iwalnutbow  asked:

Hello! :) First of all I have to say how much I love your works! We are planning to cosplay the pirate AU with a full group! :) however, we are as well aiming for an Arabian group with the same people. As Sousuke I got a tiny problem since there is no original splash free version of him. Can I kindly ask you to design something (with covered chest preferably) for me? >\\\\< I'd appreciate it so much and be very thankful! Looking forward to hear from you! *\\\*

Uwahh can’t wait to see all of your lovely cosplays! <33 :”D I drew something quick and its kinda messy but is this kinda what you were looking for? I hope that it makes sense and that it helps you~ Qu//Q;; let me know if you have any questions haha;;