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While I do like the idea of Moon and Toffee being former friends, I highly doubt that it's the Snape route. If anything, I think that it was because Toffee put too much hope that Moon would fixed the past sins of the Royals. [Part 1]

And Moon, being brought up in that culture, didn’t truly know what happened to the monsters so she got defensive. Even going so low as saying “You’re not like them!”. Which really offended Toffee. [Part 2]

I would like to think that Moon did realize her mistake, but with the position that she in and the way her culture is set up. I don’t think she could do much without social and political backlash. She more likely saw herself in the right. [end]

Well, it’s really hard to pull Snape’s route in this case anyway, cause at the very least Moon’s alive. Which is great considering how many Disney moms are dead.

Oh, and this scenario is very nice! I especially like the bit about “You’re not like them”.

Hmm, as an option, let’s throw a bit more drama here. An accident happened where Toffee lost finger in some super convoluted way. And was generally badly injured in less damaging ways after which he had to spend quite a lot of time to recover. So, basically, the only thing they found on spot was the finger (hehe, oops, HP, stop). And now Moon thinks that Toffee’s dead. And in this case main reason behind the destruction of the wand would be that Royal Family constantly backs up Mewmans and not Monsters (Mewnipendance Day).

Ceiling Patcher

*beep* *beep* *beep*

Eugh the alarm. It wasn’t an early work morning for me but unfortunately since I wasn’t leaving the house til later, I was the one that got stuck with the job of letting in the guy who was gonna fix our ceiling that had been destroyed by water damage. Oh joy. Got up and did my normal routine of such. Walked downstairs had a bowl of frosted flakes and waited.

My bf said the night before that he’d worked with him. He was an older white dude. White beard blah blah blah. He didn’t sound like someone I’d hoped would be hot. Oh well.

All the furniture including the couch and dining table were under tarps so there I was eating my frosted flakes in my boxers on the kitchen counter. He was supposed to arrive sometime after 8, or whenever he could get thru the west bound traffic. So I waited…and waited…and waited. Finally around 10 o’ clock the doorbell rang. Pulled a shirt over my head and shuffled to the door. What met my eyes when I opened the door was not no older white dude with a santa clause like beard. Instead, to my surprise stood a local guy. About I’d say 5’6 and looked to be no older than 32. If I had to, I’d say he was about 189 but carried his weight well. Nice chest but you could tell he threw beers back with the boys at least a couple times a week. Had to be some kind of Japanese maybe Chinese mix with a little bit of Hawaiian perhaps? He didn’t look full Asian. Nice eyes with the usual overly trimmed eyebrows but “I’m straight” which seems to have become a fad around here. He apologized for being late and said the guy who was supposed to do the job had to take his daughter to the doctors. Too bad for him but good for me I thought haha.

He took his shoes off and I showed him the spot that needed patching. He examined it for a bit and then went back to his truck to get materials he needed. Went to the kitchen to start making lunch for work later tho I was hoping maybe I could get a snack before leaving home. The guy came back and started working on the ceiling while I did dishes from the night before.

“It’s been pretty hot ah?” I heard him say from the living room.

“Fuck you telling me and to top it off our a/c no work so we been blasting our fans and opening all our windows” I responded from the kitchen.

“Oh nah? Shit nah I know how you feel tho. I live up Waianae side. Last couple days I jus walk around in my bibs or boxers. Too hot to wear anything else. Know what I mean?”

That last part caught me by surprise. Also made me sweat a little and I know it wasn’t cuz of the heat outside.

I chuckled a bit “No shit bu. At least you keep your clothes on.” I decide to chance and test the waters, “I no shit you. Sometimes so hot dis side, I jus walk around butt ass naked”

“Oh..right on”

Shit too far I thought. We went back to working on our own things. Grabbed some laundry from upstairs and started doing them. Trying to stay busy and get my mind off this guy.

Bout an hour later I figured I tried again. “eh yo u thirsty?”

“Nah I almost pau actually. Jus gotta apply this shit to this one area then pau”

“Ah ok” I said, feeling defeated inside. No action today.

“Nah but you get one towel? Stay sweating ovah here. Not to be rude but was hoping you wasn’t gonna be here so I could work without a shirt on.”

