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POC Headcanon Series

Being Sam Wilson’s daughter, and dating Peter would include…

  • Sass. So much sass. Living and breathing sass (Mainly Sam’s fault)
  • Steve always trying to be the ‘responsible role-model’, which usually ends in you making fun of him
  • “Okay, grandpa, I won’t throw my food at you anymore.”
  • Sam not knowing what to think of Peter
  • Tony liking you and your snarky attitude so much that he’s tempted to adopt you
  • “C’mon, Wilson, she could be a mini-Stark. Stark Jr. Stark #2.”
    “Tony, for the last time, you’re not adopting Y/n.”
  • Sam being creeped out by Peter’s abilities
  • “Is this stuff coming out of you?!”
  • Being really good friends with Bucky, despite his on-going war between your dad
  • Becoming a double-agent for Bucky and Sam, which you find hilarious
  • “Y/n, why are you hanging around Barnes?”
  • Sam sniggering in the background when you’re training with Peter, and demolishing him (Because you’re just that awesome)
  • Inviting Scott over just to piss off Sam
  • “Y/n, what’s tic-tac doing here?”
  • Peter ranting to you about how cool your dad and Steve are
  • “They’re like a crime-fighting super duo!”
  • Natasha teaching you how to be bad-ass
  • Natasha also being your listening ear about guy problems
  • Stealing the EXO-7 Falcon and flying around the tower
  • “Y/n, give me back my wings, right now!”
  • Surprisingly being really good friends with Fury
  • Sam glaring at Peter all the time, because he still hasn’t forgiven him for webbing his hands to the airport floor
  • “Y/n, your dad’s scaring me.”
  • Visiting Riley’s grave with your dad, and just standing there for a while
  • “We miss you, Riley.”
  • Clint teaching you how to climb the vents inconspicuously
  • “So, you’ve got to be quiet, and don’t make any noise, no matter what.”
  • Helping Peter with his homework, even though he’s smarter than you in maths.
  • “I think the answer’s 42.”
  • Smuggling in random animals into the tower
  • “Y/n, no.”
    “Y/n, yes.”
  • Wanda using her telekinesis to play pranks with you
  • ‘Accidentally’ destroying parts of the Avengers Tower
  • “Y/n, for the last time, you can’t keep blowing up the kitchen. We eat there.”
  • Rhodey convincing you to call Tony ‘Mr Stank’ every time you see him
  • “Hey there, Stank.”
  • “Shut up.”

Life is the dance of infinite possibilities, living vicariously through you, as you and me.

Life is vibrating, animating and experiencing everything that we taste, smell, see, hear and touch.

Life is the silent, unseen watcher of all.  Life is that which sees through our eyes, thinks with our thoughts, and is the very oxygen that we breathe.

Life is interconnected, indivisible, paradoxical, purposeful, harmonious and sacred.

Life is the deepest non-local cosmic intelligence that cannot truly be named, categorized or fully understood by religion, philosophy or science.

Life is an infinite ocean of conscious energy; we are all but the play of short-lived waves in it, rising up, having the illusion of a separate life, eventually falling back into the timeless primordial Source, only to realize that we are that life, living and expressing itself.

Life is a constant that can never be created, never destroyed, and always changing form.

~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

Avengers: Baby Edition

Art belongs entirely to @kadeart, go check them out, their art is out of this world!

Request: The Avengers somehow turning into babies and Peter has to babysit them.

(The person who requested this originally wanted only Peter in this one-shot, but I figured that since this was a Spider-man x Reader and imagines blog, I might as well add the reader in. Sorry.)

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Being an artist, and dating Peter would include…


  • Sketching Peter when he’s not looking
  • Doodling in class, which usually ends up with you having a notebook full of coloured-in animals, instead of class notes
  • Bringing your sketchbook with you everywhere you go
  • “I might see something that I just have to draw.”
  • Peter having to remind you to eat or drink whenever you sit in front of a canvas, staring at it blankly for hours at a time
  • “You’ve been staring into nothing for nearly two hours.”
  • Giving Aunt May one of your masterpieces, since she’s always so sweet to you
  • Sharpening your pencils. Constantly.
  • Dragging Peter along with you whenever you need to buy new supplies.
  • “Y/n, we’ve been looking at the same box of pencils for nearly forty-five minutes.”
  • “Shh, this is an important decision.”
  • Acing every art class you attended
  • Your work desk being extremely cluttered and messy, filled with empty paint containers and broken pencils
  • “Where did I put the blue paint…?”
  • Stretching your hands 24/7, since they always get sore whenever you hold the pencil for hours at a time
  • Your hands always being smudged with pencil lead
  • Drawing on your test papers, which both irks and amuses your teachers at the same time
  • “Y/n, you drew a giraffe over question 27, but it is a very detailed giraffe, so I’m going to give you an extra point.”