I had a magazine based project in typography class and since my teacher is a huge nerd for spider-man, he immediately approved my sinister six concept.

Here’s the final project (which i can now see many mistakes in), but I love the way it turned out

Airplane Hard Mode

So…one thing you can do to clear this thing, is kinda like key smashing. Just use your middle fingers along with your index fingers and just tap the hell out of the game during the hard mod. A lot of people managed to clear it like that (I’ve never tried it before, so I don’t know but I’ve heard it lol)

Another thing would be the way you look at the notes. It used to be a hard song for me but now it’s fairly easy cause of the way I look at it. I used to thing of those “lines” individually…which made it quite complicated to clear one after another like this… going from left to right and then starting at the front again.

but then I kind of build a wall in my head where I see the notes on the left and right for each hand. so I only have to make small left and right steps with both hands which isn’t really a complicated pattern. like this…

I explained this to someone and that person told me, it helped her a lot and that she cleared it by herself now. so let me now if that helps you ;)