BINGO! “Ya hold up lemme grab you one.” I went upstairs only to come back down to see him already wiping himself down with his shirt. “Eh I said was goin grab you one towel. Neva need use your shirt.”

“Nah I no mo any odda jobs afta this so all good.” He continued wiping his shirt over his hairless chest. Lifted his right arm to reveal a nice hairy pit that matched his left. Tried to look away but not before noticing his right nipple was pierced.

“Eh mean your nipple ring. I heard that shit hurts ah little bit”

“Ah minahs but feel good when touch em” He kinda made a face after as if he realized what he said only after he said it. “I wanna get the left side too. Make em match. Probably do em when I fill in this tatt” which he then gestured around the left side of his waistband and pulled it down just enough that I could see it was some kind of tribal.

“Oh mean ya I like get this one done too!” I lifted up my shirt showing off my chest tatt.

“Take em off. I like see the whole thing” He said.

Fuck I wasn’t gonna think twice on that shit. I took my shirt off and he came closer to check out my tatt. “Ya my friend stay workin on em. Mean his stuff.”

“Ya I like the way it’s done. I hate the chest tatts that look like a breast plate. Yours nice but not too much. I like this part specially where it goes round your nipple.” As he said that his thumb was tracing the tatt from mid chest and down and around my left nipple that was slowly getting hard. “You like that ah? I know you been checkin me out. I got tired of waiting. Was getting hard jus looking at you in the kitchen. Undressing you with my eyes, bending you over the sink, hearing you moan.” As he was saying that, he slowly slipped his hands down my boxers and went immediately for my cheeks. Massaging them and groping them in his hands like he was making pizza and my ass were two pillowy pieces of dough. Without taking his hands off, he slipped his two index fingers between the crevices of my ass and spread them, letting my hole take a breath of fresh air only to be suffocated with his right index finger. I let out a soft moan which apparently worked him up more. “Ooh good I got me a moaner. I hate guys who don’t make a sound”

I started to open up his jeans that now had a tent in it and perhaps even a precum spot. “hehe commando huh? Nice” I let gravity do its thing and let his jeans drop to his knees. He followed suit and slid my boxers down which I then kicked off. I spread his legs a little bit and checked out his dick which altho only 6 inches was pretty thick. I smiled and looked up only to have my lips meet his. He tongue fucked me. Not rough but not too sensual. Grabbed his balls in my hand and caressed them a bit. It was his turn to moan. “damn babe don’t stop”

“Mmm sounds like I got me a moaner also.” I continued playing with his shaved balls while our tongues played a game of war above. It’s no wonder his jeans had a wet spot tho. This guy leaked precum so much, it was all over the back of my hand. I licked it up which turned him on greatly. He sat back on the stairs, legs spread and I went to work. Took this local boys dick in my mouth and went down on the first swallow. My tongue swirling darting and playing with his little piss slit. Usually I hate giving head but the way he moaned and deeply groaned turned me on so much I couldn’t stop. Finally I felt him push my head off saying if I didn’t stop he was gonna shoot a load down my throat. He pulled me up and we kissed some more until he slipped under my body like a mechanic working on a car and rested on a spot where I was just about sitting on his face. Fuck that tongue was talented. He got in deep. Felt like I was getting a first class tongue bath. I couldn’t take it anymore. I flipped around and started to 69. That only lasted for so long since you know….him cumming too soon. But I wasn’t having it. I looked him in the eyes and he got the hint. He bent me over the sink and went to town. Balls slapping my ass, legs spread wide and just in pure ecstasy. His hands wrapped around my waist and played with my nipple which caused me to make all kinds of sounds. Oh fuck he was hitting the spots. Unfortunately he didn’t last too long and without a word busted in my ass. Load after load after load. Could feel it just paint the insides of my ass. He may not have lasted long but damn his loads felt like they wouldn’t stop. Finally tho he collapsed, both catching our breaths. After pulling out tho he shocked me by getting on his knees and licked the load out of my ass. Damn not only was he a moaner, he was a kinky bastard!! I turned around and made out with him tasting my ass, his load and our sweat. FUCK!! I let him shower upstairs and before he left he handed me his card saying if he ever needed work plugging up any other holes to give him a call…… fuck


Mom let me hang the Pusheen plush I got at Kitsune Kon in the window of our car. (She’s not too intrigued by anything much of “anime culture”, but she does have a soft spot of Pusheen, hehe…)

Now our driving will forever be blessed by this adorable little dude. ☺️

Title: Sandcastles

Pairing: Bertholdt x Fem!OC

Genre: Angst, Drama

Warnings: May contain spoilers

Summary: After betraying almost everyone he had in his life, all he wanted was to be forgiven and loved by her.

