day iii: halloween

for: marichat week 2.0
prompt: halloween 

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Seven months earlier.

Halloween isn’t a popular holiday in France, but this year, coverage of the American tradition makes it onto the local news thanks to a certain crime fighting duo.

“Paris’ favorite heroes are becoming popular overseas. Reports from several large cities in the United States show a staggering number of children dressed as our Ladybug and Chat Noir as they enjoy trick-or-treating this October 31st.”

The station cuts to footage of dozens of tiny Ladybugs and a smaller number of Chat Noirs roaming suburban neighborhoods. The costumes range from faithful renditions to more creative interpretations, but the majority of the Ladybugs have their hair pulled into the heroine’s signature pigtails. Marinette has to clench her fists to keep herself from self-consciously touching her own hair.

“Aren’t they adorable?” Alya coos, and hits the pause button on the video. Marinette quickly agrees, letting out a silent sigh of relief as Adrien and Nino pull back from where they’d been previously huddled close to the two girls.

“It sure seems Ladybug’s way more popular than Chat Noir, though,” Nino remarks as he settles back into his chair.

“Well, Ladybug’s just way cooler,” Adrien says offhandedly.

Marinette immediately bristles without thinking, “ Chat’s plenty cool . Ladybug would never be able to do it alone. They’re a team, and they’re best friends. You can’t be a fan of one but not the other.”

Her outburst is met with stunned stares, and then Marinette feels the fierce blush beginning to stain her cheeks. Adrien is looking at her like she’s just declared up is down, and Marinette has never wished that she could sink into her seat, through the floor, and disappear quite so badly.

Alya breaks the silence, “Damn girl, I didn’t know you were such a huge Chat Noir fan.”

Adrien is still staring at her, but now he’s smiling like he’s finally figured something out. “No. You’re right, Marinette—they’re best friends. Thank you.”

Every time Marinette thinks it’s impossible to turn any redder, she proves herself wrong. “Um, y-you’re welcome!”

Mlle. Bustier walks in then, and the subject is dropped as class begins.

Later, she would think about the truth of what she’d told Adrien. Because she and Chat are best friends. Even if they don’t know each other’s names, Marinette knows her cat in a way that she’s sure that nobody else in his life does. Just as he knows her.

And even later than that, Marinette would wonder why Adrien had thanked her at all.

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note: I am…a hellishly slow writer. This is probably because I’ll spend hours at a time researching things like whether France’s public schools use a bell system, or what the most common trees in certain Parisian neighborhoods are. 

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Wed me Sasha

“Wed Me”-hero au 

“Babe…babe look at the money in my bank account.” 

Connie pauses, beer raised to his lips to squint at the phone being pushed into his face. The amount of zeroes is staggering to his little drunk mind. 

Sasha grins and shuts it off to throw her hands in the air. “I’m gonna buy you the nicest dick in the world. It’s gonna be awesome. With rocket launchers.” 

Connie chugs the last bit from the bottle and throws his arms around his girlfriend. He doesn’t even know how they got onto this subject. They started out drinking and watching Troll 2, eating an absurd amount of takeout from some place Sasha had on speed dial, and somewhere along the way the conversation turned to dicks. As conversations tend to do with them. Now the movie is going on with no audience and the leftovers of their food carnage litter the table as Sasha talks about buying Connie a real dick and not a rubber one to stuff his pants with. 

The both of them are also drunk as all get out, so. 

Connie nuzzles against the soft material of Sasha’s tank top and makes a happy noise. 

“Can I really have a rocket dick?”

“Babe you’re gonna have the best dick. All the other dicks will weep in inferiority,” Sasha says, rubbing the soft fuzz on Connie’s head. “It’s gonna have rocket launchers and GPS and it’s gonna be massive.” 

