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CONFESSION TIME... I guess ;-;

Total random-crap post, I suppose this is sort of a confession….. I have no idea why but I’m weirdly and strangely attracted to Crowley xD and I would appreciate you guys telling me I’m not the only one even if it’s a dirty lie ;-; xD thank you

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Learning how to speak like Dean Winchester.
  • Hello :Son of a bitch
  • You are amazing :Son of a bitch
  • Good morning :Son of a bitch
  • I'm hungry :Son of a bitch
  • Let's go out tonight :Son of a bitch
  • How are you today? :Son of a bitch?
  • Aaaand...
  • Son of a bitch :Son of a bitch.
  • Congratulations! You've learned how to speak like Dean Winchester.
  • Dean :Shut your face!
Not Another Blind Date Part 2 (Jensen x Reader)

A/N: Holy shit! Guys, I finally got part two taken care of. lol I’ve been so out of it and not into writing recently that it had been put on the back burner. But tonight after some good time spent with a friend, I came home and just knocked it out. I’m so excited!! Feedback is always appreciated too :D 

Summary: You and your best friend have decided to move to Austin, TX to change things up. You’re single, have been for a couple of years following a failed relationship that you thought was your forever. Y/f/n tries setting you up with different men over the six months you guys have been living there, and she tries again with a man she found out about through her hairdresser. What she doesn’t know is that she’s just set you up on a blind date with Jensen Ackles.

Prompt: Not another blind date & I think I broke her & Why Don’t You and I by Carlos Santana

Warnings: none? Jensen being adorable? 

Word count: 3,192

Part 1 

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Your heart began to pound as you looked up to face the mystery man who had approached your booth, an “it’s okay” and a smile already forming on your lips. You had also reached a hand around to start introducing yourself, but before your voice could deliver, your eyes locked with a set of green eyes that almost literally took your breath away.

Your jaw went slack, your eyes went wide, and you completely froze; every word you had wanted to say to him was now gone. The mystery man who was standing before you needed no introduction, at least not to you and his millions of fans worldwide. “H-hi,” he mumbled with a sheepish grin. “I’m-”

“Holy fucking shit. You’re Jensen Ackles.”


He reaches out to shake your hand that is still extended and chuckles at your loss of words. “Wow, I didn’t think I’d make that great of a first impression.”

“But.. you.. She didn’t… and you’re… um… are you shitting me right now?” you manage to come up with as the smile that’s on his face becomes more prominent as he tries to keep from full on laughing, while your face burns a deep shade of red.

A chuckle escapes from his mouth as he responds, “I don’t think I’m shitting you right now.”

All you can do is continue to gape at the man standing in front of you. There’s no way in hell that this was actually happening. “Oh shit…I broke you, didn’t I? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” a look of mild concern settles on his face. You suddenly realize that his large hand is still holding yours, and you jerk it back as if his hand had burned you.

“No! I just.. Umm… shit! You’re still standing. Why don’t you sit down?” You laughed nervously, your hands now mindlessly spinning your glass of water in front of you. He smiles again, taking the seat across from you and nervously starting to play with your discarded straw wrapper.

“Thank you…” He trails off and you realize he is wanting to know your name and you somehow manage to respond without issue, “Y/N, my name is Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N, thank you. I’m not sure how much longer I could have managed to stand there. It was getting tough there at the end,” he retorts with a wink, teasing you to break the ice. Your eyes widen when you hear your name roll off his tongue; it sounded so extraordinary when he said it. But then again, everything Jensen said was extraordinary just because he was the one saying it.

“So. You obviously know who I am. You a fan of the show then?” Jensen’s eyes are sparkling as he looks at you, waiting to see how you respond.

“Oh, I love you!” An audible gasp leaves your mouth as you realize what you’ve just said. You’re pretty sure at this point that you’ve turned every shade of red available as Jensen’s famous shit-eating grin spreads across his face in reaction to the hole you’ve just landed yourself in.

“Shit. I meant the show! I mean, not that I don’t love you too. I really do love you as Dean, and I love and respect you as an actor too, but that’s… oh god. I’m just going to shut up now,” you ramble as he laughs, a low rumble that melted your insides.

