things that still didnt sink in:

  • sasuke and sakura held hands
  • sasuke proposed her
  • or maybe she proposed him idk
  • sasuke and sakura hugged
  • like
  • romantically hugged
  • they kissed for the first time
  • they kissed
  • they kissed again
  • i’ll repeat: they 
  • kissed
  • actually kissed
  • for real
  • his lips touched hers
  • their tongues danced together
  • they
  • kissed
  • kissed
  • they kissed.

things that will not sink till i die:

  • they fucked.

when harry had seen draco malfoy for the first time in ages, he hadn’t expected himself to be all that concerned or bothered. it had just been draco malfoy, after all.

but somehow harry had been concerned with malfoy. or curious. maybe both. the feelings he had for malfoy were hard to place and even harder to decipher.

malfoy, who was all sharp distinct edges in his carefully ironed and expensive clothing; malfoy, who didn’t open his door to just anyone—metaphorically; malfoy who regarded almost everyone with nothing but cool glances, brief nods, and snarky responses; malfoy, who harry potter had no idea would become a big part of his life in the next twelve months or so.