Okay I want to first say I know what blackface is and I know how it’s detrimental and racist, I don’t support or condone racism in any way, but saying that this is black face is really reaching! SERIOUSLY THE WHOLE THEME OF THE PHOTOS IS A FUTURISTIC ONE! You think of ET Katy Perry, FFS you see Randal from Monster Inc. before you would conclude black face. If you go through photoshop and look at any tone from her forehead to her neck, you get the same dark metallic blue, purple, and pink tones! Get out with this is her trying to imitate black people and their culture. Another thing that annoys me with this whole uproar with Kylie’s “black face” is that every post about it conveniently neglects to use this photo: 

Is it too light to for you to cry black face? Maybe, just maybe, it’s because it’s not black face in the first place! But let’s not stop there, let’s talk about the hypocrisy with similar instances, where was the uproar when Versace’s 2013 Spring Campaign had this for their ads?

This isn’t perpetuating stereotypes or any sort of negative connotations, it’s simply perpetuating a specific theme - in this case is it’s olympic titans/goddess and in Kylie’s it’s a futuristic one. If you want to talk about cultural appropriation and black face that’s great, but trying to stretch something into something it isn’t is poor form. Now if anyone can actually explain to me if and how I’m wrong, I invite it. But, if all you’re going to do is yell and abuse then you’re hindering you’re own cause. 

Updated disclaimer: I do apologise for coming across as extremely policing with my views towards the black community, and I do respect the views of others who differ on the issue while my aggressive (and uncalled for) tone conveys otherwise in this post.

Raquel Zimmerman in Alexander McQueen, for Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013 ad campaign.  Photograph by David Sims.

Oh, the texture!  Honey conveys a sense of luxury and sensuality, so how perfect that Raquel could be doused in it for such an appropriately-themed collection?  The bee necklace is front and center, and she seems to be a victim; the insects have swarmed around her neck and covered her in their sticky material.  This picture has a subtle darkness that is true to the McQueen brand and highlights the look of the collection.