“giant handkerchief.”

 - Phil Lester

having trouble writing?

update: the link should work now! im very sorry abt this haha h

I’m not sure what most you guys write with these days, if the majority of you are still chugging along with good ol’ Microsoft Word or whatever, but let me introduce you to this beauty:

Write! (look at this snazzy sleek website): 

This is my go to program. It’s light and doesn’t have a five minute start up like Word (or maybe my laptop’s just really clunky and old) and it has these features that make the entire story-building ordeal easier. 

Seriously, ever since I started using this I’ve been just spewing shit out.

It has both a free and a pro version. The free version is beautiful and efficient just on its own and is the one I’ve been using the longest, but if you want to have your work on all your devices, have a night theme for all-nighters or just have some stylish documents, the pro version is $5 per month. If you can, please support them!

The layout is simple and clutter free, nothing overwhelming. The navigation has an option to give you a visual look on what you’re scrolling through rather than the normal scroll bar, which has saved my eyes from squinting every five minutes.

Its got a standard formatting options but not so many that you feel overwhelmed. Simplicity matters! It also has a handy productivity counter which tracks word/character count, pages, reading time, etc.

There are three window options: compact, standard (size-adjustable) and full screen. I always use full screen but when I’m multitasking or want watch youtube videos, the window becomes smaller without cramping your work space since it doesn’t have a toolbar.

It’s pretty hard to find this program (at least it was for me haha) cause of its name. Since this is my favourite writing program so I’m going to spread the word and share it, since it deserves more recognition B^)

things that still didnt sink in:

  • sasuke and sakura held hands
  • sasuke proposed her
  • or maybe she proposed him idk
  • sasuke and sakura hugged
  • like
  • romantically hugged
  • they kissed for the first time
  • they kissed
  • they kissed again
  • i’ll repeat: they 
  • kissed
  • actually kissed
  • for real
  • his lips touched hers
  • their tongues danced together
  • they
  • kissed
  • kissed
  • they kissed.

things that will not sink till i die:

  • they fucked.

Zhang Yixing’s 2015 

Thank you for another amazing year ♥

“so what are ur religious views?”

idk i really like bees

“what’s ur sexuality?”

who cares about sex, i want bees

“how do u feel about politics?”

i feel really passionate about saving the bees. i like bees. actually let’s just make a bee our next president. just a fluffy little bee. we can name him o-bee-ma. world peace is truly within our grasp