A/N: Taken from this request. Though I’m not too confident with how this turned out, I hope you guys enjoy this one!! :D I included a reference to the last movie I watched, by the way, and I hope you guys won’t mind!! Try to spot it tho hehe

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First Kisses and Tickles

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A/N: Woohoo I’m on a prompt-roll! This turned out a little longer and detailed than I actually meant, but here’s my first romantic Haikyuu!! tickle fic, featuring KageHina, based on this OTP quotes challenge post. Partly inspired by this adorable KageHina Doujinshi you should all read! <3 

Summary: Hinata and Kageyama have only recently accepted each other’s feelings, and have yet to share their first kiss. Hinata is stressing out about this, and when Kageyama catches him doing something embarrassing he’s too embarrassed to face him.

Hinata Shouyou, now the boyfriend of Kageyama Tobio. No way, no way, no waaaay. Hinata squeals to himself and throws the ball so high it bounces off the ceiling. He’s definitely no hero when it comes to romance, yet it turned out to this… 

Still flustered, he couldn’t help but come to practice way early so that he wouldn’t have to compete with Kageyama again over who would get here first. Now that they’re a couple, what does that mean anyway? Sure, they are in love. But now what? Does dating really include kissing and - Hinata’s face explodes at the thought. He’s never ever had a first kiss before, not by girls and definitely not by guys. It wasn’t until meeting Kageyama that he discovered his preference in guys either. 

Blushing, he picks up the ball and stares at it. So how does one kiss? He nervously brings the ball closer to his lips and stares at it, trying his best to imagine Kageyama’s face. Closing his eyes, he leans in and then plants his lips on the ball. Like… this? 

The sound of an awkward cough makes him jump in shock and he frantically throws the ball away and looks at the door, seeing Kageyama stare at him. Hinata blinks his eyes and the sound of the ball bouncing away is the only sound that can be heard while they’re surrounded by awkwardness.

“K-Kageyama,” Hinata stutters, feeling his cheeks burn because of the embarrassment. He saw…. He saw him….

“Hinata… Let’s pretend I didn’t see you do that,” Kageyama says after clearing his throat, and he walks forward to pick up the ball. No, no, no. This is too embarrassing. His boyfriend caught him kissing a ball. A ball

“Noooooo!” Hinata suddenly yells, and he runs out of the gymnasium while yelling like an idiot.

“Stupid Hinata, where are you going!” Kageyama yells, and he turns around and chases after him. Hinata had a head start though, and with that incredible speed… he just vanished. 

“Damn,” Kageyama mutters when he can’t seem to find Hinata. Even his stuff is still left at the clubroom, but the boy himself is nowhere to be found. 

“Oy Kageyama!” Suga greets him casually, and Kageyama nods at him - completely distracted by what he saw earlier. Was Hinata anxious about them kissing, perhaps? He blushes at the thought as well.

Hinata doesn’t show up during practice, and no one understands because his stuff is still at the clubroom, and Hinata would never miss practice. Everyone’s sending Kageyama suspecting glares, and that makes it all even worse.

“I’ll wait here, I know he’ll come back,” Kageyama tells Daichi when they change clothes after practice. 

“You sure? There’s always tomorrow, too,” Daichi says, but Kageyama shakes his head and squats down to check Hinata’s bag.

“His phone’s in here too. I think he will be here,” he says, and Daichi finally nods. 

“We’ll leave it to you then!” Suga says, and slowly all members leave the clubroom, and Kageyama stays behind. He drops Hinata’s bag outside the clubroom, steps back inside and closes the door. He knows he will take the bait. 

It’s a couple of minutes later when he hears footsteps nearing the clubroom, and he smirks when he hears Hinata’s voice as he’s mumbling to himself.

