imagine the first time ss argues being over sasuke constantly leaving the toilet seat up and then one night when sakura returns home after a long work day she sits only to feel the cold splash hit her and she just goes off on him

and then sasuke w/o thinking much of it just says “i’m sorry, it’s just been a really long time since i’ve shared a home with anyone” and sakura just stops mid-rant suddenly tearing up, and just glomps him






not here but here..

Do you feel my presence

like I feel yours when I’m alone

My fingers feel your warmth

intertwined with their own

I see your shadow beside mine

although I walk alone

Your scent is in the air

Your smile in my smile

and we share a joke or two

I can feel your arms

around me all night long

and can see your face each morning

on the pillow beside mine

You’re not here

but still here, my love

More than anyone else

#when someone you love is not around you

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“I was going to sit at home and read a book, but we’re going to a party.” Melinda decided. Skyla tried not to sigh in relief at the fact she dropped the whole living situation. But going to a party was the last thing she wanted to do.

“Mel, I’ve been in the air for almost twenty-four hours, can I just—” 

“We’re going. You never went with me to parties in London, you owe me.”  She reminded. Skyla sighed and took out her phone.

“What time is the party?” She asked. Melinda had a point and even though she was tired, she figured if nothing else, it would make Melinda happy.

“Ten.” Skyla could see the excitement in her eyes and she didn’t want to disappoint. It was only eight, perhaps she could make it work.

“Fine, let me sleep for an hour and a half and I’ll go.” She agreed. Melinda excitedly. She went to find her room and passed out as soon as she hit the bed.

Suicide Squad

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