• A normal persons reaction to the Captain America Civil War big Game spot:Oh woah hehe this looks pretty intense, might go see this in the cinema
  • A marvel fans reaction to the Captain America Civil War big Game spot:*Ugly sobbing noises* Oh my god, no my baby's can't do this mama Steve papa Tony you can't fight. Stop!!!!!! Bucky baby why would you shoot Tony WHY?!?!?! Must go to cinema when this comes out!!! My heart is breaking!!!
Because all the cool kids are doing it...

I’m going to do the HISTORY CHALLENGE! :D I’m super excited (mostly about the daunting CC collection task!).

(can you spot the prehistoric weiner hehe)

CC collecting will probably take me a little while, because there have been so many cool releases lately, and I want to be well prepared before I start playing. And then there’s lot building!

I wish there was a Fabulous Fifties era (in between Roaring Twenties and Modern Day) though, I might have to invent one..


By Skyler10

Summary: Rose and Tentoo encounter another telepath at the scene of an alien crash landing, but it isn’t who you’d think.

Notes: Based on the @timepetalsprompts: “my toddler keeps staring at you, I’m really sorry”

The small, scaly alien had just enough time to make himself imperceptible to the human eye before he snuck out the escape hatch of his rubbish, secondhand ship. He was almost immediately trampled by shoes. Dozens, hundreds, all going in opposite directions quite quickly. They were making loud noises, too. The people, not the shoes. Though the shoes weren’t all that soft on the antennae either. He ducked behind a café’s outer wall. He sensed another telepath approaching and turned off all mental connective abilities. He was now truly invisible, to both eyes and minds of the Earthlings shouting all around him.

It was four hours after an unmanned UFO crashed in the middle of Trafalgar Square. People were still scattered everywhere, buzzing about looking for family members. Tourists, school children on field trips, the general public… a diversity unique to London roamed through the area surrounding Torchwood’s contained site. The interested bystanders were a nuisance, but it was the few remaining panicked parents that were impeding operations.  

“It’s alright, ma’am. Yes, sir. Detour is this way, ladies. No, sorry, that’s off-limits to civilians. Oi, you two! Stop right there!”

Agent Rose Tyler was in command mode. But she was almost done. Soon her team would be relieved and debriefed while the clean-up crew restored the square to its proper state.

“They’re here!” Jake shouted through the comm. “Reconvene at headquarters in one hour. Over and out.”

“See ya there, mate,” Rose answered.

The full weight of her exhaustion hit as she turned away from the site. The last thing she wanted to do was go back to the office and wait for an hour for their debriefing meeting.

Her telepathy tingled and her spirits lifted immediately. He was nearby.

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anonymous asked:

It's totally up to you of course, but could I maybe just suggest for the King AU if you're doing pre-OT6 to possibly start with the smaller pairings of either raywood, or ramwood, or geovin, or Jack with any of the lads really? I feel like aside from OT6 situations we don't really see a lot of those pairings in your writing and I'm sure you'd be great at writing them as you are with everything else <333

Aha, I’ve already planned the ships that I want it to start with (and tbf they’re… very similar to what I always do oOPS MY BIAS ALWAYS SHOWS) but I definitely want to write more of those other ships, especially ramwood! I had a lot of fun with it in Communication Error so I definitely want to do that one again :D

But yep I should try and stray out of my comfort zone a bit more with writing the less popular pairings, just for the purposes of this particular story the plot is involved with the ships I already had planned (by which I mean it starts with raychael as many of my ot6 things do aha) :D


Kaka-isang buwan ko pa lang sa work and under training period pa ako kaya hindi ko ine-expect na papayagan akong mag-leave. Sobrang tagal pa naman akong mawawala, isang linggo. Wahahaha. The gods are really with me. :3

Will be in Tagbilaran this coming Thursday (February 4) up until Wednesday next week (February 10). I’m with my boyfriend and some friends. Sino bang taga-Bohol dito? Baka may alam na magandang place na local lang nakakaalam na pwedeng puntahan aside from the usual tourist spots. Hehe.

PM me please. I will appreciate it. Haha. Good night. ZzzzZz