The waiter thankfully arrives to take your orders, saving you from completely burying yourself in the hole you’ve just dug. Your ears turn pink as he tells the waiter his order, and you subtly pinch yourself to make sure this is still real. You definitely had a story to tell Y/F/N when you got back to the apartment tonight.

“Y/N, before we get too far into this, I just want you to know that I’m really glad you’re okay with having dinner with me. I know that Andrea didn’t really give your friend much information about me and I apologize for that..But I didn’t want you to have dinner with me just because of who I am. I haven’t had the best luck with women recently, and I just wanted a nice date with someone who was looking to meet someone in hopes of hitting it off.”

You smile and place your hands on the table, interlacing your fingers in front of you, “Jensen, are you kidding me right now? My best friend had to drag me out of the apartment to go on this date. She hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to setting me up with guys, so finding out that my date is with a guy I’ve only ever dreamed of meeting… Well let’s just say that I’m happy to be out on this blind date. I should be the one thanking you for spending your time with me! You have so many other things you could be doing right now, and instead you’re out to dinner with me.” He smiled and suddenly became preoccupied with his leftover French fries, but you could have sworn you saw him blush.

You suddenly feel a wave of peace and calm wash over you, like being here with him is right somehow. A smile finds its way onto your lips as he decides to continue the conversation.

“So.. Tell me about yourself Y/N. I figure you probably know quite a bit about me… Since ya know you love me and all…” your jaw drops and your face flushes as he winks at you, “But I know your name and that’s about it. Did you grow up here in Austin?”

“Oh hell no. I’m a recent transplant actually. I grew up in Kansas, and my best friend and I decided we wanted a change of scenery so we saved some money and moved here as soon as we could, which was about six months ago.” You smiled as you made eye contact with him, those green orbs of his looking back at you, sparkling with interest as he responds,

“Wait. You’re from Kansas? As in, Lawrence, Kansas, Kansas?”

You shake your head and chuckle as you realize what he’s getting at. “Well, yes and no. I’m really from Kansas, but no, I’m not from Lawrence. You do realize there’s more than one town in Kansas, right? ”

He laughs, and when he catches your eye he slowly reaches his hand forward, lightly resting it on yours. He’s now completely into finding out more about Kansas. “I’m just.. Really? Kansas? Of all the places to come from. Wow. You know, even though I’ve played Dean for going on twelve years, I’ve never been to Kansas. I’ve thought about visiting once or twice, though.”

Now it’s your turn to laugh. You reach up with one hand to wipe away a stray tear and you placed your hand back in Jensen’s when you were done, a smile gracing his lips as he watched the gesture. “That’s a good one Jensen! Kansas is nothing special…I don’t know why anyone would want to visit there. It’s flat. Like, ridiculously flat.”

“Well a really beautiful woman named Y/N comes from there, and if tonight continues as well as I think it’s going I might just have to visit,” he tells you with a smirk, “besides, the man I’ve been playing on TV for twelve years comes from there and I think I owe it to him.”

You quickly look down at your discarded napkin, avoiding looking into his eyes.. ‘Holy shit. Jensen Ackles just called me beautiful. I have to be dreaming!’ you think to yourself as you feel his fingers connect with your chin.

He gently tugs your face back up to look at him, his eyes boring into yours. “Hey, don’t you hide that pretty face from me, Y/N.” He smiles at you to let you know that he’s being honest; you smile back, attempting to give him a comeback but he cuts you off. “I’m serious! Your beauty has amazed me since I sat down. I can’t get over how I ended up on a blind date with one of the most beautiful women in Austin.”

As you open your mouth to respond, the opening chords of Why Don’t You and I by Carlos Santana comes over the radio causing you to squeal in delight. “Oh my god, I love this song!” Without even thinking about it, you bust out your air guitar and start jamming out right there. Jensen is completely enthralled by your performance, unable to take his eyes off of you, as the first lyrics come flowing from your lips:

Since the moment I spotted you

Like walking ‘round with little wings on my shoes

My stomach’s filled with the butterflies (ooh) and it’s alright

Bouncin’ round from cloud to cloud

I got the feeling like I’m never gonna come down

If I said I didn’t like it then you’d know I’d lied

Jensen is watching you intently, absorbed in how wrapped up you are in the song. You sing with such confidence, owning the booth you guys are sitting in.

