I think a major point that is missed by some people practicing reconstructionist faiths is that we are literally creating new traditions and practices as we go along.  So much of what we have is modern and even our interpretations of the mythos, of the beloved lore, are often modern and translated and created in the last few centuries.  We are a modern faith movement.

Why do I bring this up? What’s your point, Boggan?  Simply this: do not discount people because they value their UPG or find a modern approach to an old tradition or ritual. It’s their practice; what we take away from it as a whole is different and goes into the whole SPG part of the faith and is worth conversation and consideration but there is no orthodoxy, no central authority. We are richer for that, I believe.

What we know for “certain” in the lore and the mythology is not the be-all, end-all of a reconstructionist faith.  It has great value and importance (incredibly so!) but so does everything else we are creating along the way. 

Faiths and cultures evolve and so do the gods; remember that.


some steam powered giraffe fanart! i always like,, knew that they existed, but i actually decided to like look into em and there whole thing a couple days ago and. i am in fucking love. like never have i seen a more endearing and charming group of people. in my entire life. there so fucking good. so yea! i decided i had to draw some fanart for em!