It’s a super late night upload, but after reading Naruto Gaiden 10 and proceeding to spazz about it on my main account, I did some quick fanart. I really want to just see more domestic SasuSaku. ;u; I can just image how happy Sasuke would be to come home to Sakura and Sarada welcoming him home. I’m hoping SO HARD that we get to see more of them in the movie next month.

Things That Are Canon Now:
  • Sasuke is a pervert who still likes to tease his wife even 12 years into their marriage
  • Karin is no longer obsessed with Sasuke and sees him as an actual human being now and is glad that Sakura makes him happy
  • When Sarada started having trouble seeing, Sakura called up her old friend Karin to make her kid some glasses
  • Sasuke and Sakura finally traveled together and got to see the world and probably fucked on mountain tops and shit
  • There are going to be about 500+ Shins following papa Kabuto around Konoha with absolutely no explanation whatsoever 
  • Konoha FINALLY got an adoption system which will cut down about 500% of all future character angst
  • All these characters have grown and matured in so many magnificent and beautiful ways
  • Except Suigetsu
  • This ship that I have been shipping for 10 years now is so canon it hurts and I can’t stop crying thank you Kishi
Naruto Gaiden 700 + 10

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Congratulations to all my fellow SS shipping family who have been super loyal and never lost faith. Fifteen years I’ve loved this ship and every moment was beautiful even when it was scary/confusing/dark/humorous/awkward…… anyways, LOVE prevailed. 

I can’t get over how amazing the ending was, and honestly though Sasuke didn’t kiss Sakura or do anything very romantic how can you leave her hanging like that I still feel like it wasn’t necessary, she knows he loves her. He’ll be back as soon as he can. AND HE HUGGED/POKED SARADA 

No Filter
Notes: I think, I may have taken this the wrong way?
Summary: Where Sakura is a chatter box and Sasuke is embarrassed. 


Over the years, Sasuke had come to realize, accept and appreciate, that Sakura wasn’t Sakura, if she wasn’t half a chatter box.

“Your Papa,” she gushed, “was the most adorable cutie patootie this side of the world.”

On his other side, Sarada smirked with narrowed eyes. “Really?”

“You have no idea,” said Sakura, ladling a spoon full of vegetables into Sarada’s bowl, and continued, “He was so clueless and dorky, tried to be serious all the time,” she winked and reached across the table to pinch his cheek. He ducked, gave a sigh of long suffering, and tried to ignore the achey feeling in his chest by stuffing rice in his mouth.

“But Papa’s still pretty cute,” Sarada chirped.

“He sure is,” Sakura winked at him slyly.

Sasuke promply choked, and gave Sakura an incredulous look while Sarada patted his back soothingly. “Have you no filter, wife?”

“Not really,” she smiled brilliantly, and took a dignified sip of her soup while Sasuke looked on disbelievingly.



Well, Fellow Shippers

There’s no mistake in Sarada’s profile anymore ~~

And I’m forever grateful ~~

That the ship war is over~~ 

No more Antis’ stupid arguments ~~

Karin has changed ~~  Kabuto is now shins’ papa ~~


What a beautiful family :’)) 

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Couldn’t get any better <3

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[Sasusaku] He is at Her Mercy at Their Home

An English translation of this AWESOME fanfic by CJ. Don’t forget to check her out.

Rate: M

Note: He is totally hopeless when it comes to his fierce wife. Post-Gaiden.

Source (Thanks again, CJ, for letting me do this!)


He was home at last…

Konoha, Uchiha, home, where he had been away from for too long.
How long had it been since he left? How long had it been since he last held someone in his embrace? How long had it been…since he last was touched by the warmth of a family?

Sakura laughed dryly as she confessed to him that the house they had been living in was now pieces of rubbles. Now there they were, at the Uchiha compound, where Sasuke never thought he could call home again, but Sarada’s excited expression and Sakura’s smile were enough to fill his chest with joyful nostalgia.