Every time I try to talk to you

I get tongue-tied

Turns out that everything I say to you

Comes out wrong and never comes out right

You use your air mic to belt out the lead in to the chorus, suddenly you boldly make eye contact with Jensen as the chorus starts in:

So I’ll say 'why don’t you and I get together

and take on the world and be together forever

Heads we will and tails we’ll try again

So I say why don’t you and I hold each other

and fly to the moon and straight on to heaven

Cause without you they’re never going to let me in.

The smile on his face as he’s watching you sing is filled with a joy that has been with him since he sat down with you. You continue to serenade him, going so far as to caress his cheek with your hand, and winking at him when the song leads into the second verse. Jensen can’t seem to move, but he doesn’t want to either. You are so unaware of anything going on except the words coming through the speakers, and it’s probably one of the sexiest things he’s ever seen.

Before you know it, the chorus is being played one last time as the music starts to fade out, and you suddenly realize that you’ve been singing a love song to Jensen, basically serenading him with it. ‘Fuck. What have I done?!’ you ask yourself and you immediately begin to panic. So much for not burying yourself.

You settle back into the booth and immediately put down the knife you’ve been using as a microphone, looking anywhere but at Jensen. ‘He probably thinks you’re an immature child now, way to go y/n.’ You think to yourself.

Hearing Jensen start to full on laugh, you chance looking up at him and start to apologize for what just happened. “Wow. I can’t believe I just did that. And in front of you nonetheless. I’m sorry I just embarrassed the hell out of you and myself. I’ll just be going now,” you manage to say as you start to get up from the booth. You’re sure you’ve just ruined the entire evening.

He grabs your arm gently, but firmly enough to stop you easily. “Are you kidding me, Y/N? First off, I really like that song. Second off, that was probably the most amazing diner booth karaoke I’ve ever seen. It was adorable!”

“Seriously? I just serenaded you in public. And I -” You don’t have a chance to finish that thought as he stands up and pulls you into his chest for a hug.

“Hey, if you’re really that worried about it, we can leave if you’d like. Go for a walk or something. How does that sound?” You pull away and look up at him, taking in every detail you’ve managed to memorize over the years. ‘Yep. SO much better in person’ you think to yourself as you smile, nodding your head.

“Yeah, I’d like that. I’m pretty sure everyone else here wouldn’t mind it either,” you said with a small laugh.

Smiling, he let go of you as he pulled out his wallet, throwing down enough cash to cover everything. As soon as his wallet was back in his pocket, his arm is back around your waist, his hand searing your skin through your clothes.

Your eyes go wide as you look up at him, and he looks back, chuckling, “Is this not okay? I can totally-” he starts to unwrap his arm from you, but you quickly grab his hand, pulling it back and settling it where it had been before.

“No! This is totally fine, Jensen. I’m just.. I guess I’m still trying to process all of this. I mean, I’m on a date with Jensen Ackles,” you laugh dryly, “I haven’t had very good luck with men since I started dating back in high school, and I just can’t believe I’m actually here right now.”

He furrows his brow and slowly nods his head as he processes the information he’s just been given, his arm sliding from your waist to grab your hand. “Well, how about we make this the best date ever? I feel like it’s already heading in that direction anyway,” Jensen smirks as you roll your eyes with a smile.

“Okay, Casanova. What did you have in mind?”


Four hours later

“Thanks for walking me to my apartment Jensen, even though I don’t understand why you insisted on bringing me home when my car is still at the diner,” you say with a smile as the two of you continue up the walk to your door, your hands intertwined between you.

He suddenly stops, and tugs your hand to get you to stop. “I know that your car is still there.. I was hoping you’d let me pick you up tomorrow to take you to pick it up. But I wanted to bring you home because I wanted to end this date right,” his hand comes up to caress your cheek, his thumb rubbing lightly across your cheekbone, “I had so much fun tonight Y/n, and I haven’t honestly enjoyed a date this much in years.” You look into those eyes of his, and a feeling of being right where you belong settled in your gut, and you reach your free hand up to grab onto his that’s holding your cheek.

