I had a dream
                                          We were back to sixteen
                                       Smoking weed and nicotine
                                                Always carefree
                                          With just a few pennies
                                      dreamed big, our minds free
                                     wished the world and its cities
                                                In our pockets
                                It’s all over ‘cause we’ve had enough
                                       The love that once we had
                                             was never enough
                              And I don’t wanna know what’s been up
                                      all I know is that we’re alone
                                               and hurt in love
              Who’s gonna hold your hand when life won’t treat you sweet?
               Who’s gonna pull you close at nights when you can’t sleep?
                Who’s gonna kiss your eyes when daylight’s gonna hurt?
                           Who’s gonna show you what love’s worth?
                                            ‘cause it won’t be me
                                                 it won’t be me
                                                   won’t be me
                                                I had a dream
                                      We sipped coffee in between
                                     late night talks and ice creams
                                               Never worrying
                                          But then we had a fight
                                   Couldn’t stand each other’s sight
                                       Stopped seeing eye to eye
                                           Now we’re on our own
                                 It’s all over ‘cause we’ve had enough
                                        The love that once we had
                                             was never enough
                              And I don’t wanna know what’s been up
                                      all I know is that we’re alone
                                               and hurt in love
               Who’s gonna hold your hand when life won’t treat you sweet?
                Who’s gonna pull you close at nights when you can’t sleep?
                 Who’s gonna kiss your eyes when daylight gonna hurt?
                            Who’s gonna show you what love’s worth?
                                           ‘cause it won’t be me
                                                it won’t be me
                                                  won’t be me”

                                  - Won’t Be Me, Shikha Singh

his eyes might not be the color of the ocean, but i drown in them every time.
—  him.

POC Headcanon Series

Being Sam Wilson’s daughter, and dating Peter would include…

  • Sass. So much sass. Living and breathing sass (Mainly Sam’s fault)
  • Steve always trying to be the ‘responsible role-model’, which usually ends in you making fun of him
  • “Okay, grandpa, I won’t throw my food at you anymore.”
  • Sam not knowing what to think of Peter
  • Tony liking you and your snarky attitude so much that he’s tempted to adopt you
  • “C’mon, Wilson, she could be a mini-Stark. Stark Jr. Stark #2.”
    “Tony, for the last time, you’re not adopting Y/n.”
  • Sam being creeped out by Peter’s abilities
  • “Is this stuff coming out of you?!”
  • Being really good friends with Bucky, despite his on-going war between your dad
  • Becoming a double-agent for Bucky and Sam, which you find hilarious
  • “Y/n, why are you hanging around Barnes?”
  • Sam sniggering in the background when you’re training with Peter, and demolishing him (Because you’re just that awesome)
  • Inviting Scott over just to piss off Sam
  • “Y/n, what’s tic-tac doing here?”
  • Peter ranting to you about how cool your dad and Steve are
  • “They’re like a crime-fighting super duo!”
  • Natasha teaching you how to be bad-ass
  • Natasha also being your listening ear about guy problems
  • Stealing the EXO-7 Falcon and flying around the tower
  • “Y/n, give me back my wings, right now!”
  • Surprisingly being really good friends with Fury
  • Sam glaring at Peter all the time, because he still hasn’t forgiven him for webbing his hands to the airport floor
  • “Y/n, your dad’s scaring me.”
  • Visiting Riley’s grave with your dad, and just standing there for a while
  • “We miss you, Riley.”
  • Clint teaching you how to climb the vents inconspicuously
  • “So, you’ve got to be quiet, and don’t make any noise, no matter what.”
  • Helping Peter with his homework, even though he’s smarter than you in maths.
  • “I think the answer’s 42.”
  • Smuggling in random animals into the tower
  • “Y/n, no.”
    “Y/n, yes.”
  • Wanda using her telekinesis to play pranks with you
  • ‘Accidentally’ destroying parts of the Avengers Tower
  • “Y/n, for the last time, you can’t keep blowing up the kitchen. We eat there.”
  • Rhodey convincing you to call Tony ‘Mr Stank’ every time you see him
  • “Hey there, Stank.”
  • “Shut up.”
i love your personality, that’s what i fell in love with the most.
—  honestly, i’m crazy for you.
Note from the future

Hello world of worlds and all who occupy them,

I am writing to redirect attention as per the suggestions of the Avatar intelligence field of consciousness connected to my personality here. On the manifest level of human identity there are many difficult choices arriving in quite a short time. Many of these choices will take place at levels of unconscious awareness because each incarnate identity has different layers of activation/connection to higher intelligence fields.

I have witnessed a staggering number of future earth timeline scenarios which converge around the next 3 months of our incarnate earthly life. Many of these timelines have contained events of massive destruction or current frequency fence control systems being modified to generate even less opportunity for realization in those who do not detach from the false identity matrix generated by consciousness forms outside of our current dimension. Briefly consider the potential that your current life may not extend more than a few years. Realize how that adjusts what you do and how you’d do it and begin to extract yourself from identity overlays that distort the veracity of your inner life. Many Avatar embodied beings have attempted to redirect the end time programming and structural inserts that have been actively distorting the earth energy system and the beings upon it for a very long time.

This work has disengaged our collective path from a very high likelihood for a repeat extinction level clearing to a the potential to persevere and preserve much of our planet. This work has allowed me to hold the space for spiral activation rather than a consistent involvement in reactive spiritual warfare. At a species level we have been given both the space and energy to begin flash healing and spiritual consciousness regeneration, this space has existed from around 2008 to our current date however, the overall energy conditions will soon undergo rapid shifts due to the magnetic peak and correlated events. There are many factions and factors at work at multiple levels of energy identity commingled into a rather momentous time. Yet there is no reason for fear or excessive retaliatory movements of consciousness because the external world is an extension of our consciousness and regardless of the state that level of energy is in consciousness itself remains eternally alight with all that is good. There is a need to reassess where attention is focused and to strengthen the stabilization of inner peace while building an energetic understanding of your higher self connections. If it is your calling to create synthesis with these levels of identity practice advanced shielding techniques and begin to generate greater diameters and greater density to this practice because it extends your capacities in many ways.

Know that you are a luminous formless consciousness projecting into being, practice that belief and build yourself into the spiritual being you are. Consecrate yourself, make sacred your relationships with the world you co-exist with and walk forth in all your glory and will knowing that you are loved and supported internally eternally. Do not let ideas of economic environmental collapse, CERN, and FEMA camps and the like to disempower your choices and the direction or intensity of your intentions. Yet be aware that many elements that hold our societal structure are being challenged and may fail to hold for the good of the people which will cause some degree of rebuilding. Go within, I’ll meet you there and share a song and a prayer; let us make music and hold higher harmonies for people and planets to hear and feel, let our light ignite the greater flames greater lights and lives and minds connected to the upward lifting of energy within around and beyond the spine. We are ever and always One so smile and live on within the depths and heights of our gentle omnipotent identity.