When I initially wrote that episode, I’m not sure that scene was in it. I seem to remember that I discussed that at length with Travis. Travis said, “There’s got to be some goodbye.” So I said, “I’ll make it as difficult as I can.”

There was a Japanese film many years ago about young guys who have to take their dying fathers to a mountain, where they died with the gods. I often have a kind of movie or cultural reference for scenes I write. And I liked the way that Ragnar says: “Now look what you’ve made me do.” It’s typical Ragnar! He’s profoundly upset, and yet he tries to joke. It was also very like Travis, he insisted on carrying the body up that steep slope. It nearly killed him! [x]


[x] Code word ‘eyes’. 


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“He [Ragnar] becomes a slightly different, slightly darker man.That has to do, in a way, with shaving his head. If you remember Season 1, when Athelstan has spent a little time in Kattegat with Ragnar, he’d been filled with despair and traumatized. One of the things that’s traumatized him is the shaved circle on his head that monks have has grown over. So he steals a knife from Ragnar and a bowl of cold water and scrapes, trying to get it back. Ragnar and Lagertha catch him doing it and laugh. Now, this is Ragnar paying tribute to Athelstan by doing the same thing. It’s also a visible sign that he’s a changed person, though.” {x}

One of the saddest parts of Tokyo Ghoul is that most of these kids are just that - kids. Kaneki was 19 years old when his fate was sealed, and worse than that, he had almost no adult figure in his life to look up to when he lost his mother far too young. Juuzou was a kid when he was forced to endure torture unimaginable. Touka and Ayato were TINY when their parents were ripped away from them. Nishiki was raised by his sister and even she was ripped from him. Akira lost her mother and her father. Hinami lost her mother and we father similarly. Amon was raised by a man e completely trusted and respected until he found out that man was pure evil. Seido was bright and young until his life became a tragedy. This entire series is children forced to grow up and face the world and bear a burden that no one should be dealt.