Loving this 1970 Chevelle Super Sport in her Shadow Gray factory paint. I don’t see too many Chevelles with this paint scheme. This car has a 396 / 375 horsepower mated to a four speed. I can imagine idling thru my town at a walking pace in traffic, with that big block motor just loping and turning heads.

Sticker Star Log: Day 1. I’ve barely started, don’t hate it yet.

that’s right, folks! i’m just now starting my very first playthrough of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. i’ll be keeping a log here just to try something new, so y’all can follow along as i trek through the series’ most infamous entry yet!

Day 1: I don’t hate this game yet. I’ve just unfurled the plaza in Decalburg and will set out to adventure some more later on. Decalburg, the hub, is passable, although much more barren compared to the other games’ hub areas. As for characters, Kersti isn’t so bad, but I can see how she can be a bit of a pain later on (her introduction was also kind of rough, and the bit of exposition about the Royal Stickers felt kind of meh to me). The Toads are also fairly witty yet I do not hold out hopes to see many more unique characters down the road. Rescuing the Toads at the beginning was a bit of a pain though not nearly as bad as any of the Toad missions from Paper Jam. I’m skeptical of the battle system, which I will be sure to detail once I have more experience with it.


all the wayhaught scenes and mentions in s2e2!!