“Everyone left. I’m so stupid, so stupid… How could I… Ah, my bag!” Hinata runs over to his bag and grabs it, but right at that moment Kageyama throws the door open, grabs his boyfriend by his collar and drags him inside.

“K-K-Kageyamaaa!” Hinata screams in shock, and the sound of the door closing behind him makes him grow all tense, reminding him of the fact that they are alone between these four walls.

“Stupid Hinata, how dare you skip practice?” Kageyama yells, and Hinata shakes his head heavily and grabs Kageyama’s hands in an attempt to pull them away from his collar.

“I had no choice, how could I face you after showing you something like that?!” Hinata yells back, his face red because of the frustration and embarrassment.

“Didn’t I say I would pretend I didn’t see that?!” Kageyama barks.

“That makes no difference!” They are both panting now, and Kageyama slowly looses his grip on Hinata’s collar. They both calm down and stand in silence, and Kageyama finally lowers his hands.

“So, what were you doing anyway?” he asks, and Hinata immediately jumps, flailing his arms like crazy.

“Didn’t you say you would pretend you didn’t -” It’s then and there that Kageyama cuts him off with a kiss, his hands cupping the shorter boy’s cheeks and he presses him against the wall. If it’s all about that kiss, he might as well get it over with.

“Hmm-” Hinata moans softly, and Kageyama deepens the kiss a little before pulling back.

“There. Happy now?” he says, blushing because of the bold move he just made.

“H-ha…” Hinata is left speechless as he brings his hand up to feel his lips. This is getting a little bit awkward, Hinata shouldn’t be this shy.

“And was it anything like it? You know, your practice-kiss with the ball,” Kageyama says, smirking, and just like he was hoping Hinata immediately turns back into his worked up hyperactive little self.

“Stupid Kageyama! Shut up about -” Kageyama cuts him off with a kiss again, his hands grabbing Hinata’s, and pinning them next to his head against the wall. He kisses Hinata until they both need to take a break to gasp for air, and he lowers his head to plant soft kisses down his neck.

Hinata shudders and closes his eyes, and Kageyama smiles with his lips still against his skin. A couple of bold moves like this should do it to shatter the awkwardness of them as a blooming couple.

“A-aha!” A soft giggle escapes Hinata’s lips when Kageyama continues to kiss his neck. Kageyama pulls back and looks at the source of that sweet giggle, and he cocks his head.

“Hinata. Don’t tell me you’re ticklish there?” he asks casually, and Hinata gets ready to protest again. His hands are still pinned beside his head by Kageyama’s hands, but he squirms and starts to yell out some inaudible rant.

“OfcourseI’mnotticklishwhatareyouevingsayingstupi - nooooo don’t, don’t!” Kageyama was able to move both Hinata’s hands in one of his own, and he pins them above his head while he lightly tickles Hinata’s neck with his free hand.

“Hehehehe, d-don’t!” Hinata giggles, scrunching up his shoulder and twisting and squirming, but Kageyama grins and continues to flutter his fingertips over the sensitive skin.

“Not ticklish?” Kageyama asks, and Hinata yelps when he leans in and blows a raspberry on his neck, his hands now positioned at the redhead’s sides. 

“Aahahaha a-alright - hehehe - t-ticklishehehe n-now stop!” Hinata giggles uncontrollably, but Kageyama enjoys this new discovery. 

“I don’t see why I should stop,” Kageyama smirks, and he makes his boyfriend go crazy with laughter by scratching his stomach, immediately discovering how this is a very ticklish spot.

“HAHAHA NO - hehe K-Kahahags heheehe plehehease!” Kageyama chuckles at Hinata’s helpless state. With his own height and strength combined, his shortie boyfriend is no match for him, especially now he has his arms trapped like that.

“Alright, I’ll stop. On one condition,” Kageyama starts, and he proceeds to tickle him very lightly by fluttering his fingertips up and down his underarm. 

“A-ahahand that is?” Hinata asks, giggling calmly and squirming at the light tickling, and Kageyama leans closer until their noses are almost touching.

“I kissed you. So now you kiss me,” he demands, and Hinata is immediately as red as a tomato again, yelping inaudible words in embarrassment.

