also wish the individuals the most success in there lives and hope that all of their dreams will come true.

Thank you Team Starkid for inspiring me.

So. My favorite StarKid moment ever…surpassing shit talking with Walker, better than seeing AVPSY, better than everything…was during SPACE tour in Ann Arbor…my first time seeing StarKid live in any way…the very first night of that tour…being in the front row of Michigan Theatre…and the guys coming out and doing Status Quo….None of us knew it was gonna happen. It wasn’t spoiled from people who had seen it before. It was just beautiful and pure and so so stunning. I cried. That’s my favorite StarKid song and has been since before SPACE. So that…that performance…ugh. Bless. It was the best StarKid experience of my life. Holy shit.