It’s a super late night upload, but after reading Naruto Gaiden 10 and proceeding to spazz about it on my main account, I did some quick fanart. I really want to just see more domestic SasuSaku. ;u; I can just image how happy Sasuke would be to come home to Sakura and Sarada welcoming him home. I’m hoping SO HARD that we get to see more of them in the movie next month.

okay im seeing people getting upset over patrick’s reaction to the guy pouring a beer on him, and you guys are being ridiculous. i was there, i saw what happened. as they were coming back from the main stage from the stage they did the acoustic set on, and andy was doing his solo, i noticed patrick talking to joe backstage, and he looked upset. so then he got onstage and him and pete said what they said about that guy.
patrick’s not at fault. he had the right to be upset. it’s not like a fifteen year old girl who idolized him accidentally spilled her drink on him and apologized two thousand times and patrick still got on stage and bitched about it and made her feel like shit, no, that would be fucked up - this was some oldish dude who was there for wiz, and it wasn’t an accident, and he was being a dick on purpose and laughed about it. apparently as patrick was calling him out, the guy was laughing about it. i’m not gonna say it’s not a big deal because it is, it was actually pretty freaking awesome seeing patrick get pissed off like that tbh, but don’t say patrick handled that badly. he had reason to be upset, the guy was a dick for doing that.