Yes, he was home now.

He had been away for so long that his daughter hardly let go of the hem of his shirt she was clinging to, not letting him go any further. Sakura merely smiled, amused, and did not bother to help him. He was the one who tucked Sarada into bed and lay down to listen to his princess’ stories of what had happened when he was away. Sakura was there, sitting on the other edge of the bed, listening with a smile on her face.

Sarada almost entirely took after her mother, except her jet black hair and the eyes that proved her Uchiha blood. The little girl, his daughter, made him smile just as Sakura did.

It was not like the Uchiha household he used to know, but…this was not bad at all, right?

Sarada told him and Sakura about when she set off to a journey with a close friend. A large smile spread across Sakura’s face when Sarada said how happy she was when she knew her father was not far away that she ran off alone to find him.

But that smile turned unfathomable as Sarada talked about when Sasuke misunderstood her for an enemy and pointed his katana at her.

Sarada laughed as she talked, no longer feeling upset. Sakura smiled at her daughter’s words.

Sasuke must have been over-vigilant. A lot had happened. He must have been too exhausted.

Their princess’ voice started to soften. Her eyelids felt heavier, fighting to cover the onyx eyes. A big smile was still etched on Sarada’s face when she fell asleep. The hand that was gripping Sasuke’s shirt fell as sleep took her. He saw his wife giving the little girl a gentle grin.

No sight was more beautiful than the one before him.

Sakura set her breathtaking eyes on Sakuke, put one finger on her lips as if to shush him, and gestured him to the door so their talk would not wake up the sleeping girl.

Sasuke followed his wife out of the room, his eyes fixed on the Uchiha crest. It looked great on her narrow back.

How long…had he not had her delicate body in his arm?

How long…had he not seen the most beautiful smile, those most captivating eyes, and that heart-warming profile of his most precious?

It had been…too long.

“…Sakura,” he called out softly, reaching out to pull her into his arm, but the second his hand touched her shoulder, she swiftly turned around. Crossing her arms, she stared at him sternly.

“Honey,” she spoke too sweetly that it made him uncomfortable. She smiled so widely that her flaming-green eyes are closed. “Welcome home…”

Sakura left the sentence hanging there, like she was not yet finished. Why was it that Sasuke still felt uneasy despite all crises being resolved?

Uchiha Sasuke, one of the strongest men of the era, a war hero, and formerly one of the most-wanted criminals, was now sweating in front of a smiling small lady.

It was of even greater intensity than Orochimaru’s paralyzing killing intent, even greater than Ten Tail’s force.

“But…you are sleeping outside tonight, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura spoke with the unchanging smile, but her aura was even more intense than that when she punched Uchiha Shin and sent him flying.

“S…Sakura,” he tried to find the voice that was somehow stuck in the throat. He was going to protest.

“No excuses; or I’ll throw you out of Kohona,” she smiled broadly. “It’s for attempting to harm my dear daughter. You should thank me for just making you sleep in the garden, actually. And I haven’t yet decided what to do for you forgetting our daughter’s face.”

“But –.”

“Or do you really want to sleep outside the village, darling?”

“Well, ok…”

“Good. Now, what are you waiting for? Out, out,” she did not just say it, but also pushed his stiffened body out the door.

The next thing Sasuke realized was that he was standing in Uchiha manor’s overgrown garden.

“See you tomorrow, husband,” his wife, who had just kicked him out of the house, waved at him with a grin before vanishing behind the sliding door.

Never before had Sasuke felt as close to Death as tonight…

He sensed her chakra moving here and there around the house…their house, the house that he was not at liberty to set feet in tonight if he was not looking forward to being punched out of Konoha anytime soon. It was not long before the lights went out, telling him that his wife had already gone to bed.

Sasuke sighed. He did not have many choices or any idea on how to deal with Sakura’s rage that he was not at all familiar with. In a situation like this, he was in complete darkness.

But…it was cold outside…

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