Somereallygreathair’s List of People With Some Really Great Hair:
↪ David Tennant


Not only is my blog going to explode with Teen Wolf feels and creys everywhere tonight, but Warehouse 13 is back and I cried in last season’s finale more than like any other show ever so basically…

my blog is going to be a place of pain and feels for werewolves and warehouse agents.


Can I just say that as a Christian we are supposed to follow both the rules if the Old Testament and New Testament. But mostly new. We are not supposed to judge people because of what they’ve done or what they chose to do. We are not suppose to judge people. WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO JUDGE PEOPLE. We don’t have to like your sin. But we have to love you. No matter what.
That’s all.

By the way I’m grumpy because I have to choose between buying food I can eat (I can’t eat a lot of food without guilt because of my ED) for a week and being full but suffering the wrath of my family or buying christmas presents for everyone, but not eating lunch for a week which might cause mental health things later.