I bought some prints from @bunnybennett on deviantart and they came in today :D They’re lovely.

Also I’d put my Kazookaphone in the robot corner but I use it too much so I’m keeping it by my desk. Always gotta be ready in the event of a Kazookaphone emergency.

shout out to the time i was playing hanzo on hollywood defence and the enemy ana boosted their ulting s76 and i was trying to escape but he was a lot faster and followed me around like three corners before brutally murdering me in the prison and walking away


We hope you enjoy your weekend, robot-enthusiasts! To celebrate, here’s a new music video for “Malfunction” from our upcoming album QUINTESSENTIAL, arriving on September 1st, 2016

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Cosmica, I lover her design! I’ve always wanted to paint her, and well sometimes dreams come true :’>  Also I am sorry, because while I paint in bright color…this is truly an eyeburner.

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