A Girl With Autism Finds Her Voice

My tumblr is meant to be purely fandom silliness and fun, you almost never see me post anything serious, unless it pertains to animals or autism.

I HAD to share this video. Those of you who know me personally know that autism plays a huge role in my personal and my professional life. This video fills me with so much hope and I just feel like maybe everything will be okay in the end. If you have 10 minutes, please watch it. And remember, never judge a book by their cover!

People on the internet must be stopped

This is a new one. I had one of my rare “mom” moments just a minute ago, wherein a girl I follow on deviantArt – a long-time fan of Sonic who is also an aspiring writer/aritst, posted one of those “I’m leaving the internet forever” journals. The girl, let’s call her “Sally”, has visited me, along with her dad, at every comic convention I’d appeared at in PA and elsewhere on the East Coast, since she was probably around 10 years old. Sally is now 14, and posting fanfics on FanFiction.Net along with trying to come up with ideas for her own stories. Sounds like how lots of us got started, doesn’t it?

Apparently, there’s a group now, on FF.Net calling themselves Critics United and they’ve harassed Sally, as well as some of her friends, to a point where she doesn’t want to write anymore. It’s been a while since my old-lady-self knew anything at all about what was going on at FF.Net, so I had to look this up. It's rather ridiculous for me to report my findings when the first article I came across, did a much better job: You can read it here

A couple things:

# 1, If you’re an aspiring writer, and I don’t care if you’re 10, 18, 40, or 100 years old, here, you shouldn’t be afraid to write. Take it from someone whose published and private work (read, fanfiction) has been drug through the coals more times than she can count: You’re not making art until you’re making someone mad.

#2, Anyone who goes around critiquing fanfiction has no right to be taken seriously as a critic. And certainly not if they’re utilizing bully tactics to “critique” people. And certainly not on the internet.

If you are being harassed, take screencaps, talk to a friend or, cheesy as it sounds, an adult, and do it now – especially if it’s making you feel like you’re a bad person. You’re not. And harassment on the internet is still harassment and can be taken to court.

Remember, we’ve all done things that were less-than-perfect, and you should always strive to improve your work and take helpful critique to heart. The best way to do that is to keep writing and to learn the difference between useful and constructive criticism and bullying.

Last night at 3am, my Nani passed away. She was right as rain just a few days ago, no illness or any sign that she was anything but healthy. Then she had a stroke on Wednesday and it all went down hill from there. This happens right on the tail of losing my Nana in March.

My last conversation with her was on Mother’s Day. We talked about Freya and how wonderful she is, and she told me about a white Akita she had seen in the city. I am okay with my last words with her being about this because dogs are the joy of my life and Nani knew that, but I’m just not okay with it having been my last words to her period. She was JUST fine. I was supposed to see her tomorrow. This wasn’t anticipated or expected in the slightest. I guess Grandpa was getting impatient…

I can’t believe she’s not here.

Next webcomic page is page 100

(I’m not counting the prologue, because the way I originally scripted it I added it onto the beginning)

I can’t even believe I got that far with this project. If you’re sitting wondering about doing something you always wanted to write/draw/sew/sculpt/extreme iron/etc, just get on and do it. You’ll amaze yourself. And get a lot better while doing it too.

*deep breath*

Today is my day off but I came into work because of reasons. One being that Monday is a holiday so the office is closed and I could use the hours. But the more important reason is to make sure I save every single ID and data transfer code to all the games I currently play because I didn’t go and spend all that cash and time and effort and stuff to lose all I have worked so hard to get 

(  * ^ *) The struggle is real because I still can’t play my Shall We Date games without a wifi and I an really worried they’ll have to factory reset my phone. I shouldn’t feel so anxious and yet, I do (u_u) Only those that know the plight can understand.I have to wait until tomorrow morning to go and see if they can fix what’s wrong or see the worst. So, in my silent panic, I screen shot and wrote down ever single code and emailed the shots to myself. Now I have to do what I can while I’m at work *deep breath*( ><)