so today this dude (ill call him dude 1) called this other dude (dude 2) the f*g word & this kid grabs the other dudes fuckin dick like he reached down and GRABBED it thru his pants without breaking eye contact & the terror in dude 1’s eyes & then dude 2 says “now that i got ur dick in my hand, u gonna fucken call me that again?” and dude 1 shakes his head and dude 2 goes “thats what i fucking thought” & let dude 1’s dick go & walks away & this was in the middle of lunch & it’s dead fucking silent & then everyone just started cheering & clapping oh god that was some movie type shit

a night to remember makes me emotional bc i watched the behind the scenes and all their outfits represent their characters somehow like gabriella’s supposed to look all summery bc shes all…summery & troy’s suit is nice but a little messy just like him & chad’s has his team number on the back bc ball is life & taylor’s dress is like a 50s look, very conservative, like her, and sharpay’s is bright pink & modern & kelsi looks like a goddamn ballerina bc shes a lil princess & ryan looks snazzy as hell but still manages to be sparkly cuz the black tie and just. fdshfsdhfdjk

i love that picture of patrick and pete at brendon’s wedding cuz 1) it was patricks bday 2) they looked snazzy 3) they were both sunglasses emojis 4) pete was smiling so big said sunglasses were pushed up his face and looked ridiculous