Uuuuh part 1 of this huge dump. I got a new sketchbook and I’m not lying when I say the entire first 15 pages are just full of self insert art.

Also that picture with Jumin in the middle was going to be an inktober that never happened, but it’s based on the nightmare he has in his route with all the money diggers coming after him and making him feel generally uncomfortable and angry.

OTP Prompt 96

It’s person A’s first time eating sushi. They’re hesistant at first, and make sure they ask what everything on their plate is, to be prepared.

“What’s this little green wad?”

“That?” Person B asks, looking as A points to the wasabi with a chopstick. “It’s -”

“It’s like bubblegum,” Person C interrupts (or Person B continues after a small internal debate.) “like to clean your pallet and stuff before you eat the sushi.”

“Really? I just eat it like gum?”

“Yep. Pop the whole thing into your mouth. Sometimes people can blow bubbles with it, but that’s for, like, advanced sushi eaters.”

(How does Person A react?)


ButterChicken Cravings With Naan.