“Jensen, I definitely wasn’t expecting to have this much fun tonight either. Hell, having the best night of my life was the last thing I ever expected.” He leans forward and places a chaste kiss to your forehead, your heart fluttering wildly at the contact.

He lets his lips linger, then quietly mumbles, “I should probably get you to your apartment now,” as you feel him smile into your skin.

You let out a small giggle as you pull away slightly to look up at him, “Jensen, we’re five feet from my door. I think-” Jensen rolls his eyes and sighs dramatically.

“Y/N, do me a favor? Please, call me Jay. My friends all call me that, and after tonight, I hope I can consider you a friend?” He pulls you into his arms again, this time giving you the puppy dog eyes. You roll your eyes back at him and smirk, “Okay, Jay.”

You see his face light up when he hears his name roll off your lips like that.  

“But…. Just a friend? Really? After all that we’ve done tonight, You say I’m just your friend? I’m offended.” Once again, Jensen rolls his eyes, only to respond, “Well, you see, here’s the thing. I had a lot of fun tonight, and you’re definitely not just my friend. I would love to be able to take you out again sometime, Y/N. That is.. If you’d like to?”

He gently presses his forehead to yours, his green eyes watching you as you pretend to take a moment to consider his question. “Hmmm… Well, I think a second date might be a possibility. I mean, you are pretty cute…” You giggle as he smiles and kisses the tip of your nose.

In a moment the air between you changes, your eyes locked with each other’s. You feel one of his hands come up to gently rest on the back of your neck, his thumb caressing your jawline. “Y/N, you are so incredibly beautiful. How did I get so lucky to score a date with you?”

His eyes flicker to watch as you subconsciously run your tongue over your lips, one of your nervous habits. And before you have time to even think about how to respond to him, you feel his lips softly press against yours. Your eyes flutter shut as you melt into his kiss, your arms running up his chest to wrap around his neck. You stay there, frozen in this moment of perfection together. When you both pull away completely breathless, he places another kiss on your nose.

“Come on, Y’N. You need to get inside, your friend is probably waiting to hear all about how awful my company was,” Jensen smirks as he leads you up to the door. “How about I come pick you up at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning and we’ll go do breakfast, then we’ll go get your car. Sound good?”

He leans forward and kisses your lips one last time and you hum in response. “Yeah, that sounds perfect, Jay,” you smile as you turn to go inside. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N,” he says as he heads back to his car.

You walk through the door, shutting it behind you and leaning against it, letting out a sigh of contentment. You just came home from a date with Jensen Ackles.

As you round the corner to head into the living room where you know y/f/n is waiting, you hear her voice before you see her. “Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N!!! It is 2:30 in the fucking morning! Where on earth have you been?? I thought for sure yo-”

Your ears turn pink as you replay the kiss in your head. “The date didn’t totally suck, Y/F/N. You’ll never believe who you fucking set me up with, though. Not in a million years.”

She pulls you down onto the sofa with her and is sizing you up, trying to gauge how the evening went. “Umm.. I’m pretty sure I have no idea, but I’m going to go for broke and say Jensen Ackles, since ya know, he’s perfection on two legs.” She smirks, joking with you about the celeb crush on him the two of you shared.

Your eyes go wide at hearing what she’s just said, and you quickly look anywhere but at her, your face burning. With no response coming to you, Y/F/N continues. “Y/N, come on. You know I’m just giving you a hard time about Jensen. I know it wasn’t him, I’m just being dumb.”

“But it was, Y/F/N,” you mumble, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. Her brows knit together, trying to figure out what you’re saying.

“It was what?” You look up and make eye contact with her, just staring at her, giving her time to connect the dots. A couple of beats later and realization and disbelief dawn on her face as she grabs your hands and whispers, “no way… you can’t be serious. Your blind date wasn’t with..”

A huge smile breaks over your face as you whisper back, giggling, “It was Jensen, Y/F/N. My blind date was with Jensen fucking Ackles.”