Okay so i watched some Anti videos from October and can I just say one thing? I fucking LOVE his occasional faint laughter in the background! Like seriously, that’s one of the details I so appreciate @pixlpit for adding in, it creates such a cool spooky atmosphere!
I felt like mentioning it since i haven’t seen many people talk about it even at that time…. and i just witnessed one of those moments soo…yeah

Fricking ya man

Selfie Tag

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*I’m doing this one again since the last time I did it I just used an older pic I had on my computer. I lost my phone but found it last night xD So this pic is from LITERALLY 5 minutes ago*



1. I learned to swim when my dad chucked me off the side of his boat into the middle of a deep lake near my hometown. NO WARNING OR ANYTHING.
2. My dad and I are NOT close. (Surprise amirite)
3. I’m a huge baseball fan and my #1 team is the New York Mets but my #2 team is the Seattle Mariners
4. As you can see from my teams, I’m used to losing so I’m at least a pretty good sport when things don’t go my way LOL
5. My next tattoo is a back piece based off of one of my favorite video games: Dragon Age: Origins
6. I also have a Final Fantasy 12 tattoo planned as well as a LoZ: Twilight Princess one
7. I keep all the art that my friends do for me on my wall. I have the most recent ones right above my bed so I see them when I get up. It keeps me going, I swear. 
8. I have an obsession with Squid Jerky that, quite frankly, has to be unhealthy at some point. xD
9. I’m not a dog person at all but if anything happened to my puppy I would probably murder someone. He is a precious bean and deserves the world.
10. One of my goals in the next two years is to meet as many of my friends who live on the East Coast as possible before I move. I love them and I want to spend time with them <3