“Well?” Kageyama asks, and he adds a little bit more pressure to the tickling as an indication that he’s ready and willing to continue the merciless assault.

“O-okay okahehey!” Hinata giggles, and Kageyama hesitates but then lets go of him and takes a small step back. Hinata looks up at him, blushing nervously, and he stands on his tiptoes. Kageyama is forced to lean in a little to meet his height, and then their lips are touching in the sweetest kiss that makes his stomach turn around. 

Kageyama wraps his arms around Hinata’s middle, pulling him closer and feeling both their heartbeats compete with each other in speed. With Hinata reaching up to kiss him, this lifts his shirt up just a little, and the moment Kageyama notices this, he can’t help but let his hands stroke the soft skin of his revealed stomach. Hinata flinches and giggles into the kiss, his reactions making the tickling even more entertaining. 

Just when Hinata wants to pull back, Kageyama places his hand on the back of Hinata’s head, forcing the kiss to last a little longer, while his free hand now scribbles its fingers all over Hinata’s bare side.

“Hmmmhph-ahahaha y-you are so mehehean!” Hinata laughs when he’s finally released from the kiss, and he squirms and fights against the tickling fingers. 

“I know. But I’m also your boyfriend,” Kageyama says with a blush, and this causes Hinata to fall silent too.

“So… next time something embarrassing happens, don’t run from me. And don’t you ever dare to skip practice again.” He smiles despite his warning, and for a moment Hinata stares at him, but then that typical bright smile appears on his face.

“I won’t!” he says, and this time he’s quick to stand on his tiptoes again to give him another kiss, and Kageyama almost loses his balance in surprise. Woah, that sure helped a lot. With a kiss here and some tickles there, he totally managed to break through Hinata’s embarrassment-shield. Now the real fun part of their dating begins!

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How would the vocal unit to you singing loudly in the shower? Like you can sing really well but they didn't know~

Jeonghan would probably keep quiet for a while then bring it up at some point, like when you decline his request for you to sing while washing the dishes he’d tease you by saying, “But the echo in the shower didn’t let me listen to your beautiful voice completely so I want to listen to it live right now.” He’d back hug you while laughing when he notices your ears/cheeks redden because of embarrassment, “Please?” He’d say in that gentle voice you just can’t say no to.

Joshua would lean beside the bathroom door with a smile and would wait for you to come out. He’d act like a frozen statue with his hands on his heart and with an awe-struck expression. Once you ask him about what he’s doing, he’d reply with “I am the Entranced Prince. I was entranced by your singing and to bring me back I would need my princess to kiss me.” He wouldn’t move from his position even if you tell him to stop or slap his arm, and when you kiss him he would kiss back and hug you. “Cute.”

Woozi would have probably randomly composed a song for the two of you to sing before but hid it somewhere, and he’d take it out while he listens to you singing. He would wait for you to finish taking a bath and dressing up before he talks to you about it.”So hey, I knew your voice was beautiful but I never knew it was this amazing.” He’d smile at you as he continues with his composition in hand, “Can we please sing this song I composed for us?” He would have probably readied his blood-stained hahahaha rip mingyu guitar so you can’t say no.

D.K. would quietly open the bathroom door and sing along. When you stop, he’d continue for a while and then clap his hands really fast “I have evolved from my jagi’s #1 fan to your #0.01 fan!” He’d continue to sing the song until you come out. When you ask him why 0.01, he’d reply with a sheepish grin, “Well, your dad would probably punch me if I take his spot, hehe” then he’d bounce to you with a pen and paper after dressing up, “So Miss Lee, can I have your autograph?”

Like Woozi, Seungkwan would wait for you do your stuff before he confronts you. “Why didn’t you tell me that you can sing?” he’d say with an accusing tone, “We could have made the guys jealous by singing a duet!” He would be pouting all throughout (aegyo hater my ass), but you would be able to see his pride for you in his eyes. “By the way, we’ll go to the karaoke tomorrow, and just so you know, I’m not taking no for an answer.” 

Thank you for waiting! My baby’s is too short I apologize ;_; It’s Hoshi’s birthday later so don’t forget to tweet with the hashtags #HappyHoshiDay #나의_별_호시야_생일축하해 for our star!