“Oh my god,” Connie sniffles. He reaches one hand out to the mess of food on the table, scrabbling for the chicken strip dinner box and fishing out the onion ring he’d tossed aside for favor of the fries. He holds it up to his tipsy girlfriend and smiles. “Babe, marry me.”

“With an onion ring?” Sasha asks. She takes it, of course, eating half of it in one bite and dribbling crumbs onto Connie’s head. 

All the onion rings,” Connie whispers. 

Sasha’s stunned gasp is muffled against the mouthful of fried onion. “We’re gonna have an onion ring wedding and your massive new dong is gonna stun everyone.”


The both of them sigh happily. 

“…Connie?” Sasha asks. 


“Your abuela’s gonna be pissed. I ate the ring.” 

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would you actually be willing to do them all? they all sound fun! you could even stagger them. secret santa now, then the little pop in the spring and then the big bang in time for the summer holidays

We definitely could do that, and we are willing to give all a shot.

Perhaps we will if enough people want to do them.

When Mars Tipped Over

For hundreds of millions of years, lava bubbled up from the depths of Mars, forming a staggering volcano system called the Tharsis Bulge. Its four major volcanoes near the equator — including Olympus Mons, the solar system’s largest — are all taller than Mount Everest. And now, new research reveals that the bulge’s massive size had serious consequences for the Red Planet. According to a French-led team, the bulge made Mars tip over some 3 billion years ago. 

More in Discover Magazine. FROM THE NOVEMBER 2016 ISSUE    

 Yea, this post turned into more like an ad.     

“Would she not have made an admirable queen? Is it not a pity that she was not on my level?”

“From what I have seen of the lady she seems indeed to be on a very different level to your Majesty,” said Holmes coldly.

—  Holmes’ perspective on Irene Adler compared with that of the King of Bohemia, A Scandal in Bohemia

Muahahah the Walk Cycle Queen strikes again!

@corseque uploaded this dual gifset of Solas being obstinate and I was like, “Wait a second I don’t remember the things you can say as a friend!” So I went back and played through them and wouldn’t you know it, I found something!

The first walk cycle is stiff and a little awkward as he walks away from a befriended Inquisitor after having taken their hand and bidden them farewell. This is probably the stiffest gait I’ve ever seen from him in the game, probably because we’ve never seen him as Fen’harel before, completely in his element (his walk to Mythal was cautious and slow, weighed down.) This is an authoritative, confident stride that assumes power and respect, accompanied with his reverse crossed arms is like looking at another side of him (which we do throughout this cutscene.) Leaving a friend behind is tough, but his duty and goals are at the forefront of his mind as he departs.

The second walk cycle might as well be a completely different person. He’s not confident, rather he looks drained despite taking the mark from her. He’s dragging his feet, his hands loose by his sides as he shuffles slowly back to the eluvian in no hurry to leave her again, but he has to. The conversation severely hampered his pace through his plans, and leaving is probably the last thing he wants to do, because that means he can never go back on his word (even if he knows he’d never break off his plans.) The longer he’s in the same place with her, the more he can entertain the meager, false hope that he will stay, because once he crosses the threshold, all he can do is hope against hope that she’ll prove to him that he’s wrong about everything.

Notice the distance the gifs start for both of these to really take in the difference in distance. They are the exact same frame rate with the same amount of frames. In the first, he’s brisk, almost in a hurry to get out. In the second, it will take him at least three times as long to reach the mirror at that pace if not longer. He’s already defeated, at least on one front.

Solas Gifset Masterpost


You have to learn to despise people on a personal level. Not because they’re red, or because they’re blue, but because you know them, and you see them every single day, and you can’t stand them because they’re a complete and total fucking douchebag.


They contain everything I know about the men and women who fought bravely on Chorus, and I entrust their story to your care. They were unique individuals. I fought both beside them, and against them, and… against them when I was supposed to be beside them. But in the end, they were my friends. And I will miss them dearly.

Season 5 ~vs~ Season 13       

Alpha ~vs~ Epsilon